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What dreams of cats: interpretation of the dream

What cats dream about: interpretation of famous dream books

By many professional dream-ers, a cat that came in a dream is treated as an unfavorable symbol. It can be compared with the personality of the sleeper and the people around him.

The cats most often personify the dreamer’s enemies.

It is recommended to interpret such a symbol in a dream only if in reality nothing foreshadowed its appearance. If the sleeper has a cat or a cat and he has devoted the whole day to his beloved animal, then it is not surprising that the pet came in a dream.

All sorts of experiences about the health and condition of the cat are meaningless.

For an accurate interpretation of night dreams, the dreamer will have to remember as many details as possible in his dream. Of great importance is the color of coat, condition, action, the number of animals seen.

The day of the week the cat dreamed was also important.

Whatever the interpretation of sleep, special attention should be paid to the emotions that slept felt: was he scared, angry, or happy and having fun. This will affect the interpretation of the plot.

What dreams of cats: interpretation of the dream

In the interpretation of a dream, an important nuance is the appearance and other characteristics of the animal:

Appearance, conditionInterpretation
WhitePossible unpleasant situation that initially seemed innocent
BlackSoon fortune will turn away from the sleeper for a long time.
Red, stripedThis is a sign of lies and falsehood — the sleeper should look at his surroundings.
GrayThe symbol of fatigue and pessimism means that the sleeper should take a break and rest, gain strength and patience
UnusualThe dreamer has too high self-esteem. Need to analyze your actions and thoughts.
TalkingIt is worth trying to remember what exactly the cat said. This will be the key to solving complex problems.
Dirty, homeless, blindIt’s time to find out the relationship with your enemies.
Sick, woundedA serious illness awaits a close friend. In a different interpretation — someone from close people needs warmth and care.
DeadTo see a recently hit a cat on the road — to serious monetary losses
DeadThe plot foreshadows the disappearance of detractors from the life of the dreamer.
FleaNajava soon the dreamer expects a feast in a noisy merry company
Kind, beautifulIn the near future we should expect important good news.
Evil, aggressiveThe sleep symbolizes the sleeper’s struggle for happiness and the material support of his family.
PregnantThe plot predicts the birth of new ideas, successful initiatives

What dreams of cats: interpretation of the dream

According to the general rule, a cat seen in a dream personifies all the enemies of the dreamer. These are the insidious people who are ready at any moment to seriously substitute the sleeper and knock him out of a rut.

Sleep is a prediction of a possible future, which can also be changed if enough effort is made.

The number of cats in a dream does not symbolize the number of real enemies, but the scale of evil that can come from even one person. The more cats seen, the more serious the problems to be expected.

According to the Modern Dream Book, the number of animals symbolizes the life sphere to which attention should be paid:

  1. one. One cat warns about problems in his personal life. This is the possible appearance of rivals or rivals, or simply foes.
  2. 2 Two cats personify the family hearth and home. Because, how they behaved with each other (aggressively or, on the contrary, they barked), and the family well-being of the sleeper depends.
  3. 3 Threecats symbolize friends or professional field. The interpretation of sleep depends on their behavior. Thus, the animals lying in the arms of a sleeper predict that in reality he will have to assume other people’s duties and responsibility for a serious business. Cats running away in different directions warn the sleeper against possible troubles. Business partners will seriously substitute him in a profitable business.

What dreams of cats: interpretation of the dream

To interpret a dream in which kittens are born to a domestic cat, it is important to recall the emotions experienced at the time of their birth:

  1. one. Disgust foreshadows trouble. Sleeping in real life has achieved a lot and continues to improve, which does not like his enemies. Soon they will decide to substitute him, and if the dreamer does not take any action, they will succeed.
  2. 2 Pleasant sensations and desire to take kittens in hands herald a positive change in business. In addition, in the family of the sleeper, replenishment is possible soon.

If a person picked up newborn kittens, then such a dream promises him an improvement in the financial situation.

To see that the cat gave birth to kittens is easy, — to the solution of minor urgent problems.

Interpret a dream can be according to the actions of the animal:

AsleepMan waiting for minor troubles and troubles
WashesIt is worth to put things in order
Catches miceThe plot foreshadows a big profit.
PurrsA dream predicts that in reality the sleeper will act out in an evil way.
Scratches, bites, attacksThis is the personification of the enemies who conceived something unkind.
MechauchetSoon the dreamer will be asked for help or with a request that will be difficult for him to do. To hear a cat’s howl in a dream and not to see the animal itself — to the troubles associated with the help of friends
Scratching, climbing into the houseA sleeper can avoid any troubles or reduce their consequences to a minimum, if they show natural wisdom. However, if the cat came into the house, then the troubles will begin soon
Run away from homeA cat leaving home personifies victory over a serious rival or rival
Plays around, climbs on handsA person is soon waiting for minor troubles that will pass quickly and will not leave negative consequences behind.
Running aroundThe plot heralds the emergence in the life of sleeping insincere people, liars
Is playingThere may be trouble in the dreamer’s personal life.
Drinks, eatsA person is waiting for a big profit, easy money

If the cat is dead, sleep means the dream of the dreamer over his worst enemies.

You can interpret the dream and the actions of the dreamer:

IroningPerhaps the emergence of a rival or frivolous woman who inadvertently harm the sleeper.
FeedA dream foreshadows a large number of minutes spent alone with a loved one
BatheThe plot tells about the appearance in the life of a bothersome man in love, who by his actions will soon start to bother the sleeping
SaveSleep indicates that the dreamer has communicative skills and abilities of the leader. He should prove himself
To killIt is possible to break with a person with whom relations have long ceased to bring pleasure.
To giveIf a cat is presented, then a dreamer in reality will experience a strong sexual attraction to a person of the opposite sex. If the dreamer gives someone a cat, then in real life he will have to work hard to get what he wants
Drive offA sick close person will recover soon. The plot in which you have to drive the cat out of the house, foreshadows the woman getting rid of rivals
To loseA person can be affected by someone’s negative influence.
Call forLosses in personal life due to excessive levity
To runRunning after the cat is a bad sign, meaning that luck will soon turn away from the sleeping
ChaseA person will miss the opportunity to change his life for the better.
To catchNaive the dreamer will be able to determine who is gossiping about him

For people of different gender and age, the symbol of a cat or a cat, which came in a dream, can be interpreted differently:

  1. one. Unmarried girl. Hold the cat in your hands — to scams, in which the dreamer can draw ill-wishers. To a girl in a relationship, such a dream may indicate that her new chosen one is dishonest with her.
  2. 2 Married woman. The cat warns of a possible rival or lady who is categorically against her union. This may be his or her mother, friend or close relative.
  3. 3 A young man. Such a dream foreshadows the appearance in his life of a woman, once influential, who will now completely depend only on him. Perhaps the appearance of the girl, strongly in love with him, with serious intentions.
  4. four. Children. This dream comes as a warning that in the near future you need to be more careful and attentive.

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