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What dreams of dandruff: in the hair, on your head, a lot of dandruff in a dream

In real life, problems with the scalp bring a lot of trouble, but almost all sources in the interpretation of what dandruff dreams give favorable predictions.

Interpretation the dream of Gustav Miller associates dandruff with the material sphere. According to the famous snolkovatel, this is a foreshadowing of profit, but he also suggests considering who and whom she has imagined.

When dandruff dreams to a man single, and he sees her in female curls, it is likely that a rich bride of a noble family will marry. Lonely girl see seborrhea at the representative of the stronger sex — to a very wealthy groom.

What dreams of dandruff: in the hair, on your head, a lot of dandruff in a dream

Dream Vanga treats dandruff in the dreamer’s hair as a symbol of good luck. The larger the flakes, the more impressive the income will be.

In this case, the Bulgarian prophetess calls for a portion of the sudden financial revenues to spend on charity.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century He considers his dandruff a hint of mutual love, increased income, unexpected acquisition. Trying to get rid of the problem is a hint of excessive concern with material issues.

Seborrhea in another person means that it will turn out to reveal someone’s insidious plans, and ill-wishers will not be able to cause harm.

Dreaming maya suggests that dandruff in the head — to the welfare of not only personal, but also of all the people. Large flakes foreshadow currency appreciation.

By Sigmund Freud’s Dream Book Dandruff is an alarming sign warning of the need to carefully monitor intimate hygiene. If she dreamed in the hair of a familiar person, the dream embodies the sexual interest of this person in the sleeper.

Dream interpretation of Nadezhda and Dmitry Zima believes that dandruff symbolizes bad thoughts. If it annoys you in a dream, it is advisable to carefully consider all the incoming proposals in order not to get involved in a dubious event.

A good omen is own dandruff in a dream. Possible promotion or the emergence of an additional source of income.

White dandruff on his head is a joyful message that due to this, financial problems will soon be a thing of the past. Flakes on your own clothes — an amazing surprise from a loved one.

See a lot of dandruff on his head, and upset because of this, also a dream with a positive interpretation. In the company of nice people it will be possible to spend your free time remarkably and to win the sympathy of the audience.

When dandruff dreams on someone else’s head, this may mean that the sleeper can successfully shift some of his responsibilities to other people. When interpreting a dream sources recommend to take into account hair color.

Dandruff in chestnut curls promises a fateful event, in fair-haired ones — to work that will be completely arranged, in red hairs — fascinating entertainment.

Basically the big dandruff represents wealth, and is treated relative to the material sphere. However, there is a special interpretation.

If you dreamed how big dandruff flies in the air — a favorable sign. Ahead is serene fun.

When dandruff dreams with flakes, in reality you can count on the fulfillment of desires and the realization of the plans conceived. A very promising period is coming.

Small dandruff in a dream means that no sudden changes are foreseen. Everything will happen gradually, and because of this, the efforts will not be too difficult.

A lot of dandruff interpreted as an important event in a person from a close environment. In this regard, additional concerns will arise, but they will be pleasant to the dreamer.

If you dreamed of hair, but it is not enough — the efforts that you will manage to deal with almost without effort.

Dandruff on shoulders foreshadows pleasant events that will surprise. Probably making a long-awaited purchase or a romantic date.

See dandruff in the child’s hair — very good sign. No matter where it happens to be: at home or at a party, the atmosphere will delight, and communication will bring peace to the soul.

If suddenly white flakes noticed a dog in the fur, in front of a meeting with friends with whom I had not seen for a long time. Most likely, it will happen spontaneously, but it will bring sincere pleasure.

Comb out dandruff is an auspicious plot indicating changes in the material sphere. A joyous surprise may be winning the lottery, the return of long-standing debt.

A reflection of intense anxiety is a dream in which flush out dandruff. Intuition is right: anxiety is not groundless, and participation in a dubious project can cause financial damage.

To see shampoo from seborrhea, but not to use it is a good sign. Just a few people will seek the location of the sleeper.

In figuring out what dandruff dreams about, it is important to take into account the day of the week when she had a dream, and there is no point in looking for a solution to the dream books if seborrhea is a nuisance in the dark.

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