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What dreams of children’s things for dream books

Why dreamed of children’s things: the correct interpretation

We refer to children’s clothes in a dream clothes, shoes, toys, baby care items, houses, slides, specialized furniture, and dishes. Mess in things means your lack of organization.

Frightening things of the most innocent look give out strong emotion, fear, disappointment. Objects of children’s life in pastel colors, surrounded by a soft haze — dreams of replenishing the family.

What dreams of children's things for dream books

What dreams of baby things

Children’s things in a dream can have several meanings. The main value — you want to return to a happy childhood to cars, dolls and fancy dresses.

In this case, you dream that you measure your children’s things, and they are just right. Perhaps you are just tired of being an adult and a responsible person. Bring your inner child on the carousel and the circus, feed them with ice cream, buy a kinder or chups.

From time to time, repeat the procedure. Do not buy yourself children’s toys — it will create a bad impression.

The second meaning of sleep, in which children’s things appear — you are so mature in your soul that you are ready to go through your childhood again, again, but already with your child, as a loving mother. This is a wonderful period, you can fill the gaps of your childhood, buy toys for your child that you dreamed about yourself, give as much attention and care as you wanted to receive from your parents.

Don’t get too carried away. There is a danger to pamper a child who will begin to demand perfection and an ideal from you in everything, and this is impossible.

Indulging all the whims, fulfillment of all the desires of the baby is very pleasant for parents, but strong returns are possible in adolescence, when desires and needs will greatly increase and parents will not be able to fulfill the fulfillment of any desires of a teenager to the maximum extent.

If you are happily married, baby things in a dream can be a sign of a quick and safe pregnancy. You are quite ripe for the conscious desire to have a child.

Do not make hasty decisions, everything should be thought out, especially in terms of material support.

Frightening children’s things in a dream can betray your fear of having a baby and even panic. Such dreams are not uncommon in men and in pregnant women.

You are too hard on yourself, calm excitement, lower the bar of expectations. Everything will be fine.

What dreams of children's things for dream books

Private values ​​of the dream

  • Feeding bottle for babies — you are driven out of the need to make decisions. I would like someone to feed you, take care of you.
  • Sandals, especially ragged ones, are a sign of a speedy happy journey.
  • Baby socks, especially fluffy ones, mean care that you have to take. It is also a sign of traps that you can recognize if you turn on your insight and ability to avoid difficult situations.
  • Children’s underwear, undershirts, panties, sliders — you desperately cling to children’s habits. A little more — and you want to fall to the floor and make noise, until you buy a new toy. Only this is no longer ice cream or chocolate, but a new model of a motorcycle or Lamborghini. Leave it in the past. It will not work. Do not harass parents and others with your exorbitant egoism.
  • Slide, swings, rides — you strongly lack bright children’s sensations and your heart is open. This is a good sign.
  • Books, textbooks, educational tools and games. Soon you will have to shine with intelligence in a difficult company. You will have to make every effort to gain the trust and favor of people. Begin to train in intellectual games right now, so as not to blunder in reality.
  • Baby dress, especially if you measure it and it is new — a good sign. A shabby, old, ragged and dirty dress can mean trouble and cancellation of some plans.
  • For those who are passionate about work and career, children’s clothes and so on do not necessarily mean a child. it may be a major and important project for you personally, with which you associate your future.
  • Empty baby bed — false fears and disappointments.
  • Soother soother — a pleasant acquaintance.
  • The baby pot is empty chores.
  • Caps, hats see, sew knit — a very favorable sign for the whole family. Use favorable time to build relationships.
  • Blanket, children’s underwear means a pleasant meeting with relatives and grown children.

What dreams of children's things for dream books

What do children’s things mean by dream book

  • The female dream book assures that if you could consider the color of the clothes, you will be able to guess the sex of the unborn child. Pink and red tones are peculiar to girls, blue and blue — to boys. It is curious that just a couple of centuries ago, these values ​​were the exact opposite. Gentle blue and lilac was intended for girls, and bright red — for boys. So do not particularly trust dreams in this matter.
  • The dream book of the Wanderer says that to see children’s things in a dream is to be ready for care and parental love, which you need not only to receive, but also to give. There is a danger that you will spend your unspent tenderness on your partner and finally spoil and spoil him.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation treats toys and cars as unspoken and unfulfilled desires. A toy machine means that you have a dream, but you do absolutely nothing to promote it. Or you have low self-esteem and you are not accustomed to consider your desires as important enough and worthy of attention.
  • Bicycle means permanent shelving of your desires. You slow down at the last moment.


Seeing children’s things is basically an auspicious sign. Maybe you want to go back to childhood. Maybe soon you will become parents.

Both are good. Do not be afraid of panic dreams and fears that arise from self-doubt.

Everything will be alright.

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