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What dreams of dandruff on the dream book Hasse, Esoteric

Dandruff «snowfall» on your hair: what does such a dream mean

If you believe modern advertising, barely seeing dandruff on your hair or shoulders, you should immediately get rid of it violently. But how does the dream book look at such a lack of appearance?

Why dream of this uninvited «snow» in your hair?

What dreams of dandruff on the dream book Hasse, Esoteric

General interpretation of this cosmetic dream

  • As it is not surprising, dreams with dandruff are successful. They promise the dreamers many smiles of fortune.
  • Sometimes such a dream leaves an unpleasant «aftertaste». For example, you may notice dandruff in your sleep, and those around you in this dream will look disapprovingly at her, or even openly laugh at you … This is also a good dream, promising you a stellar success in a cheerful company — you’ll be there literally in the center of the party .

What was she like?

  • In the form of large flakes. Your condition will increase at times. And not necessarily by honest and tireless work — perhaps you will smile «ball» in the form of a gift from a wealthy relative, or unexpectedly unexpectedly inherited inheritance.
  • A lot. Your life will soon be filled with pleasant troubles. Though you will get tired of them, but worries will bring a lot of joy.
  • By the way, this dream has a different interpretation. It applies only to single people. They dream promises love.

Was she yours?

  • Yes, you saw it on your own head. Seeing dandruff in a dream is good for money. Most likely, you will make a career leap. Work will bring not only a high salary, but also a lot of pleasure.
  • To see dandruff on your shoulders — to the surprise, which will present a beloved, close friend or relative. Maybe you will buy something that you have been dreaming about for a long time, or will be invited to a romantic date?
  • To notice your own dandruff hanging near you in the air — to the carefree ease of being. And none of those around you will try to get you back to the sinful Earth, everyone will share your fun.

What were your hair like?

  • Black or very dark. An event will soon happen in your life that will turn your life upside down.
  • Blond (light). Your subconscious tells you: you live right. Work brings one pleasure, life is harmonious.
  • Redheads This dream foreshadows a party to which colleagues or your comrades will soon invite. And one holiday can turn into a prolonged many days of «drunk.»
  • Gray. The subconscious wants to emphasize your experience. And you can use your qualification for your own good.

And if the dandruff was not yours — then whose?

  • What dreams of dandruff on the head of his friend or acquaintance from the real world? A nice walk awaits you. Departure on nature, a picnic in the park, a trip to the country … The main thing is that it will be fun!
  • Was it a stranger’s head? Soon an interesting person will enter your life (or maybe there will be several of them). And you will be comfortable with it, and besides, you can learn a lot from him.
  • Was it a baby? Such a dream foreshadows a noisy, fun holiday, where you will soon be invited. Maybe it will be a family celebration, and maybe a corporate party.
  • Dandruff in the dog’s coat dreams of an unexpected, but undoubtedly pleasant meeting with a friend with whom you know almost from the sandbox.

What did you do in your dream?

What dreams of dandruff on the dream book Hasse, Esoteric

  • Did you buy, choose, use dandruff shampoo? Sleep means: you have several admirers at once, and they will fight for your attention.
  • Scrubbing dandruff, shaking it off your hair? This dream also promises wealth. And the money will come from where they were not expected. You can buy a lottery ticket!
  • Communicated with the doctor, complained to him about the shortcomings of their hair? In the «real» you will need the advice of a sage. Talk to the person who inspires confidence in you, and if he gives advice, follow him.
  • Did you treat dandruff, and in vain? Numerous concerns will fill your life soon.
  • Shaken dandruff from the head of a friend, friend? In real life you will have a great time with this person. Maybe go somewhere in the same company.
  • Have you seen someone trying to comb dandruff? Who was that? Soon this person will ask you for support or material assistance — do not refuse, it will be pleasant for you to give a shoulder to a friend. In addition, over time you will receive compensation.

Decoding from famous authors

Author’s dream books sometimes complement the general interpretation, and sometimes completely change its meaning. We chose the most famous books created many years ago.

What secrets do they hide?

Dream interpretation Hasse

  1. As this dream book says, dandruff dreams to a valuable find. When you go out, carefully look at your feet — perhaps a purse, a golden ring will fall. By the way, a valuable person may turn out to be a valuable person — maybe you are looking for an employee in your department?
  2. To see dandruff in your own hair is definitely for money. And you will receive them almost for nothing — they will give you something expensive, or you will be lucky to win the same lottery.

Esoteric dream book

What dreams of dandruff on the dream book Hasse, Esoteric

  1. See dandruff on yourself — to income.
  2. On a stranger — to the money or valuable things that you get from someone. Maybe you will have a rich and disinterested «sponsor»?
  3. A person who is eager to get rich may notice dandruff on his clothing (body). The subconscious mind warns: focusing on such thoughts, you can not “earn” anything but a nervous breakdown.

Dream interpretation of Nadezhda and Dmitry Zima

  1. Dandruff (like dirt) on your head is a sign that in real life you think something is not good.
  2. Dandruff, which you suddenly noticed in your hair, warns: think well before you do something unexpected. Dubious idea-fix can lead to shame and major problems.
  3. Dandruff was a stranger: do not rush to listen to other people’s advice, they can do you a disservice.

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