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What dreams of cleaning: interpretation of the dream

What is the dream of cleaning the house, at work, on the street, in the cemetery?

The dream, in which I had to do the cleaning, indicates that a person’s life is less rosy than he imagines. There are a lot of problems that need urgent solutions, and the dreamer himself already wants a qualitative change.

To restore order in a strange house during the departure of its owners dream, if someone from the inner circle needs help. Attic cleaning symbolizes the need to filter out your thoughts and ideas.

And to the one who cleaned up in the basement, the subconscious suggests that it is time to take a break from stress and overwork.

Sometimes the dream of cleaning does not require interpretation and makes no sense. This happens if on the eve of a person cleaned up and very tired.

Treatment of sleep often depends on the gender of the dreamer and his marital status.

  • Married such a dream makes it clear that he took on too many responsibilities for the house, while his wife does not devote time to restore order. He needs to discuss the work being done with his wife and more equitably share household chores.
  • Idle there is a parting with a permanent lover, who has begun to hint directly at the formalization of relations. If he had to clean the garbage, it is not clear where he came from in the apartment, you need to be careful not to do something silly at the party.
  • Married will not be able to keep a pleasant atmosphere in the house. Inaccurate, superficial cleaning suggests that she married not for love, but at the insistence of parents or under the pressure of society. Pour water, sprinkle cleaning powder during the establishment of order — to the care of the spouse from the family.
  • Free she will soon be able to try on a wedding dress and put on a wedding ring, if in a dream she took an active part in cleaning her house. I watched from the sidelines — so far she has no desire to marry. Hired a housekeeper — puts in the first place a career, not a family.

A pregnant woman dreams of cleaning, which is hard for her to cope with, which means that the father of the child will not help in his upbringing and provide financial support. If restoring order has passed easily, and the future mother’s state of health has not deteriorated, the husband will take most of the worries on himself.

What dreams of cleaning: interpretation of the dream

Clean up yourself — to change. In most cases, a person waits for them or takes steps to change something in life.

Seeing how another person is putting things in order is indifference, which will lead to the loss of money. However, the interpretation of such a dream depends on the personality of the retractor:

Mother fatherIn the family of the dreamer there will be a significant loss, which will affect both the psychological situation and the financial state. Spouses will have to reach a new level of mutual understanding in order to support each other and not destroy their union
Husband wifeIf someone is busy cleaning one, he tries to find an approach to his half and smooth out the sharp corners that arise during their life together. Couple brings order together — to an agreement between all households and the peaceful resolution of conflicts
HousekeeperTired of the routine, the desire to relax. The housekeeper is a woman who has a dream — she has to perform difficult tasks that do not bring the expected result, or make a choice between work and personal life not in favor of the latter
ChiefFear of being cut or fired. A person feels that he works half-heartedly and does poorly with his official duties.
Ex boyfriend girlThe sleeper will cease to grieve for the person with whom he was once in love, to be sad about previous hobbies or activities. To do the cleaning together with the former — new perspectives in relations with the current partner (for example, the offer to live together)
Friend friendAttempt to build relationships with a person who does not want to make contact
NeighborsThe opinion of others is very important for the dreamer, and he evaluates all events in his life from the point of view of other people, and not for reasons of personal gain or personal preferences.
dead personIf a dead person rubs mirrors or polishes kitchen utensils in which you can see your reflection, this is a sign that the sleeping person is a lot of hypocrisy. If he wipes dust or sweeps it from the floor, he will have to answer for offenses committed in the past. Washes floors — the dreamer learns important information about someone from relatives

What dreams of cleaning: interpretation of the dream

Most often, people dream that they clean up at home. Such a plot means that the time has come to deal with all the accumulated problems and to undertake something to improve the quality of life.

Restoring order without respite — the dreamer will have more problems due to the arrival of uninvited guests, or someone will bring an animal to the house that requires treatment.

If you had to restore order in another place, the meaning of sleep will be as follows:

Where did the cleaning take place?Value
In a strange houseAll awards for work performed by the sleeper will be appropriated by another person. Honored fame will bypass the side, and the salary increase will be received by those colleagues who bear the least responsibility and perform the least number of tasks. Attempts to defend their right will remain unsuccessful, so you need to come to terms with such blatant injustice
Have parentsIf the father and mother are away from home at this time, such a dream promises bad news about someone from their own people. They are present in the dwelling, but they do not have the opportunity to do the cleaning themselves — the dreamer will begin conflicts with the second half in the everyday life. Putting order together with parents in their apartment — the sleeper will give birth to talented and intelligent children or grandchildren. Another interpretation indicates excessive involvement in the lives of parents to the detriment of their own families.
By GrandmaIt is necessary to look for a way out of a difficult financial situation or to solve problems with health which have arisen at close relatives. If the grandmother is helped with cleaning by all members of the family, a great disaster awaits them in reality, which they will overcome together
In the countryThe desire to get rid of new friends who were too annoying. At work, responsibilities will be added, and they will not be in the joy of the dreamer. Family hassle will take most of your free time and will not allow you to carry out plans related to outdoor activities.
On a visitHelping the hostess to collect the dishes from the table after the banquet — to gossip about joint acquaintances. To clean up the bed after spending the night at a party — the second half changes the dreamer with someone from the people entering his house. To come in a dream to friends or acquaintances at a time when they are putting things in order — sleeping tips can harm other people, so you shouldn’t give them recommendations regarding serious matters
In the house of the deceasedThe dreamer tries to be better in the view of others than he really is. If you had to clean the house, where there are a lot of rare things, old photographs and memorabilia of the deceased, the person can change in reality, turning from a loafer into a workaholic or from a womanizer into a diligent family man
In the garageThe need for spiritual cleansing. You also need to pay more attention to their affairs, because lately the sleeper has let them go of course. Tidying up in someone else’s garage — helping someone solve problems; do it for free — to take responsibility for the material condition of a stranger, to become a sponsor
At workThe general cleaning done by the dreamer alone speaks of a change of position or office, transfer to another branch, dismissal. If putting things in order only consisted in sorting papers, rearranging devices or tools, you should familiarize yourself with more modern technologies and methods of doing business, turn new ideas into reality, and change your business strategy. Clean up with colleagues or subordinates — all the accumulated problems will be solved as soon as possible. Window cleaning foreshadows rapid career advancement
On the streetThis action indicates attempts to invade someone else’s life and redraw it to your liking. A bucket of garbage overturned during the cleaning or a broom fell — the one who was the victim of encroachment on personal space would resist, and the dreamer could get into trouble. The second interpretation of sleep — the desire to increase the sphere of its influence, expand business

Cleaning the house from which to move out, heralds participation in the new project or the emergence of an original idea that will allow you to quit your annoying work.

What dreams of cleaning: interpretation of the dream

If you managed to do everything that was planned, then the dreamer will cope with his duties in time. Postponing part of the case for later is a desperate unwillingness to experience change.

After cleaning, there is still garbage or dirt — by a happy coincidence, the person will avoid trouble or misfortune for which he was preparing.

Clean up with your hands without gloves — get rid of annoying companion or guest.

Wet cleaning indicates the deterioration of the atmosphere in the house and the unwillingness to have children, and dry indicates the stability of the situation.

If the order in the room did not suggest for a long time and everywhere is full of dirt that is to be washed, in reality it will have to resist those who consider the dreams of the dreamer to be an absurd fad and try to impose their own opinion on him.

What the sleeper or other participants in the dream did would help to understand the essence of the prediction.

What did you have to do?Treatment
Wash the dishesIn the future, whoever did this will have a long period of well-being and happiness in his personal life. Washing plates or pots in a strange house is a sign that the dreamer completely trusts the person to whom they belong
DustingSomeone wants to harm the sleeper, however, he will be able to recognize the danger in time and avoid it. To brush away dust with a whisk — an indication of excessive carelessness, gullibility; wipe with a rag — show determination in your actions, be adjusted to the result
Sweep a broomA person has all the chances to get rich or get the desired position, to make a long-awaited purchase. Also, this action predicts an unprecedented surge of strength, energy, enthusiasm in the work. The patient will soon recover, and the pregnant woman will give birth to a child
VacuumingIt is time to get rid of unnecessary cargo, both morally and materially. Stop communicating with people who impose negative thoughts; change jobs if it makes you feel stressed; throw away things that nobody has used for a long time
Clean the stove or ovenA person can gain new love after a painful separation. All failures that happened in the past will be compensated by a period favorable for any undertakings. An opportunity to fulfill a promise made many months or years ago
Clean the floorTo changes in personal life. Doing it in someone else’s house is skillfully manipulating circumstances, making the right decisions and sticking to the right tactics. To wash the floor, which was already washed by someone, but, according to the dreamer, it is not clean enough — to trouble and disease
Wash clothesFight for your interests. If after the end of the washing there is not a speck on the things, it will end with the victory of the sleeper. And if you wash your underwear carelessly in a dream, aspirations are doomed to failure. Take your laundry to the laundry — the sleeper will have rivals
Wash bath, sinkMan has the courage to admit the mistakes of the past. Clean the plumbing with a stiff brush — a demonstration of dedication and determination, and if you had to wash it with a soft washcloth, the sleeper will show doubts in some important matter
Knock out carpetsWhat you see in a dream is not much different from what is to be done in real life. In the near future, the dreamer will clean up his home. If someone helped him, the reason for restoring order will be the arrival of guests.
Go through old clothes, booksIf a sleeper plans to throw away trash, then some memories cause him heartache and he struggles to erase past events from memory. In that case, when things remained with his master, but were brought to the barn or to the attic, the person feels nostalgia for times gone by.
Wash the windowsThe dreamer is ready for change, but he is worried about some ambiguity. Spouses who are in a quarrel will make peace, but not on their own initiative, but in connection with favorable circumstances. Sometimes this dream defines the line that a person can cross in order to please the outside world.
Put things in placeTo worry about loved ones. Collect scattered children’s toys — the sleeper focuses on the little things, forgetting about the most important thing. Find socks in unexpected places — the planned trip will have to be canceled or postponed.
Shoot webThere are opportunities to influence the course of events, to eliminate interference on the way to the goal. The more cobwebs were removed, the easier it is for a person to carry out his idea. If, despite the best efforts of spider nets, it does not become less, a fierce struggle with competitors or spiteful critics will be awaited.

Clean up in the kitchen after inaccurate cooking — increasing the efficiency of their work, streamlining thoughts and ideas.

Sweep the scattered grits — to a quarrel; flour — to create difficulties for oneself, and then heroically overcome them. To wash off the wall from greasy spray — persistently refuse material wealth, hinder own enrichment.

If it rains during the harvest, but the person continues to do business, the detractors will not be able to prevent his undertakings.

Someone interferes with restoring order, convinces that this is useless work or distracts — in reality you will also have to feel the pressure of the society, which will strongly resist the dreamer’s self-development or improvement of his living conditions.

The exact meaning of sleep depends on the actions of the dreamer.

Rake the fallen leavesIf you had to sweep the leaves in a pile with a broom, the person will learn how to properly distribute the resources he has (time, effort, money). Raking leaves with a rake — to establish control over what happens in life. And the one who was shifting large piles of leaves to the back of the tractor and then taking them out is expected to have a big change in attitudes and priorities
Tidy flower bedA person cherishes his dream, but is not ready to do anything to achieve it. Remove dried plants — lose all hope that the wish will come true
Collect rubbishThe success of the business conceived by the dreamer will depend on other people. Therefore, even contrary to their own convictions, they will have to listen to their opinions and take advice. Collect papers, candy wrappers or bottles with your hands and put them in a bag or bucket — a sign that someone wants to make peace, but the sleeper does not notice his attempts
Sweep the sidewalkIn life there will come a period favorable for building a career, business development, and creative accomplishments. Fate will save you from mistakes and allow you to quickly achieve a result. If the sleeper lost or broke the broom and was unable to complete the cleaning, then in his life he is not able to restore order.
Wash the roadLathering her with a washcloth — time after time a person will attempt to change his life, and one of them is guaranteed to be successful. Wash with ordinary water, pouring it out of a bucket, or pouring asphalt from a hose — an indication of the purity of thoughts, honest ways of enrichment
Clear snowTo get things off the ground, you need to act yourself and not hope for a chance. Passivity threatens to miss a good chance. Sweeping the snow with a broom in a dream — overcoming the obstacle in reality will be easier than it seemed
Accelerate with a broom puddleThis action symbolizes a quarrel with a friend; parting with your loved one; loss of important social contacts for sleeping
Sprinkle with sandIf you had to do this in the summer, the dreamer will deceive someone (perhaps unintentionally). Sprinkle icy paths in winter — will have to promote reconciliation of other people

Throwing withered flowers that have lost the appearance of wreaths — a dream predicts that in the inner circle of the sleeper there are hypocrites and manipulators who, under the guise of friendship or kinship, are trying to gain.

Paint the fence — to a long and serious illness, if the paint falls unevenly. Painting the grave fence in red means facing obstacles in love.

Planting plants instead of dried ones means renewed contact with people who have not been in touch for a long time. The missing person will return, or the lost animal will be found.

Garbage collection from the grave — the dreamer’s actions will lead to differences in the family. If there is so much of it that it is impossible to carry it all at once, the matter goes to divorce.

On the already cleaned grave the garbage appears again — the sleeper gets pleasure, treating his soul mate or children.

To clean a gravestone from a mold, a moss — to feel envy from colleagues, friends or neighbors.

The authors are considering various scenarios. Which of the dream books to trust must be decided by the dreamer himself, based on his inner feelings and his own intuition.

Dream interpretationDecryption
MillerAvoid cleaning despite the fact that the apartment is dirty — face the trouble and disappointment. For a woman who cleans up the house with due skill and skill, such a dream foreshadows obedient children and a good husband
Modern womenCleaning the apartment — all households will be healthy and happy. To wash or sweep the threshold of the house — to move, and restoring order in his office promises a loss of office
FreudIndoor cleaning alludes to health problems, primarily the diseases of the reproductive system. A woman who parses old rubbish (things, books) suffers from thoughts of her sexual unattractiveness; and a man, if he had to perform such work, is concerned about the weakened potency
EsotericAll troubles and troubles will disappear both in the domestic plan and in personal life. Clean up with bare hands — to get rid of unnecessary people; using a mop, brush or broom — no longer have to endure the inconvenience
FamilyRelationship between the spouses will improve, if in a dream they themselves cleaned their home. If the order was imposed by the mother-in-law, putting things in a closet or arranging dishes on the shelves, then it is she who causes the turmoil in a young family.
Dmitry and Nadezhda ZimaThe person has accumulated a lot of problems and unresolved issues that he postponed until later. Now they will create difficulties in life. However, if after cleaning the room is shining with purity, the dreamer will easily change the course of events and cope with all the shortcomings
LongoTo use the help of other people to clean their house is a sign that the realization of any undertakings will be impossible without outside assistance, and the search for allies should begin now

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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