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What dreams of church candles — the best predictions of dream-books

What dreams of church candles — dream book

What dreams of church candles? The authors of the dream books have a different opinion on this.

Let’s try to figure out what this dream can mean. Remember the plot, which appeared in the realm of Morpheus, in all its details, and look for a suitable interpretation.

What dreams of church candles - the best predictions of dream-books

Dream loft

David Loff is a professional psychotherapist who believed that dreams are the work of your subconscious, thanks to which you can catch the signals sent by the consciousness in time.

In his opinion, church candles are the personification of something mysterious, supernatural, unusual and romantic. And the meaning of the dream will depend on the circumstances occurring in the kingdom of Morpheus:

  • Do you see church candles in a dream, the flames of which are simply enormous — in real life it does not exist like this? This means that you are safe — and you are, and you feel that way. There is nothing in your life to threaten success, health, relationships with loved ones
  • If in a dream you performed some kind of magic rituals with candles: you wondered, did a spell or read a plot, it is very symbolic. So you have certain magical abilities that are not yet fully revealed.
  • Do you observe how in a dream someone familiar to you in real life holds church candles in their hands? This means that this person has a great influence on you — you listen to his opinion, follow his advice.

Loff believed that in most cases candles were a symbol of providence, security, some mystery and romance.

What dreams of church candles - the best predictions of dream-books

Dream Miller

Gustav Miller is an American psychologist who has been studying dreaming for a long time. He cites the following interpretations in his dream book:

  • Lit church candles suggest that, thanks to a lucky coincidence, you will meet old friends who now live far away from you. You have not seen each other for a long time, and the meeting will bring joyful and good emotions.
  • Many church candles dream to meet with a few people who will affect your life, will be very useful, will help solve many current problems.
  • A few church candles, the flames of which are even and very bright, dream of mutual understanding with the second half and quiet family happiness
  • If you are dreaming how the lit church candles are blown away by the wind, this is an unfavorable sign. He prophesies that there will be a lot of unflattering rumors around you that some detractor will inflate.

If you dream about blowing out a church candle, expect sad events that will upset and greatly grieve you.

Esoteric dream book

Esoteric dream book — the most ambiguous. Its author, Elena Anopova, has her own opinion about what church candles can dream about:

  • A candle that burned and then went out, dreams of longing and sadness. In real life, you have to go through exactly these negative emotions. But do not despair — sooner or later everything will change for the better.
  • Lit a burning candle dreams that in the near future you really need help, and you will have it. But the assistant will be completely the wrong person on whom you will count
  • An unfavorable sign, if the candle is dreaming in the church or floating on the water. Such a dream promises serious, serious events. You will have to cry, lose someone from your loved ones — this person will die
  • If you dream of a candle of irregular shape, it means that you have extrasensory abilities that you are not aware of. It’s time to develop magical potential, because your mission is to help people with it

See in the video, what else can church candles dream about:

Vanga’s Predictions

The most mysterious and ambiguous soothsayer was the following interpretation of the dream with candles. Very often interpretations concern not only the life of the dreamer, but also of humanity as a whole. Here are her predictions:

  • A burning candle dreams of well-being, peace and tranquility in the whole world around you. People will live in prosperity and harmony with each other, there will be fewer murderers, thieves and just bad personalities who want to destroy, not to create
  • If in a dream you see not a candle itself, but a reflection from it in a glass, mirror or window, this is an auspicious sign. You are very strong and able to cope with any difficulties that arise in the course of life. You are under the protection of higher powers who patronize and help you through some earthly, very influential person.
  • If you dream that you are trying to light a candle, but nothing happens, this is a very bad sign. You will commit some serious misconduct, perhaps even a crime, which will kill an innocent person.
  • And if you dreamed that you were blowing a church candle, then the bad news would overtake you — a person close to you would die. You will be covered with a sense of guilt because you didn’t pay attention to him at all during your lifetime.
  • Dreams that the candle was burning, burning, and extinguished? This is a sign of a quick, serious illness. The disease can be prevented if you consult a doctor in time.
  • Do you see not one, but a whole bunch of candles scattered around the room? Such a dream has a very bad meaning — a terrible tragedy or a global catastrophe associated with fire will happen in the world. This may be a grand fire or a terrorist attack with explosions.
  • Do you see in a dream how many people you know are holding candles in their hands? It means that in real life all these people are extremely negative towards you. They will try to create you a lot of problems, beware — there are a lot of enemies and enemies.

Do not be discouraged if the interpretation of your dream has turned out to be unfavorable. Troubles can be prevented by taking action on time.

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