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What dreams of chickens: interpretation by dream books

Mysteries of dream books: why do chickens dream of a man or a woman

Most dream books interpret the dream of chickens as a symbol of family comfort, care for children, creating comfort in their own home. Such a plot predicts making a profit in a large amount or acquaintance with an interesting person. A decayed hen may bring unexpected relatives to come.

How successful the meeting will be depends on the poultry plumage. If the chickens were black, the likelihood of scandal and finding out the relationship between family people is not excluded.

If it was possible to feed the birds or hear their joyful clucking, the dream foreshadows the dreamer gaining a good reputation among colleagues and in society.

The dreamed living chickens are a symbol of family well-being and success in many areas of life. For lonely people, this story foreshadows familiarity with an interesting personality.

To clarify the value of sleep will help the appearance of the chicken:

The appearance of the bird

Interpretation of sleep

Sleep is beneficial for both women and men. Dreamed white chickens foreshadow a wedding.

If a dream comes to a married people, the marriage ceremony will take place in children or friends. To dream a white dead bird — to a successful solution of difficulties and problems

Much to the scandal and clarify the relationship with his second half

  • For an unmarried girl the dream symbolizes love and a quick marriage. Watching a bird with chickens — soon start a family in your own home. To see a rooster among red chickens is a sign that the dreamer may not be the only one with her young man: the boy has not yet made the final choice.
  • Married woman similar plot promises replenishment in the family and the birth of a girl
  • The dream warns that problems with the house, an economy or close people are possible soon.
  • Another interpretation warns the dreamer that he will have to sacrifice his plans for another person. This act will be appreciated.
  • See how a black chicken runs around the yard and cackles — to the worries and troubles associated with the arrival of unexpected guests and the organization of a meeting with these people.
  • Dreamed of a dead black bird — you need to pay attention to the health of loved ones

Warning symbol: be careful with the fire. It is necessary to check the condition of the electrical wiring in order to exclude the possibility of accidents due to fire.

With colorful plumage

  • Sleep characterizes the dreamer as a selfish person who is fixated on his own person.
  • A similar plot also speaks of gossip that familiar people dissolve behind the sleeper. Do not tell anyone about your plans and intentions.

Big and beautiful chicken is a symbol of family happiness

Sleep promises household chores

The dream says that the dreamer is a greedy and petty person who is ready to do anything for the sake of his own enrichment.

A dream promises a long journey in which the dreamer expects minor troubles

  • The dreamed chicken hen promises deliverance from old problems and anxieties that have not been allowed to live in peace for a long time. Soon there will come a period of calm and measured life. At the same time, it is necessary to be more restrained in communicating with its second half — otherwise, the likelihood of a break in relations is not excluded.
  • If you are dreaming of a fresh chicken carcass, it means that the dreamer is a great optimist and is able to find positive moments where others will sit on their hands.
  • To dream of a bird dying and making sounds is a negative sign, foreshadowing tears and grieves for any reason.
FrozenAn unfavorable sign that foreshadows the dreamer development of a hidden inflammatory processFriedTo achieve the goalBoiledUnexpected obstacles may arise on the way to the realization of the planned event.

What dreams of chickens: interpretation by dream books

If a hen that lays eggs is dreamed, this is a positive sign. He talks about family well-being and prosperity, which the dreamer can get in different ways.

Lonely girl dream foreshadows familiarity with a worthy young man, the guy — the improvement of material well-being.

Seeing the eggs that the hen just laid is a big profit or inheritance, winning the lottery. The girl a similar plot foreshadows the approaching pregnancy.

  • Find chicken eggs — to wealth and a happy matrimony, to collect them — to receive good news or large-scale profits.
  • See the chicken laying golden eggs — to an unpleasant situation at work.
  • See the bird carry the egg and immediately incubate it — a sign of successful implementation of the planned event.
  • If the hen does not fit the egg, This is a negative sign. He says that in the inner circle of the dreamer there are ill-wishers who spread rumors that could harm the reputation of a sleeping person.

Watching the egg-laying process itself — fortunately and luck in love affairs.

What dreams of chickens: interpretation by dream books

  • To see the chicken with the chickens — to the early addition in the family.
  • If the bird does not pay attention to the chicks at all, the dream foreshadows the illness of one of the relatives.
  • See the commotion in the chicken coop, after which the chicken began to protect the chickens — to the invitation to a noisy and fun celebration.
  • If the hen and the chicks have dreamed of a person who is engaged in business, the plot promises success in business and the promotion of personal business.
  • To the one who is married, the dream gives a hint: you need to think about the amount of time the dreamer devotes to his family.
  • To see a similar plot on the eve of an important event is a sign of small problems that will have to be encountered. Before you take any step, you need to carefully consider it.
  • If the chicken pecks at the chickens, this may foreshadow a breakdown of a relationship with a loved one or even a divorce. It is necessary to devote more time to the second half to avoid this in real life.

What dreams of chickens: interpretation by dream books

If a sleeping man dreamed of a lot of hens, quietly grazing in the yard, the plot promises well-being, profits and wealth in the house. The dreamer will not need to worry about anything.

However, to succeed, you have to work hard.

Seeing the chickens fighting among themselves and making a big commotion is an auspicious sign foreshadowing a triumph in the dreamer’s house. On the holiday will come distant relatives who will bring a lot of trouble to the person.

To see a lot of chickens with chickens — by the arrival of uninvited guests to the house of the sleeper. A similar story promises a married woman the onset of trouble, which will end as unexpectedly as it appeared.

If the dream was that the hens were pecking at the grain — to the improvement of the dreamer’s material well-being. If the birds pecked a whole bed of harvest — more attention should be paid to their children.

  • To see in a dream, like a rooster chasing the birds, — to a quarrel and disorder in family life through the fault of a man. In addition, a similar story talks about intrigues behind a sleeping person. If the chicken ran after the rooster, the scandal will be provoked by the dreamer.
  • If you dreamed of a saucepan in which there was an unshackled rooster — to receive an unpleasant gift.
  • Catching a rooster is a difficult task that the dreamer will not be able to handle.
  • To see a rooster caring for several birds at once is a sign of infidelity and adultery.
  • Watching a rooster trample on a chicken is an auspicious symbol that foreshadows a new romantic acquaintance.
  • Pulling out feathers from the tail of a rooster — to great trouble.
  • Watch the cockfight fight — to the appearance of enemies in the inner circle of the dreamer.

It is important to pay attention to the behavior and appearance. rooster:

  • Feasty — to quarrel with an old friend.
  • Lame — to the appearance of a loyal friend.
  • Singing — to receive unexpected news from afar.
  • Golden — to great happiness.
  • Red — a sign of possible trouble from the fire.

The interpretation of sleep depends on the sex and marital status of the sleeper:

  • Chicken dream of a woman who dreams of having children — a positive sign that says her wish will come true soon.
  • Pregnant dreamed one chicken — to the birth of a girl.
  • Birds have dreameda man — to have a good time with old buddies, family members or relatives.
  • The man dreamed cackling chicken — sleep promises trouble and care in the family, a quarrel with a friend or the arrival of unexpected guests.

Chicken with chickens dreamed on the eve of the marriage ceremony — young people will have a happy and relaxed family life and many children.

Accurate interpretation of sleep is impossible without taking into account what actions the dreamer performed with the hen:


Meaning of dream

  • Dream foreshadows big losses.
  • If a similar plot dreamed of a young man in love, he can count on the fact that his feelings are mutual. The guy will be able to achieve the location of the girl he liked.
  • A dream to a pregnant woman speaks of the prosperous birth of a girl.
  • If a man dreams of such a dream, unexpected obstacles in affairs and troubles await him, the cause of which will be his conflicting nature.

A dream says that the dreamer regrets his deed in the past

Buying live chickens is a sign that the dreamer is the blacksmith of his happiness, chicken legs dream of big material losses.

Auspicious symbol foreshadowing success in all endeavors

Soon the dreamer will have to do a lot of work, but he will be pleased with the result of his work

  • The dreamer will take a decisive step that will radically change his life.
  • To slaughter a poultry that prevented sleep at night is an unfavorable symbol. He characterizes the dreamer as an extremely cunning person. A person may soon suffer because of this.

The dreamer will succeed in taking the place of his superior. To see a chicken head cut off — to receive important news

To great financial losses

To perform hard work that will be an important experience, but will not bring either moral or material satisfaction

To fry, simmer, bake chicken meat — to great household chores and concerns. Catch a large bird, pluck it, and then prepare the dish — auspicious symbol. He says that the dreamer will be able to achieve the goal and get the expected profit

To eat chicken — to an unexpected gift

The dream says that the dreamer will meet a decent person who will become his reliable friend

To clarify the relationship with a neighbor or unexpected news about the illness of someone from friends

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