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What dreams of clean water: the interpretation of the dream book

What dreams of clean water: the interpretation of the night image of the dream books

To see clean water in a dream is a favorable symbol, promising a person luck, inner harmony, luck, happiness, joy and the absence of major problems. Also, the image seen in night visions may have negative values.

In order to compile the most truthful, accurate and concrete interpretation, it is recommended to pay attention to the smallest details of the dream about water: its description and characteristics, its own actions, setting and place, plot.

In drawing up the interpretation of a dream, it is important to take into account the maximum number of characteristics of the dream water. An important role is played by how she looked:

Water characteristicInterpretation
Transparent, crystalTo honesty on the part of the inner circle — friends, girlfriends, parents, relatives and the second half
Stormy, foamingTo experiences, heightened emotionality, spiritual impulses
Flowing, flowing from the craneTo a favorable relationship in the family, with relatives, happiness and harmony in the house
BottledTo a life that will be filled with a variety of events
Soapy, with foamTo rest, have a good time, calm and happiness
Blue, seaDreamer will be able to fulfill a long-held dream
Salty, oceanicA person who has had a dream will achieve great success, but will not be happy with his achievements.
RainTo the little home pleasures and pleasant chores around the house

If the dreamer or the dreamer in his dream had to touch the water, swim or dive into it, it is necessary to take into account its temperature:

  • Cold, ice — to emotionlessness, cooled feelings.
  • Warm cool — to gaining comfort, joyful pastime.
  • Hot boiling away — to heat feelings, feelings, tears, severe stress.

A dreamer or a dreamer dreamed of clear water, painted in some non-standard shade — to the unexpected. Soon something will happen that will turn a person’s life upside down.

What dreams of clean water: the interpretation of the dream book

It is equally important to take into account what the person who saw the dream was doing with the water in the dream. For example:

Drink waterTo well-being, happiness, good deeds
WashA person will enjoy his position, experience joy and satisfaction from the work done.
To swimTo contentment, happiness, joy, prosperous life in the near future, the solution of all problems
Scoop, pour into the containerTo attempts to improve their position, to achieve something new.
To fish in the bathroom, puddle, basinTo self-deception
Fishing in a pondTo financial enrichment and good luck
Watch as it pours, or spill yourselfTo missed chances and opportunities
Ride the wavesFun, happiness, joy, idle life and no problems
Swim away from shark or other predatorsEnemies and detractors want to prevent the dreamer or the dreamer from happiness
Drown, chokeTo reproaches, envy from someone familiar, close
WashFor a leisurely, measured lifestyle
Walking down the street and getting wet from a sudden jet of water gushing from somewhereTo the rally, the evil joke, ridicule
Admire the ebb or flowTo joy for themselves and their loved ones, relatives

To find a man’s body in water is an ambiguous symbol that has a different meaning depending on the sex of the sleeper:

  • For a woman, such an image, seen in night dreams, foreshadows difficulties in romantic relationships, love and marriage.
  • For a young man — a quarrel with a close friend or relative.

If you had to rescue a drowned man or pull him out of the water, you will have to independently make attempts to make peace with someone. If the dead man takes away the waves — to return the old relationship is unlikely to succeed.

What dreams of clean water: the interpretation of the dream book

Of key importance in the compilation of interpretation is the situation, in which place, where the dreamer or the dreamer saw pure water. Options may be as follows:

Place, settingInterpretation
WaterfallFate will give a person a lot of happiness, joy, well-being
GeyserTo increased activity or acquaintance with an emotional, passionate, energetic person
LakeTo a calm, measured, joyful life without the hassle and problems
PuddleTrouble will haunt the dreamer everywhere, but he will always manage to find the right solutions.
PondThings will go uphill, a person will become more successful and richer
RiverTo auspicious changes, wisdom, peace, spiritual harmony and tranquility
SeaThe expectations of the dreamer or the dreamer are empty and vain, you must begin to work hard to achieve their main life goals
OceanTo the immense amount of new opportunities, joy, dedication
Bath, saunaTo the long-awaited rest, an invitation to visit or to the event, fun and joy
FountainTo pleasant trips, great joy and happiness
A basin or other container with waterTo pleasant cares and troubles about households
WellTo health, healing, well-being and high energy
Pool waterTo profit, material wealth, professional growth and prosperous life
Ditch, fordA man or woman will have to think about their behavior.
Babbling brookTo an active lifestyle, energy, dedication to their work, lack of time
Healing mineral springTo great luck, good luck, good health in yourself and your loved ones, recovery from all diseases

It was a dream that neighbors flooded and the water left streaks on the ceiling — a sign of trouble in real life.

It should be considered exactly where there were spots, stains or drops:

  • On the floor in the whole apartment, house, room — to empty troubles, irritability, bad luck.
  • In the kitchen (walls and ceiling) — to squabbles and quarrels with family members, relatives.
  • ATbedroom (walls and ceiling) — to problems in your personal life, marriage.

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