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What dreams of chocolates and basic values ​​for dream books

Dreamed of chocolates — popular interpretations

What do chocolate sweets dream of and how sweet can the general meaning of sleep be? From the first words we inform — chocolates dream of a million pleasant surprises.

The nature of the surprises depends on the filling of the candy, your mood, the candy wrapper, the time of day you dream, the overall setting.

There are chocolates on the observation deck of their castle, admiring the magnificent ocean sunset, and frantically swallowing chocolates stolen at the smashed gas station, huddled up in the slot under the bridge and fighting off huge zombie rats in the middle of a nuclear apocalypse — not the same thing.

By the way, the second dream has the most positive meaning and shows the will to live in spite of any circumstances. It remains to sympathize with rats — zombies.

They have no chance against a brave sweet tooth.

What dreams of chocolates and basic values ​​for dream books

Basic values ​​of chocolate candy sleep

  • The most important value for what chocolate candies dream about is pleasure, desire for pleasure, love for surprises. According to the famous Foresta Gampa, life is like a box of chocolates. You never know exactly what the filling will fall this time.
  • The second meaning, a direct and logical derivative of the first, is the lack of love, pleasure, attention, luxury of simple human intercourse. Eating chocolates alone means loneliness.
  • There are chocolates in a dream, one after another, to unwrap and throw wrappers on the floor — to experience boredom and frustration.
  • If you have only one candy in a dream and this is enough for you — you spend a lot of time on self-discipline and have reached incredible heights. All your thoughts are under control, pleasure strictly regulated. We will not advise you to relax, because everyone understands how this can end. No wonder you keep yourself on the chain, you have good reasons. But even if you break and go into complete separation — mentally we are with you. Do not reproach yourself.
  • Chocolates, folded slide, in gold or silver wrappers — the pursuit of luxury. There may be a stormy and beautiful romance that will suddenly end without any special consequences.
  • Seeing someone eating chocolates, admiring a couple that treats each other with candy — envy someone else’s happiness, dream of kidnapping him. This is not evil envy, you just want happiness and try to try on other people’s recipes. Not the fact that they suit you.

What dreams of chocolates and basic values ​​for dream books

What do chocolates mean by dream books

Sigmund Freud’s dream interpretation is adamant and, as always, unequivocal. Chocolate candies in a dream are sexual pleasures and erotic pleasures of which you continuously dream and hide the truth even from yourself. Treat each other sweets — to have sex.

There are chocolates — to dream of sex. Dirty chocolate — you will not be able to resist the temptations.

A female dream book treats chocolates like kisses. Swap candies — give each other kisses.

Sending a box of chocolates is a sign of sympathy. Send candy with dove — kiss.

On the other hand, if you were presented with a box of chocolates — these are your dreams, packed in cellophane. If you do not immediately change your life — your dreams will not come true.

Miller’s famous dream book tends to see joyful emotions in chocolates. Miller advises putting money on deposit to avoid rash spending.

Special, fancy sweets, unusual shapes, interesting design of chocolates indicates your creative abilities.

What dreams of chocolates and basic values ​​for dream books

What do the fillings mean

  • If almonds are hidden in a chocolate candy — you will find a great success.
  • Chopped nuts — you have to work hard over happiness.
  • Liquor, drunk cherry, any alcoholic filling — you do not have enough peace of mind and balance.
  • White filling — you are one of the most peaceful people in this world, the basis of family and well-being. Perhaps you want to get out of the role for a while? Why not go on holiday without a family? Choose northern and european countries.
  • Liquorice — you live in Scandinavia. It was a joke. In fact, this means that you should save your throat and for some time beware of colds.
  • Puff chocolate — you really know a lot about luxury. Be attentive, envy your happiness. Do not brag too much about your success. Instead of admiration, you can get exactly the opposite result — people will refuse to cooperate with you. Or significantly raise prices for their services.
  • Strawberry. In your case, the interpretation of Freud is absolutely fair. You adore sex and know a lot about it. Strawberry is one of the recognized aphrodisiacs. Do what you like. But don’t get caught.
  • Spoiled, bitter stuffing, stuffing, not at all suitable for candy or inedible — beware of deceit in business. Do not take the word, do not trust the smiles and promises. Properly written contract is the only thing you can believe. You will be surprised how many charming smiles will go out in your surroundings.

What dreams of chocolates and basic values ​​for dream books


To see chocolates in a dream is a very good, strong sign. But also a warning.

You want more than you have at the moment in life. You have to make an effort to make your dreams come true. Chocolate sweets used to be synonymous with absolute luxury.

Now chocolates are available to everyone.

Do not have to strain too much to eat chocolates in any quantity every day, earn extra weight, diabetes and bury all your dreams and brilliant ideas. You deserve more. You have the right to work on your own ideas that will bring you profit.

Or will not bring. But these are your ideas and your life.

On the candy, you will earn in any case.

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