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What dreams of cigarettes: interpretation of the dream

What dreams of cigarettes: the interpretation of the image of the famous dream books

To dream of a cigarette — a symbol of great fatigue, the need for rest, the desire for change. In the near future in the life of a person something will happen that will make him reflect, think about the current situation, make a decision. To compile the most specific interpretation, it is recommended to take into account all the details: the content, the number of dreamed cigarettes, your own actions, smoking sensations, the plot, etc.

The meaning of a dream can vary depending on the sex of the sleeper, as well as his addiction to smoking:

  • Non-smoking woman the dream promises the accomplishment of an unexpected, atypical act that will shake both the dreamer herself and her inner circle.
  • Smoking girl the image foreshadows rest, the opportunity to relax, forget about problems and difficulties.
  • Non-smoking man to see a cigarette in a dream — to fatigue, fatigue, problems from which you can relax, rethink something for yourself.
  • Smoking young man the dream foreshadows a pleasant, fun, but empty pastime.

If smoking and cigarettes have dreamed of a person who recently abandoned a bad habit, this indicates his desire to succumb to short-term pleasures that could harm.

What dreams of cigarettes: interpretation of the dream

Initially, you should consider what kind of cigarette was a dream: For example:

  • Cigarette dreaming of contentment with herself, her position, affairs, and environment.
  • Roll-up — to joy, fun, happiness.
  • Long and thin — contentment with yourself.
  • Flavored — to new feelings, sensations, emotions, changes.
  • Electronic — to stability in their plans.

It is worth trying to remember the cigarettes that were stored in them:

  • In cigarette case — desires will not come true, new circumstances will arise in affairs.
  • In a pack — A sleeping person will succumb to the desires of the moment.
  • In the package — to fall into a stupid, ridiculous position.
  • In pockets — to an irresponsible act.

Also important is the condition in which the cigarette was, how it looked:

  • Broken — The planned event will be worse than the dreamer expected.
  • Empty (no tobacco inside) — to bad luck, hardships, wiles of detractors.
  • Wet, raw — to failures, difficulties.
  • Dirty, dusty (falling to the ground) — accident will spoil the plans of the person.
  • An unusual shade (paper or tobacco inside some kind of atypical color) — to unexpected circumstances, the discovery of something completely new.
  • Huge size — to rest and idleness, which will bring problems in the future.
  • Very little — It does not work out what was planned.
  • Without a filter — to undesirable consequences of the conceived and troubles.
  • Consisting of a filter only (with a small amount of tobacco inside) — to caution against anything that is harmful.

What dreams of cigarettes: interpretation of the dream

The key point in drawing up the interpretation of the night image is what the dreamer did. Options may be as follows:

ActInterpretation of sleep
Feel or see cigarette smokeThere will be a desire to make some rash, frivolous act, which will have to regret in the near future.
Ask someone from the passers-by on the streetSomeone familiar in real life will help achieve the desired, will provide a service, help
Pick up cigarette butts from cigarettesTo stagnation in affairs, a difficult situation, confusion and doubts
BuyTo the desire to relax, rest, very tired from work and work
Find a wholeYou should be wary of your desires, temptations, fight bad habits in real life
Encourage the smoker to quit smokingIt is recommended that you carefully think through all your steps in achieving goals, actions, words and deeds.
Get burntTo the betrayal of a loved one, a strong offense and mental agony
Stew in an ashtrayBad news will make you worry, nervous and cry

Smoking a cigarette in a dream and enjoying smoking — to a pleasant pastime, rest, and the opportunity to relax. Do not feel the taste and aroma — to the rest, which will not bring any joy.

Resist, choke on cigarette smoke — to shame, agony of conscience, regrets.

Ignite a cigar — to the beginning of something new. It should be considered, with the help of what object the dreamer did it:

  • Lighter — to passion and new emotions.
  • Match — to the unexpected.
  • Candle — to fateful incidents.
  • Gas burner — to risk and dangers arising from the stupidity of the sleeper.

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