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What dreams of dead parents: interpretation of the dream book

What dreams of dead parents: the interpretation of popular dream books

A dream in which a person sees deceased parents, in most cases, talks about the upcoming difficulties in his personal life, at work, in business. Also indicates the physical condition of the dreamer, warns of diseases. Do not be afraid of such dreams: they will help solve life problems.

Popular dream books — Vanga, Miller, Tsvetkov, Astromeridian and esoteric — will give an extensive interpretation of the dream of deceased parents.

Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga said that dreams of deceased parents indicate negative changes in life. To avoid trouble, you need to pay attention to your health.

It is necessary to revise important projects and not to make rash decisions. To calm you need to go to the temple and put a candle for the rest of the dead relatives.

Should confess if tormented remorse.

The interpretation of the dream with the possible details:

Sleep details


The souls of deceased relatives find it difficult to find peace. You must go to church and put a candle for their rest.

The departed parents are trying to talk about the danger ahead. It should beware of making rash decisions. Do not give in to emotions

It is necessary to pay attention to the husband’s behavior: he can go to adultery, or he already has an extramarital love relationship

Talk to them

You must listen to the words of the dead: they are trying to warn about unpleasant events that will soon happen in the life of the dreamer

Should pay attention to the state of affairs. Mother and father try to warn about upcoming negative changes in personal life and at work

It is necessary to pay attention to the physical condition of the body. You may need to undergo a full medical examination. The dream speaks of a serious illness, in rare cases of the imminent death of a person.

Feed them they feed

If the dreamer is fed by the parents, there will be difficulties on the path of life that can be resolved by close people. If in a dream, a sleeping mother feeds the father and the father — the loss of vital energy, health problems are possible.

What dreams of dead parents: interpretation of the dream book

Gustav Miller believed that the dream of deceased parents can be interpreted in different ways:

  • if the mother and father were in the house in an elevated mood, the person will be successful in all undertakings;
  • native people looked bad — difficulties cannot be avoided.

To avoid trouble, you must carefully consider the work, analyze all upcoming transactions and contracts. It is necessary to devote more time to the family and its second half.

Various interpretations of dreams are presented in the table:

Sleep details


If in a dream the parents smiled — this indicates a positive change in personal life and at work. Father or mother looked unhealthy — you should carefully consider the tasks, listen to the leadership. Possible job loss

The dead want to warn the dreamer against the problems that will occur in the near future. They will touch the sphere of finance and personal life

There will be major scandals in the family, may divorce

Talk to them

Father and mother want to warn about the possible collapse of the new project and the deterioration of financial well-being

Deceased mother and father do not approve of the dreamer’s beginnings. You should review your plans and projects at work: they will not succeed

If native people smiled — a person is expected to have positive changes in life. If relatives were dressed in dark clothes and called for themselves — difficulties in work would occur, and their well-being would worsen

Such a plot means the dreamer’s aspiration to help someone in real life. But do not impose your help: a person must pass this test independently

What dreams of dead parents: interpretation of the dream book

Interpreter Yevgeny Tsvetkova says that a person experiences a strong emotional stress in life if he often dreams of dead relatives.

To avoid negative consequences, you need to take a break from work, go on vacation or change the situation. We need to find a way to relieve stress, otherwise the body will be completely depleted, leading to serious illnesses.

Interpretation of the dream, depending on the details:

Sleep details


It is necessary to pay attention to the health of children: perhaps the child will get into an unpleasant, conflict situation

It is necessary to remember how native people behaved. If the situation was favorable — to success in work and personal life. If the relatives looked puzzled, they do not approve of the dreamer’s behavior.

The dreamer needs more time to devote to family and children, pushing work to the background

Talk to them

It is necessary to listen to the words of native people. There will be unforeseen changes in life.

The dead warn of future problems. The sleeper has gone astray and chose the wrong path.

It is necessary to pay attention to the health of households and undergo a medical examination. May reveal a serious illness.

To see in a dream how parents feed the sleeper — in the near future unforeseen changes in life will occur: a change of housing, work. Single people can find their other half

What dreams of dead parents: interpretation of the dream book

Esoteric dream book talks about adverse changes in life, if you dream of deceased parents. To avoid trouble, you must:

  • rest more;
  • do what you love;
  • to stabilize the internal state (walks in nature, meditation will help).

Interpretation of different scenes of the dream:

  • Alive — a dream in which a live mother dreamed promises good luck and well-being, dad — the necessary support will appear in new undertakings.
  • Dreamed of two — the dreamer is expected to experience hardship, deterioration of health and material well-being. There will be a protracted depression.
  • Husband’s parents — problems begin in the family or personal relationships. A dream foreshadows a major quarrel or divorce.
  • Talk to them — the dream speaks of household illness and problems at work.
  • Swear — at work there will be unforeseen difficulties, possibly dismissal. Material well-being will worsen, health problems will begin.
  • Took with you — you should not go after dead parents, it will entail negative consequences. Serious injuries, accidents, serious illnesses are possible.
  • Feed them they feed — in the parental home, the sleeper will lose a lot of vital energy, will feel exhausted. It is necessary to change the way of life, to devote more time to rest, otherwise the disease cannot be avoided.

Coming in a dream, deceased relatives want to save the dreamer and help him. They also warn of future difficulties.

To avoid trouble, it is worth remembering the dream and listening to the words of the deceased: they will give the necessary spiritual support.

Interpretation of the dream, depending on the details:

  • Alive — A conversation with loved ones will help you understand where to look for a problem. The dream tells of the upcoming difficulties.
  • Dreamed of two — if both parents dreamed at once, the dreamer expects happiness and wealth.
  • Husband’s parents — It is worth reviewing family relationships. It is necessary to compromise in order to avoid a quarrel and conflict with its second half.
  • Talk to them — remember the conversation: it will help make the right decision in the current situation.
  • Swear — the dreamer needs to be more attentive at work, there will be a financial recession.
  • Took with you — Coming dream predicts a serious illness, perhaps the death of a sleeper.
  • Feed them they feed — the dream speaks of a possible serious illness. Nayavu should carefully consider your health, to undergo a medical examination.

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