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What dreams of cutting nails on the dream and interpretations of basic values

What does it mean to cut nails in a dream according to dream books and how to get benefit from decoding

Cutting nails in a dream means decisive parting with the past. If you shear your hair — to part with the imposed past, get rid of unpleasant memories, past love, then nails are your own past, your bad habits, unnecessary skills.

For example, to be accepted in a good society, you have to get rid of the skill of skillfully pulling out wallets. Otherwise, new acquaintances have a chance to fail.

Consider why dream of cutting nails on dream books.

What dreams of cutting nails on the dream and interpretations of basic values

Basic Values

  • The most important meaning of a dream is the elimination of long-standing problems. A reminder of the things you need to do for your own well-being. Things are probably small, but very important. Go to a notary or law office, put documents in order, order the necessary medicines, undergo a medical examination, visit a dentist, write to distant relatives, make current repairs, throw out old clothes — all this is nothing, but if they are not done, life loses orderliness and becomes unkempt and uncomfortable. It is for this reason that the subconscious often associates unfinished business with regrown nails, which can interfere with wearing comfortable shoes and moving freely.
  • The second value, what dreams to cut nails — forgiveness of insults. Long nails — traditionally a sign of sensitivity and revenge. Trimming your nails in a dream, you show a willingness to leave offense and get rid of revenge.
  • Cut nails to meat, to painful sensations — to lose protection, to become vulnerable. In this case, the dream book recommends that you stop traveling for a while and avoid stress. There is a danger of too sharply reacting to alleged offenses.
  • Cut dirty nails, cut off defects and damage — get rid of old problems, put yourself in order after a long break.
  • To cut your toenails in a strange house — you have serious complaints about the owners of the house and you would not mind sitting on their work, taking their place in life. For this, in your opinion, all means are suitable. In fact, you are in vain marking the territory and scattering sharp fragments on a well-groomed carpet. You will be expelled precisely because of bad manners and big complaints.

What dreams of cutting nails on the dream and interpretations of basic values

Interpretations of authorities

  • The English dream book argues that cutting the nails, giving them a beautiful form means putting your thoughts in order, looking for new ideas and ways of expression, being in a creative search. Short trimmed neat nails mean modesty, good education, willingness to periodically work with your hands. Cut nails too short — nervousness, impressionability.
  • Dream Miller warns of the danger of agreeing to work with an unusually low pay. You lurk the danger of believing in noble discourse, benefit to society and other demagogy, with the help of which transgressors force gullible fools to work for free.
  • A female dream book treats a broken nail as an offensive loss, vexation. Trimming and trimming the nails, masking the broken one — try to correct the situation with improvised means.
  • If in a dream you decided to cut your nails with the help of an electric machine with polishing attachments — you are absolutely confident in your abilities and are able to cope with any task. You will enjoy the indispensable success that you will achieve with minimal support from others. The only thing you need to beware of is unscrupulous fellow travelers who seek to climb on your neck, cause sympathy or bribe your heart with flattery. It should be remembered that in fact you do not have much power. It is enough to become successful, but not enough to carry the abutting carriage.

What dreams of cutting nails on the dream and interpretations of basic values


As the nail is often judged on the social situation of man. Trimming your nails in a dream, putting them in order — taking care of your reputation, not letting old problems prevent you from building your life.

Sleep is most beneficial.

But it should be remembered that nails in a dream also indicate the defenselessness of a person. Do not take on tasks that you can not afford, do not try to help those who do not want to help themselves.

Your strength is enough for your own success and nothing more.

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