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What dreams of coins, trifle: interpretation by dream books

If you dream of coins, more often it does not directly mean that the dreamer will be swimming in money. However, a certain success in business like this vision foreshadows.

Often they symbolize life experience and good luck, therefore rare coins seen in a dream foreshadow an unusual experience, while commemorative coins symbolize a difficult but necessary time for personal development. The money collected from the ground near the road symbolizes the subconscious desire to go forward.

To dream of metal money without any action can talk about the following.

Golden coinsConstant luck in real life, events, the outcome of which will be successful for women and men
Silver coinsA good sign, testifying that any business will be completed successfully, especially if a man had a dream
Iron, copper money (for example, worth 5 rubles)A sign that the dreamer will perform a noble act that will help him in the future; a hard-working person dreams of such coins as a sign of long and hard work to be done in the future
Commemorative coins in denominations of 10 rubles, rare dnyiForeshadow changes in real life, which will present the dreamer invaluable and useful experience that will definitely come in handy in the future.
Ancient and ancientFinancial investments into the business from reliable partners who are superior to the dreamer in experience and unexpected luck
UnusualAmazing events in life, unexpected meetings, good luck in business, not foreshadowing a positive outcome
Jingle coinsFast success and prosperity, especially with a lot of fines and a long lingering sound
A lot of coins
  • Minor — misfortune, minor losses, minor financial failures.
  • Large — moderate profit with strong time and effort
Large coinsUnexpected and rapid climb up the career ladder, profit unexpected for the dreamer
FakeVain efforts in any business that does not bring the desired result
ForeignUnexplained and unexpected events with an unpredictable outcome, unforeseen expenses, a subconscious desire to change the situation to a more favorable

Dream interpretation is the same for women and men. Particular attention to such dreams should be given to people who occupy a responsible position in a large company and have detractors and envious.

Often it is in a dream that the subconscious gives a signal of impending disaster.

What dreams of coins, trifle: interpretation by dream books

The value of what you see in a dream depends largely on the conditions under which a particular subject dreams.. Just to see different coins — says one thing, actions with them — about another.

Depending on the conditions, there are several interpretations of the dream.

ActDream interpretation
Collect from the floor or groundUnexpected profit of a small size, good luck in small matters, insignificant income
Find, countMake an effort to perform minor tasks, to help someone in business, to be able to appreciate money
Give to someoneTo part with past failures, gain experience, skills, come to terms with the situation, hope for promising events in the future
Coins presentedGold coins — profits, luck, goodwill of others, silver — attempts to revenge envious
Trifle stole or stole the dreamer
  • Stolen from the dreamer — there will be a lot of luck in the near future, not pleasing detractors.
  • Stole the dreamer — the danger from the inner circle at work, not foreshadowing a positive outcome
Coins in the waterClean, clear water is a good sign, indicating close success, cash receipts, successful financial transactions; muddy, dirty, malodorous water is a close possibility of boring, problematic and low-paying work
Trifle in your wallet, pocket, hands
  • In the wallet — possible support from close relatives in a difficult moment.
  • In his pocket — the dreamer appreciates the small joys of life.
  • In the hand — the ability to keep everything under control, to delve into the details of any business
Swallow small coinsHave the ability to quickly solve minor problems due to their own well-being
Throw, throw, throw up a trifleThe desire to get rid of experiences, anxieties, worries; inability to move far away from problems
Pay for something in coinsHigh probability of quarrels and conflicts between colleagues and close relatives for minor reasons
See, pick up from the ground in the cemeteryA strong desire to get rid of problems and their simultaneous approach to oneself through rash decisions; poor outcome of events
See, collect, drop on the roadThe opening opportunity to find a new way of life and it is easy to go through it; collect long from the ground on the road — no fear of everything new, desire to go ahead

An unkind sign in a dream is to ask for alms and see the passing coins throw and take them. This indicates the close possibility that a person is facing petty, insignificant and hard work, which does not bring tangible income.

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