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What dreams of coins: trifle, money, gold coins in a dream

According to different dream books, the interpretation of visions usually varies greatly. However, in deciphering what dreams of coins, most sources are unanimous.

According to dream Miller When coins are being dreamed, one can expect troubles at work and at home. The reason will be a deterioration in mutual understanding.

What dreams of coins: trifle, money, gold coins in a dream

Bulgarian Prophetess Wanga treats money with coins as a symbol of an unfriendly environment. Someone you know is a hypocrite.

By Islamic dream book if you dream a trifle, ahead is a bad time. A series of troubles will follow.

East Dream interprets the plot of the dream, to which coins are given, as unexpected support at a difficult moment. To give them is a sign of waste.

Esoteric dream book prompts: to find coins — to the substantial cost of entertainment. However, rest is now simply necessary.

According to the source, one should not reject the invitation to participate in the event. Thanks to this, the financial situation will improve.

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud interprets a lot of coins as a penchant for polygamousness. The sleeper, regardless of gender, likes to have several sexual partners in parallel.

By Slavic dream book metal coins mean frustration. But the found treasure with coins has a much more positive interpretation.

Ahead is business success.

According to psychological dream book when dreaming of gold coins, a period of material well-being begins. A handful of coins from base metal are hard work.

In addition, the salary will barely be enough for immediate needs.

By the dream book of the Hasse medium bag of coins — a symbol of confrontation. Engage in the release of trivia — to useless waking lessons.

Money coins, dreamed like a treasure, this is a very positive story. Ahead of the period, filled with amazing discoveries, and this is likely to be associated with the development of the sleeper’s talents.

What dreams of coins: trifle, money, gold coins in a dream

When dreaming of coins, it is useful to remember their denomination.

If you dreamed at the same time paper money and coins, to find out the news. Because of the information received there will be trouble.

Warning about the impending shortage of money are considered ten-ruble coins. The embarrassing situation will arise from the mismanagement of finances.

Problems with the implementation of the plans will arise because of the vagaries of nature, if dreamed five-ruble coins. It is necessary to consider a backup option, and then, even if you dream of a trifle, the execution of the plan will not be a problem.

Such a symbol as money coins, has many interpretations. but penny Coins in almost all sources are treated negatively.

This is a foreboding of grief. Most often, coins of small denomination mean that in reality it is possible to cry.

Understanding what dreams of coins, you will need to take into account the many nuances. Otherwise, it is impossible to get an exact tip.

Gold coins in a dream — a positive symbol. There will be unexpected events that will decorate the ordinary.

Silver coins — to life changes. They will not happen at the will of the dreamer, but under the influence of external circumstances.

Difficulties foretell iron coins. At school and at work there will be trouble.

Metal coins warn that words should be monitored. Due to a thoughtlessly abandoned phrase, impartial rumors may arise. If the dream is rusty, you have to do work that will not bring material satisfaction.

Remuneration will also not match the effort.

The deterioration of the financial situation is signaled by the copper coins. We’ll have to save.

Yellow coins — a reflection of the relationship to the sleeper. Someone secretly reproaches stinginess.

Nayawa will have to deal with the events of the past, if you dreamed antique coins. Perhaps some secrets will be revealed, because of which you will have to change the usual daily routine.

Sometimes antique old coins symbolize the return of a long-forgotten debt. There is a possibility of obtaining an inheritance.

When dreaming of coins, size is important.

What dreams of coins: trifle, money, gold coins in a dream

Large coin is an auspicious sign. You can safely start new projects, they will develop without any special obstacles.

Small coins serve as a warning: the fulfillment of desires is postponed. It is desirable to postpone the realization of a dream until a more favorable period.

Particularly noteworthy are the visions in which coins that are not a means of ordinary payments are dreamed of. Also, as in reality, they have a special value and purpose.

Jubilee coins indicate an urgent need to change stop. It is advisable to go on a trip, at least for a while.

Beautiful coins «soften» negative interpretations of dreams. This is a sign that a good period is coming.

Rare Coins are also considered a positive symbol, foreshadowing an improvement in material well-being. After such a vision, you can count on a reward for the work done, which will be even more generous than promised.

Collectible coins mean that the sleeper will soon receive an unusual gift. It may not be too valuable, but a pleasant and useful thing.

However seeing unusual coins in a dream, in reality, it is desirable to increase vigilance. Probably someone will try to mislead.

Foreign The coin means that you will soon have to go on the road. It may even be a trip abroad.

Expensive coins indicate that in pursuit of ensuring a decent standard of living, the dreamer forgot about the other joys of life. It is necessary to review the distribution of time between work and relatives.

When interpreting a vision in which the coins and contact with them are dreamed, it is important to consider what happened and under what circumstances.

Pick up coins from the floor — to unpleasant quarrels. If you do not hold back emotions, tears are not excluded. Collecting coins from the ground — a warning about the deterioration of mutual understanding with loved ones.

Disorders in the family sadden the dreamer.

Collect coins in the water means you have to earn money with difficulty. However, their shortage will be felt.

Stealing money with coins is a sign of loss. And it can be both financial damage and spiritual degradation.

To find Coins buried in the ground mean that you have to look for a long time for a job worthy of the sleeper’s talents. Before you have to be content with low wages.

If you dream of a trifle, which gives the dead, you must treat the plot as a serious warning. Nayavu is likely to get involved in an unpleasant story, so it is better to reject the proposals that will come in the near future.

Think Coins — a hint that reasonable savings will help overcome a difficult period. In addition, financial revenues are ahead.

Give away Coins mean sharing feelings with loved ones. Will it be joy or sadness — depends on the appearance.

Although there may be a feeling that the answer to the question “What coins are dreamed of” is mostly negative, but interpretations should be taken as a warning, not a gloomy prediction.

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