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What dreams of cucumbers on dream books: Vanga, Freud and others

Dreamed of cucumbers: how to interpret for different dream books

Our dreams play a very important role in life: our vitality and general mood depend on them. Dreams can predict future or present events, suggest the correct answer in case of doubt, reveal the essence of true things.

If you listen to the fact that our subconscious is trying to convey to us, then much in life can be corrected, avoiding mistakes. What dreams of cucumber?

This vegetable has a different interpretation in dreams. To make the right conclusion regarding a particular dream, you should listen to the advice of the dream book.

What dreams of cucumbers on dream books: Vanga, Freud and others

General interpretation of sleep

What dreams of cucumber? The interpretation of this dream depends on the details that were memorized during your night dreams:

  • fresh and green cucumbers — to joyful and pleasant events in life, good health. If at this stage of life you have some difficulties, they will soon pass. Also, such a dream for a woman promises increased attention from men, a sea of ​​compliments, gifts and invitations for dates. For a man, this dream predicts an improvement in his material well-being. This can be both a return on debt, a salary increase or a premium;
  • cucumbers in the snow — to gossip behind your back. These rumors may be related to your personal life, love relationships in the past or present;
  • vegetables in the garden — to the joy of the family. Relationships in your family life will develop in the best way possible, harmony and happiness will reign in the house;
  • rotten cucumbers — to the sad end of your novel. You should listen to your heart and let go of relationships that you do not like. Then fate will give you a chance to meet new, more devoted and sincere feelings;
  • yellow cucumbers — a symbol of the fact that you too negatively assess the situation in life, do not believe in miracles. If you try to be more optimistic and positive, your life will change for the better;
  • a lot of cucumbers — to the noisy fun and welcome guests. Soon your home will be filled with noise, joy and confusion.

What dreams of cucumbers on dream books: Vanga, Freud and others

For a more detailed interpretation of sleep, you need to remember what you did with cucumbers in a dream:

  • they ate fresh cucumbers — to a whole series of pleasant events, joy, happiness and satisfaction from life. All difficulties in the present will pass;
  • bought cucumbers — to interesting new work, which will take more time and effort, but will be generously rewarded;
  • sow vegetables — to waste. You should prepare for the big purchases you have long dreamed of;
  • collect cucumbers in the greenhouse or from the beds — to a large profit;
  • pickle cucumbers — to the hassle of family life, talking with relatives heart to heart.

Interpretation of different dream books

According to the dream Wang

In this dream book, fresh cucumbers are considered a good sign. After such a dream, we should expect the end of the period of anxieties and troubles, the beginning of a new stage of your life.

If you have been ill for a long time, then your illness will soon subside, and you will be able to fully enjoy life.

Collect fresh cucumbers — for planting vegetables in reality. If the vegetables were small and sluggish, then the harvest will be bad.

If the fruits were large and beautiful, it is worth waiting for a good harvest.

If in a dream you ate cucumbers, then soon you will have material wealth, inheritance, an unexpected win or other big money.

Salt cucumbers in night dreams — a warning of deception, scam or debt.

What dreams of cucumbers on dream books: Vanga, Freud and others

According to Freud’s dream book

In this dream book, cucumber is the personification of the male element. Therefore, a dream with cucumbers report some problems in intimate life.

This interpretation of sleep concerns women. Perhaps in reality you are suffering from unsatisfied desires or seeking to change your sex life.

For men, this dream is a sign that in the intimate sphere everything is going well for him. Soon, a man who has had a similar dream will have to go through an extremely interesting adventure of an intimate character with a very attractive person.

According to dreamo Longo

In this dream book, cucumber is a symbol of health. Such a dream is a reflection of your well-being while awake, as well as your relationship with the opposite sex.

Good strong fruits in a dream for spouses or lovers promise excellent relationships, harmony in feelings.

Seeing spoiled vegetables is a sign of a breakdown. Perhaps you are too overworked yourself, it will not hurt you how to relax.

Cutting cucumbers in a dream — to quarrels on the basis of jealousy or rivalry. You should not exacerbate the situation, otherwise it may adversely affect your health.

By dream book for the whole family

In this dream book there are several interpretations of the meaning of dreams with cucumbers:

  • there are cucumbers — to the disappointment in the future;
  • overripe or yellow cucumber — to the chagrin, the destruction of your hopes;
  • collect vegetables — to the need to rethink your achievements. Perhaps there are a lot of positive things in your life at the moment, however you are striving for more and do not appreciate what you have;
  • to see beautiful and ripe cucumbers — to get rid of unnecessary and unrealizable desires in the future. You should be content with what you currently have in life.

According to the dream book from A to Z

In this dream book there are several meanings of dreams with a cucumber:

  • growing cucumbers — to a sharp deterioration in your health as a result of the stress experienced;
  • salting or pickling vegetables — to be deceived when exchanging real currency;
  • eat salted cucumbers — to unrequited love;
  • wash dirty cucumbers — gossip and gossip behind your back about your love affairs;
  • pick cucumbers from the garden — to the family pleasures and well-being;
  • cut vegetables for salad — to the possible loss of your place of work;
  • prepare dishes from pickled cucumbers — to receive a complimentary comment on your culinary abilities.

According to the female dream book

A female dream book interprets the appearance of this vegetable in dreams as follows:

  • overripe or yellow cucumber — to the chagrin in the near future;
  • collect rotten cucumbers — to serious problems in the intimate sphere with your partner;
  • there are bitter cucumbers — to sadness;
  • eat sweet vegetables — to joy;
  • cucumber gherkins — to gifts from his beloved;
  • to buy vegetables in a dream — to the admiration of those around you by your beauty, courage, life position.

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