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What dreams of chasing the dream-books of Prozorov, Lofa, Medea

What does chasing in a dream mean — interpretations of different endings

If in a dream someone was chasing you, in the morning you probably didn’t have the most pleasant emotions. However, one should not be afraid of the future and dwell on the negative key of this dream — there are many interpretations of it, many of which foreshadow favorable events.

To understand what the chase dreams about, open the dream book and compare with it the details of the picture seen the day before.

General interpretation

If you dream that a person is chasing you, but he remains behind — this is a favorable omen: it portends a good financial solution that will avoid unnecessary expenses.

Night vision, in which the dreamer watched the chase from the side, without interfering in it, speaks of the desire to change some situation in real life. It is necessary to connect creative thinking and try to look at the situation from a different angle.

What dreams of chasing the dream-books of Prozorov, Lofa, Medea

If the pursuit in a dream was carried out by a large group of people, and the sleeping person had to flee from the crowd, this dream symbolizes the fear of responsibility in reality. Perhaps concerns are related to work or other business activities.

It is worth becoming more self-confident, as the fear of failure can hinder the achievement of high goals.

A dream in which a woman sees her husband or partner in a romantic relationship chasing her is a rather vivid symbol. Nayawa she hides something, feels a desire to hide from some negative emotion or situation, but continues to keep everything to herself.

If you continue to keep back — omission may have a negative impact on the relationship. It is necessary to show more sincerity and be frank.

If the dreamer himself is chasing someone — in reality his dreams and plans are too far from reality, remind castles in the air. It is necessary to remove the rose-colored glasses and look at things soberly so as not to be disappointed by the failure in the obviously impracticable project.

Who was chasing the dreamer

There are dreams in which the persecution is not carried out by an ordinary person. For such dreams, their own interpretations are also provided that can help predict the future.

What dreams of chasing the dream-books of Prozorov, Lofa, Medea

  • Night vision, in which a sleeping person seeks to break away from the car, symbolizes the mystery in real life, which is carefully hidden from someone. It may be worth stopping to run away from problems and bravely overcome the challenge.
  • If some other transport is after the dreamer, the dream personifies the dreamer’s isolation, the inability to open up and be frank, loneliness and fear of people. It is worth reconsidering your attitude to interacting with others.
  • A dream in which a sleeping person runs away from the police is an unfavorable symbol. On the one hand, he can personify the secrets, and on the other — it can directly foreshadow problems with the law.
  • A dream in which a person runs away from any beast symbolizes the fear of problems and the eternal desire to hide from them. Take courage and solve the accumulated issues in order not to get into an unpleasant situation.

Dream interpretation of Simeon Prozorov

If you believe the interpretation given by this dream book, the chase in the night vision, if it is carried out by the dreamer, foreshadows travel, turns of fate, receiving sudden profits. If they were chasing a sleeping person, this is an unfavorable foreshadowing, which portends the loss of any property.

What dreams of chasing the dream-books of Prozorov, Lofa, Medea

Dream loft

If in the night vision someone was chasing your acquaintances, in real life this person really faces danger, and you want to help him out, pointing out the right decision and show the optimal way out of the current situation.

Dream Medea

If a sleeping person is being pursued in night vision, a dream personifies an internal conflict in real life. Perhaps a person is disappointed by his own aggression, grumbling and anger.

The dreamer tries to suppress these qualities — not always successfully.

In the same case, when the dreamer himself is chasing someone, the dream foreshadows the completion of difficult work, which will be crowned with success. It is necessary to be patient and consistently deal with the difficulties encountered in your way.

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