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What dreams of children’s toys: see what they say dream books

Dreamed of children’s toys: features of interpretation by dream books

Childhood is a carefree time, and it is not surprising that much connected with childhood is considered useless. Children’s toys in a dream is first of all wasted effort and lost time, as many dream books believe.

But there are nuances that we will consider now.

If toys are dreamed of, Dream Interpretation from A to Z warns you that sad events await you — you will have to get bored and saddened, but nothing really terrible will happen.

What dreams of children's toys: see what they say dream books

The modern dream book does not agree with this position and promises useful toys and unprecedented perspectives to the person who saw the toy in a dream. And your task is not to accept proposals that are insignificant at first glance for a joke.

And the more toys you have dreamed of, the more interesting the offer will be.

If you choose a toy in a dream for a long time, it means you are doing something meaningless in reality — the upcoming deal will not bring benefits, and you are wasting your precious time.

You see interesting toys in your dream — there will be a holiday in your family.

If the attention was attracted by the toys in the shop window, you are a romantic and dream about something truly unrealizable. Let you be consoled by the idea that it’s still more interesting to live a romantic with a pipe dream than a pragmatist with a future calculated for many years to come.

If you give someone a bright toy, your relationship with colleagues will improve. The dream interpretation of the 21st century even promises a promotion.

But at the same time there is a danger that due to carelessness in a large company you will miss something extra, so watch yourself and your speech. Your mistake is surely someone of those present uses against you.

You buy toys — get ready to replenish. The more toys you buy, the more children or grandchildren will appear in your family in the coming years.

But the Dream Interpretation from A to Z predicts changes not in the family, but in the business sphere — it warns against new deals. They will not bring profit or even cover the costs.

Solid sell

You played with inflatable toys. Excessive stress, both physical and mental, led to a feeling of constant fatigue — you literally were blown away. Tablets are not the way out, they will not return the forces and will not lift the mood.

Urgently on vacation, fishing, in the woods for a walk at least for a day. Office, factory, garden perfectly live without you.

What dreams of children's toys: see what they say dream books

If someone is playing with toys, take a closer look at this person’s life. Perhaps you should not take him seriously and do not listen to his proposals.

A modern dream book explains that all your undertakings and dreams are hopeless, blown-up, like the toys that you dreamed. When you wake up, urgently change your dreams for new ones that will really bring you benefit and joy.

Oh, how I want to go back …

You dreamed of toys with which you played in childhood. First of all, it is nostalgia for the past times and the desire to feel like a child again.

At the same time, it is a sign that you have realized many of your childhood dreams. Favorite toy promises in reality a meeting with the best childhood friend or first kindergarten love.

Soft toy. Not always white and fluffy means good and desirable. The dreamed teddy bear warns of deception by a close friend.

But other animals predict pleasant events: a hare — a meeting with a good Samaritan, who will help you completely disinterested in a difficult moment, a shaggy (not a teddy) bear — a new kind and reliable friend, the dog also symbolizes a friend, but you still cannot rely on him percent, in a tense moment for you, out of curiosity, it can slander aside Fluffy and soft elephant-splushka promises to give you the opportunity to shine with intelligence and ingenuity somewhere at a scientific conference or friendly gatherings.

What dreams of children's toys: see what they say dream books

Dolls dream too gullible and short-sighted people. This means you did not see hypocrites, flatterers and opportunists among your friends.

Perhaps you are being manipulated and blindly used to achieve unseemly waking goals.

If you choose a doll from the mass of toys, the Dream Interpreter of Lofa calls you to soberly assess reality and rely only on yourself, not trusting your friends or colleagues to solve problems.


You yourself make a toy. If you make an unexpected discovery, and not necessarily a pleasant one.

In your life, with the same probability, a spouse’s lover, an illegitimate child, and a world-class scientific discovery may appear.

You have watched the children play, so you are a wonderful person and your family life will be happy and cloudless for a long time. You deserve the most kind attitude from people close to you, since you sincerely love them and never disregard them.

Don’t play my toys

If someone takes a toy from you, you will lose credibility with all your friends.

Broken toys are seen by people in whose lives a black stripe has come. Troubles will haunt you one by one, and you will not be able to interrupt their flow until the time comes.

An inflatable toy that blows away in front of you is a symbol of prolonged downtime in both business and personal life.

Playing and considering toys, you subconsciously want to return to childhood — at least in a dream. Relax, throw off the burden of care and responsibility.

Surely and in reality, you often take in hand the bright toys of children or grandchildren, ostensibly wanting to take a closer look at them, and in fact to twist, play and at least for a minute go back to the past.

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