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What dreams of dead relatives: interpretation of the dream?

What dreams of dead relatives: decoding by popular dream books

If all the dead relatives dream at once, you need to remember what mood they were in, where they were, what they were talking about and what they did. For a pregnant woman, such a dream means that the woman is very worried about the upcoming event and remembers her deceased loved ones. The interpretation of sleep depends not only on the behavior of relatives, but also on the emotions and actions of the dreamer herself.

An unkind sign is considered if the deceased mother or father calls her daughter with herself. You need to be extremely careful and take care of your health.

If you have a nightmare, in which the dead man suddenly comes to life in the middle of the funeral procession, you should not be afraid and expect the worst: the living dead man predicts a change in the weather.

Interpretation by various dream books of information about what dreams of deceased relatives:

Dream interpretationTreatment
WangiTo tricks and wiles of enemies
MillerThe deceased parent predicts illness, and other relatives symbolize the hidden threat that awaits a woman at work or comes from loved ones
LofaThe woman is in a state of nervous tension, excessively alarmed. To permanent stress does not lead to physical and mental exhaustion, you need to relax and recharge your positive emotions.
NostradamusIf relatives who have long been away in this world regularly come alive in their dreams, you need to pray for them in the church and remember them at home.
TsvetkovaParents who came in a dream warn their child about upcoming difficulties and problems.
FreudA happy and long life awaits the woman, in which the dreamer will have to perform many good deeds
FemaleBefore the dreamer in reality there will be a difficult choice. You need to listen to the words of your relatives in order not to be mistaken
HasseDanger sign
ItalianFor the release of mental load and forgiveness

To the news. What they will be depends on the mood of the deceased:

  • Joyous — the dreamer will soon receive good news;
  • Sad — the news will be disappointing
EsotericIt is time for a woman to take care of her own well-being. It will be worthwhile to order prayers in several churches in memory of the deadAesopTo the completion of a certain stage and the beginning of a new businessGrishinaFate is favorable to the dreamer and will soon present her with an amazing gift.

What dreams of dead relatives: interpretation of the dream?

If less than a year has passed since the funeral and the pregnant woman constantly sees her dead relatives, then she feels a deep heartache, can not accept the irreparable loss and get used to the idea that these people are no longer alive.

If in a dream the recently deceased grandparents come along with their living parents, the dreamer needs to communicate more with her family and think not only about material problems. Parents may not be soon, and the girl will be bitterly sorry for her indifference towards her close people.

What dreams of dead relatives: interpretation of the dream?

If you had a few relatives who dreamed about sitting at the table and talking on abstract topics, these people want the woman to remember her family with a kind word and put a candle to the departed in the temple. In the dream books several interpretations are given, what is the dream of talking with them:

  • In the near future, the woman will receive a letter from her distant relatives, with whom communication has been lost.
  • Conversations with a deceased brother or sister — a close friend needs support.
  • Talk with dad — to the troubles at work and business troubles.
  • Easy communicate with uncle — to the conclusion of a bargain.

If you dreamed about a big family feast where all the close people gathered, you need to change your occupation or take a long vacation to restore your physical and moral strength.

What dreams of dead relatives: interpretation of the dream?

A dream in which a pregnant woman is quarreling with her mother is a warning. Mom is trying to protect her child from unforgivable mistakes, even being in the next world.

You should not make hasty decisions, you need to think about everything carefully and in no case be in a hurry, because her whole life depends on the actions of the dreamer.

There are other unpleasant scenes of dreams with relatives:

  • If the sleeping mother beats — to fall. The dreamer has done something vile and shameful, and because of constant thoughts about this act she dreams of similar subjects.
  • To dream of a furious, angry dad — to financial difficulties. A difficult period will come, and the money will be sorely lacking. At work, the black band will begin, but do not be discouraged — this is a temporary phenomenon. There is no need to plan major purchases and visits to entertainment in the near future, it is important to treat your money economically, to postpone important transactions for several months to avoid losses.
  • If a pregnant woman dreams that she is running away from a drunk and aggressive father, in real life there will be a major scandal with a man.
  • Fighting with the parent — to useless attempts to fix anything.
  • Often, to see in dreams mum and dad, who swear, means that the sleeping person has chosen the wrong way and does not notice the obvious things. Perhaps he is engaged in the wrong business and did not understand his true purpose.
  • Conflicts with the grandmother — to the loss of vital energy. To quarrel with the grandfather — to the hassles and the emergence of conflict situations with male relatives in real life.
  • Drunken relatives who fight among themselves, quarrel and shout loudly at each other, do not bode well. The event, which plans to visit a sleeping woman, will end sadly.

If you are dreaming of a holiday on which the departed relatives give gifts to the dreamer and embrace her, this is a good sign. Award awards at work or pleasant surprises from a person from close circle are expected.

A sleeping person can learn something joyful and long-awaited, as well as get what he has long dreamed of.

To dream of a bright bouquet received from the hands of a dead man — to the appearance of a secret admirer. Some guy dreams of a date with a woman, but he understands that she has a family, and does not make any attempts to communicate her heartfelt affection.

If a woman congratulates the dead on her birthday and presents them with a present, she is expected to be lost and deprived. After such a dream, a person can steal a purse or rob an apartment.

Giving money to a deceased relative is left without livelihood waking.

To congratulate mom in a dream and kiss her means that nothing threatens the health of a sleeping person.

Treatments of sleep, in which the deceased come to life first, and then die again:

  • a message about something;
  • information of the subconscious about stagnation in life;
  • to an amazing event;
  • a return to past love affairs;
  • if death comes instantly in a dream, soon the troubles will end, and a happy period will come.

Dreams in which the revived dead man suffers and suffers for a long time are unfavorable and promise the dreamer difficult trials in his personal life. To kill a revived dead man — to get rid of old fears and discover in yourself previously unexplored talents.

To see a funeral in a dream — to frost. Carrying the coffin, from which the deceased relative rises and asks for something, the sleeping woman suffers the remorse of conscience before this person and feels guilty before her relatives for their deeds.

Remember the dead in a dream — relatives who died, ask to be remembered in real life. Perhaps something happened to the grave.

You need to visit the cemetery to check whether everything is in order with the monument, whether the burial site is not overgrown with weeds and tall grass.

Engage in an intimate relationship with a deceased parent in a dream — to nostalgia. A woman believes in an afterlife and wants to establish a connection with this person on an incorporeal (energy) level.

Making love to your deceased brother means that in real life a woman was close to her relative and now needs the protection and support of heavenly patrons.

If you dream that the deceased mom and dad bask in bed, and the dreamer catches them by surprise — to someone else’s interference in the personal affairs of a sleeping woman.

Dreams, in which the dead call a sleeping person, grab the hand and lead you, are a disturbing sign. If you often dream of such visions, you should confess in the church and ask for forgiveness from everyone whom the dreamer has offended.

In addition, you need to let go of all the anger, resentment and negativity from your soul, because there is a chance that the dead person will take the dreamer with her into the realm of the dead. This may be a sudden death due to an incurable disease, which is asymptomatic, or a tragic accident, which will result in a fatal outcome.

It is important to listen to the words of relatives when they beg, cry, ask for something.

A sleeping person can see the following plots:

  • To see the dead man rich and well dressed — the soul of a relative is calm, no need to mourn him.
  • Dead mom or dad waving from the window — no need to stop there and give up, having suffered another defeat. Life gives a lot of brilliant opportunities, and in order to improve your position, you need to be prepared for changes and not be afraid to change your habitual way.
  • He dreamed of a dead relative in the nude — a man in his life has committed many bad deeds and now bears the punishment for what he did in the next world.

If the dream was blurry and the dead did not express much joy, aggression, did not take any action and were silent, you should not look for a hidden meaning — this is only a reflection of the sleeper’s subconscious thoughts.

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