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What dreams of coal in the dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

I dreamed about coal — the nuances of decoding for different dream books

Previously, houses were heated with firewood in winter. Until a profitable alternative appeared — it burns longer and costs less.

What dreams of coal, we learn in the popular dream books.

General interpretation

Coal in a dream is associated with a heat source — fire. This is a kind and positive symbol, if in a dream this type of fuel went to good needs without harming the sleeper.

It marks a purification from negative energies, protection from evil intentions. In some European countries was giving: the guest, who came with a coal in his pocket on the eve of Christmas, is a harbinger of happiness and well-being in the family.

He was thrown into the fireplace and made a wish that will come true.

What dreams of coal in the dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

Finding a black briquette on the road in a dream means that you don’t have to worry about family welfare for a long period Revenues will be regular and stable. But if you ignored and left the thing on the sidelines — a sad sign.

In reality, it is likely to miss a good source of profit. This can lead to a shortage of cash and strong savings.

Kindle stove with black fuel and feel the heat from the flame — a sign of future successful results from the upcoming cases. This period will not be easy, but will be remembered for fruitful, painstaking work.

Your work will be appreciated by material rewards.

To purchase anthracite from random, dubious sellers — to be led by unscrupulous workers, to incur losses and costs to their own business. For those who are employed, this vision warns not to agree to a dubious assignment.

It will not bring you either moral or material satisfaction, but will only take a lot of time and energy.

It was seen that solid fuel of poor quality and not burning at all — get ready for the economic crisis and material difficulties. Unforeseen expenses are likely. These days it is worth limiting your purchasing power.

Anything you gain may be useless and unnecessary.

What dreams of coal in the dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

What else does coal mean in a dream?

  • Extinguished coals in the stove — a bad sign. Beware of health problems. In time, pay attention to your poor health. Severe illness can affect your loved ones;
  • Bright flame in a dream — to harmony and love. That period, when it is especially good to marry. The family will live in love and loyalty for many years;
  • For young people, flickering sparks dream to fun and joy. A party with friends is now what you need;
  • Black coal was brought to the apartment — to the sad or tragic news;
  • To unload the car with anthracite — to prepare for difficult times, when there will be little time for rest and hobbies;
  • Get dirty, being in a coal mine — to unplanned events that you can not influence. Caught in difficult circumstances, you have to apply a lot of effort to avoid unpleasant consequences;
  • To extract peat, ore, coal — in reality it will be a reason to test the strength of character and willpower. The moment when you show your personal qualities and inner potential;
  • To fan the flames, but to end up without fire reflects the inexperience of the dreamer. You do not have enough knowledge and skills to achieve a good result. Be patient and persistent in your development. Success does not make you wait long.

Author’s dream books

Gustov Miller

A good, high-quality coal has dreamed — expect good events. I had a chance to bask in the stove, full of black briquettes — there will be a lot of warm, emotional meetings with relatives and friends.

You do not have to hurry anywhere, you want home comfort and warmth. Women such a scenario promises pleasant chores for the arrangement of the family hearth.

For those who have a lonely dream, hints at a romantic date in a pleasant place.

What dreams of coal in the dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

Embers smolder dimly, and you are not trying to light a bright flame — in reality you are in the period of waiting for something new. But good changes will not occur in your boring life, until you yourself take up the cause and try to change something.

I dreamed of mining coal in the mine — prepare for difficulties and trials, after which you will be able to solve immediate problems. Future prospects depend on your patience and endurance.

Blowing in a burning fireplace — to provoke a quarrel and a scandal with the second half. Lonely people these days should not show interest in the opposite sex, it will still not be possible to meet a pleasant person.

The reason for this will be your tension, excessive sarcasm and aggressiveness. There will be tiredness, resentment and some complaints that you will want to express to someone.

Sigmund Freud

Kindle solid fuel fire in the fireplace — a good sign for a mature man. You are in the active phase of your sexual victories.

Sex life is fairly regular and brings a lot of satisfaction to the dreamer.

But if coal is wet and it is not possible to melt the furnace, this is a sign of sexual impotence and emergency impotence. To a woman, such a dream on the eve of a meeting with a potential lover comes as a sign of her disappointment in the male power of a partner.

Intimacy will not bring pleasure, but only alienate from the admirer.

Throw a lot of briquettes for the heat and heat — try to ignite the passion of your favorite sweetheart. Your efforts will be appreciated if, in addition to the stinging temperament, you show care, attention and tenderness to the proud beauty.

She will become soft and docile when she realizes that in front of her is not only a warlike lover, but also a future caring husband.

He dreamed of working in the mine, pulling out heavy carts of solid fuel — to test complexes in sexual relations with partners. Self-doubt, stiffness and tension in intimate intimacy makes sexual intercourse a kind of painful and exhausting duty.

First of all, you should enjoy making love. Otherwise it makes no sense to make contact.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

Working on a coal mine — to ungrateful and hard work, which will result in poor health and material problems. I dreamed of watching heaps of ash wherever coal had once been — a sign of missed opportunities.

Do not reject the proposals coming to you, they will be very promising for you.

Preparing for the winter and stocking coal for the home — to useful troubles. Work during this period will bring prosperity and well-being to the family.

The more you show activity, the more stable the bright future will be.

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