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What dreams of cowards: interpretation of the dream

What dreams of cowards: the interpretation of the image of different dream books

To see cowards in a dream is an ambiguous symbol. Such a dream warns a person that all his secrets will be made public. Also, the image seen in the nightly dreams, there are positive values.

To compile the most accurate and truthful interpretation, even small details need to be taken into account: appearance, condition, color of underwear, as well as your own actions performed with this piece of clothing.

How looked and what cowards were seen in a dream, is key to the interpretation of the image. Options may be as follows:

The appearance and condition of underwearInterpretation
New, clean and fresh pantiesTo the absence of gossip, scandals and swearing in the life of a dreamer or dreamer
DirtyTo shame, shame, awkward or ridiculous position
TornTo shame, the disclosure of shameful secrets and secrets
Unusual, non-standard cutTo sexual adventures, diversity in intimate life, enjoyment
Soiled with urine or fecesTo money that goes as fast as it came
With a big hole in the middleIt will be difficult to make an important decision.
LacedTowards the pursuit of luxury living
In the blood, menstrual flowSoon the dreamer or the dreamer will experience guilt, pity, sympathy or regret
Beautiful, with ruffles, embroidery or rhinestonesA person who has had a dream will seek to please others.
Turned inside outDo not share the frank with unfamiliar people
Woolen or knittedSeeing them is a symbol of conservatism and outdated views. However, soon the dreamer or the dreamer will make a decision that will surprise and even shake those around him.

It is important to note that these were cowards:

  • Thong — to the vulgar, depraved, arrogant behavior, which will be a shame.
  • Trousers — to modesty, trying to reproduce a good impression on new acquaintances.
  • Shorts — to embarrassment.
  • Swimming trunks, down from the swimsuit — will have to be frank with someone.
  • Baby panties — to the infantile act, irresponsibility, stupidity.

To dream of a female model of cowards — for a sexual adventure, finding a new partner or partner, experimenting in bed. Male — to luck, success in business, the absence of any problems.

If you managed to remember the color of underwear, then this should also be considered:

  • Pink, purple panties — to changes in the intimate sphere of life.
  • Red, maroon — to passionate sex with a caring person.
  • Black — to the desire to diversify their intimate life, experimenting in bed.
  • White, beige — innocence, the absence of vulgar thoughts and fantasies.
  • Green, turquoise — to the lack of communication, the desire to share your thoughts, experiences with someone.
  • Blue, blue — the dreamer or the dreamer will become more cold, unemotionally related to the second half or the opposite sex as a whole.
  • Yellow — to concerns about anything.

Multi-colored underpants — for a fun event in which the dreamer or the dreamer will expose themselves in a bad light.

What dreams of cowards: interpretation of the dream

It is equally important to try to remember the plot of a dream, your own actions performed with cowards:

Give underwearSign of desire to get into someone else’s life, give unsolicited advice
Receive as a giftSomeone wants to find out some secret from a dreamer or dreamer
Try on someone else’sA person who has a dream will discuss someone, dismiss gossip, express his opinion
WashBy trying to justify gossip, rumors
Take pictures in a public placeShould not share intimate details and frank with everyone, this will have unpleasant consequences
Buy, choose in the storeTo the desire to change something in yourself, your family, social circle, work
Throw in the trashTo getting rid of old secrets, secrets, rethinking their thoughts
Put onTo try to start everything from scratch
Lose and findTo an awkward situation, shame
Lose and not findWill avoid or get out of an awkward situation
Walk only in shorts, not wearing clothesThe success of the started business is unpredictable, it is worth making maximum efforts
Hang out to dryTo strengthen their life position, the conviction of their own views
Looking atTo self-doubt, low self-esteem, attempts to seem better
Sew upPoverty, financial problems
Tear, spoil specificallyTo strong psychological pressure, condemnation, discussion of the action of a dreamer or dreamer
Break during sexTo passionate intimacy with a man of the opposite sex
Remove from a sleeping partner or partnerTo dissatisfaction with their sexual life, distrust of the second half
Dress up pantiesTo new love, sexual relations, change of partner or partner

If you are dreaming of cowards flying from the sky or someone’s balcony, you will soon have to find out someone’s unpleasant, dirty secret. More likely it will not be just friends, but close people: family members, relatives, friends, and the like.

If a man dreams of a girl in shorts, with whom he meets or cohabitates — to passionate sex with a partner. The seen image means that the young man is pleased with his passion.

The same goes for a dream in which a woman sees a boyfriend or husband in shorts — everything is in order in their sexual relations, the partners are happy with each other. If a former beloved in his underpants dreamed, then this symbolizes the excessive enthusiasm for the sleeping past, the desire to get rid of loneliness and return to old relationships.

If the dreamed girl or young man was in tattered, dirty, holey, turned on the other side or funny shorts — this is a symbol of the fact that sex with the second half does not bring pleasure to a person, begins to bother. It is worth thinking about it, having analyzed the image in more detail and having thought about it, whether you like everything about sex, perhaps you would like to change something.

Also, the dream is interpreted as a symbol of possible adultery, deception, betrayal.

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