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What dreams of chocolate

How to find out why chocolate dreams: interpretation of dream books

How to figure out what dreams of chocolate? First, remember your dream to the smallest detail.

Secondly — read this article, in which I collected the best interpretations of popular dream books.

Alphabet Dream Book

These interpretations will appeal to people who do not like to delve into the old dream books, but prefer everything modern.

What dreams of chocolate

  1. If you woke up in the morning and remembered that you saw chocolate in a dream, then during the day your state of health will sharply deteriorate. Take care and do not strain yourself. Ideal if you can take a day off at work and spend time in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere.
  2. Buying a chocolate bar dreams of loss. Watch your wallet carefully, you can lose it. It is better to leave money at home and avoid any financial transactions.
  3. If the chocolate you ate has a lot of nuts and raisins, then your partner is fed up with your order. You are fed up with feelings, ready to part and enter into new relationships with another person.
  4. If you received chocolates as a gift, it means that you too often indulge in dreams, because of what you live in illusions. If you do not begin to act actively, desires will never be fulfilled.
  5. If the chocolate has melted, your other half will make a frank confession that will upset you. Perhaps she will tell about treason, and you will have to somehow endure this betrayal.

Family Dream

The interpretation of this dream book is suitable for people who are not alien to traditional values, conservatives and the guardians of morality.

What dreams of chocolate

  1. The dreamed chocolate says that you have excellent health. At the moment, your energy potential is incredibly high, so you can easily achieve your goals. Use this energy sensibly.
  2. If you eat an enormous amount of candy with an incredible appetite, then in real life you lack bright emotions and impressions. You have an emotional hunger that you try to drown out with delicious food and entertainment. But you really need feelings from a loved one.
  3. Lots of chocolates are dreaming of suddenly getting money that you never expected. Get ready for a solid reward at work or for someone to present you with an expensive gift.
  4. Fancy chocolates of unusual shape dream of a successful date, which will take place in a very unusual setting. You will experience positive emotions and will long remember this meeting with a smile.
  5. If you share sweets with others, then in real life you will receive unexpected thanks for past merits. The person you helped in the past will decide to reward you for it. Remuneration can be either tangible or not.
  6. If the dream had a dream in the fall, then you expect a tumultuous romance. You will meet a person who will fill your life with passion and bright feelings. It is possible that after this there will be cardinal changes in other spheres.

Freud’s dream and chocolate

Freud approached the interpretation of dreams from the point of view of psychotherapy.

What dreams of chocolate

Here are his predictions:

  1. If in a dream you did not eat chocolate yourself, but treated someone, it means that you are very attractive to the opposite sex. You are gifted with a huge reserve of tenderness, which you can share with your partner. Even to the most demanding person, you will find an approach and be able to win his heart.
  2. Hot chocolate dreams as a sign: you are not satisfied with your sex life and blame yourself for the problems. But it needs to stop doing, because the fault for the failure lies with your partner. He has too many problems at work, so he cannot give you enough attention.
  3. If you burn yourself while drinking hot chocolate, this is an auspicious sign. He promises an acquaintance with a very attractive and temperamental person with an enormous amount of energy. He will be able to inspire and motivate you to achieve.

Dream Miller

Why dream of eating chocolate:

  1. If the chocolate was delicious and you enjoyed eating it, this is an auspicious sign. You are able to improve your financial situation in order to provide not only yourself, but also close people who need your help. Use the opportunities that surround you and become a very successful person.
  2. Chocolates dream of career achievements. Someone from colleagues will help you, and you will occupy a more profitable position. Entrepreneurs like this dream promise new partners that will help expand business and increase profits.
  3. There is stale, spoiled or bitter chocolate in a dream — an unfavorable sign. He portends a disease or a serious disappointment in a loved one. You need to take preventive measures to keep your health in good condition.
  4. Hot chocolate dreams only good. Now you are tired of the troubles that have fallen on your head, but soon the situation will change, and you will catch a real wave of luck. Luck will accompany you in everything.

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Esoteric dream book

The authors of this dream book see something mysterious in every sign.

Here are their predictions:

  1. With pleasure to eat a chocolate bar — to a happy and prosperous life, easy fulfillment of desires. Fate will give you incredible luck, which you just need to have time to use.
  2. Hot chocolate drink — to improve things at work. There will be an event that will help you move up the career ladder.
  3. Selling chocolate dreams to a series of small troubles that fall on you, as if from a bag of abundance. But it will not upset you, you will quickly cope with all the problems.
  • Most often, dreamed chocolate is a good sign. He promises either success in business, or improvements in his personal life. The more delicious and tasty, the chocolate bar was more fragrant, the more various benefits you will receive.
  • But spoiled and stale chocolates promise only problems. But you, most likely, easily cope with them.
  • Analyze your dream and choose the most appropriate interpretation so that the forecast is reliable.

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