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What dreams of catfish in the dream of Miller, Freud, Aesop

Som in a dream — the prediction of famous popular dream books

The largest inhabitant of rivers and reservoirs is catfish. Such fish causes both surprise and horror, striking with its size and huge, predatory mouth.

Why dream catfish, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

Som is a freshwater representative of the water element. As a common sign of any fish personifies abundance, wealth, harmony, well-being.

Such a symbol can reflect the active sexual onset of a man, his patience, restraint and silence. In women, he illuminates fertility, wisdom, ingenuity, hospitality, thrift.

The aquatic habitat of the predator is associated with fertility, wealth, motherhood and childbirth.

What dreams of catfish in the dream of Miller, Freud, Aesop

By itself, catfish can mean the support of the earth, the family and all that exists. In dreams, it is a precursor to the appearance of a person who will assume the role of leader.

He will boldly undertake obligations and responsibility for others, patronizing and guiding to a better life. This ideological inspirer is able to instill confidence in himself, make him believe in his own strength and endless possibilities.

I was seen to become a freshwater predator in a dream — in reality, they would highly appreciate your poise, calmness, endurance, courage, and impeccable health. In addition, the dreamer can have sexual power and conceive healthy offspring.

But there is a negative interpretation of such a plot. In some interpretations, catfish may reflect stinginess, paucity, coldness, and indifference.

Close relatives will think that the dreamer lacks temperament and a sense of emotional attachment.

What else to expect from a catfish in a dream:

  • clean and pull off the guts — preparing for trials on the path to happiness;
  • buy rotten — to be afraid of deception and fraud;
  • eat raw — suffer losses and unexpected expenses;
  • touch the living — to sincere love and reciprocity;
  • salt the caught prey — comprehend the heartache and suffering;
  • choking on bones — trusting a loved one who will greatly disappoint with his betrayal and lies;
  • the girl to catch is to charm with her femininity and attractiveness a worthy representative of the opposite sex.

What dreams of catfish in the dream of Miller, Freud, Aesop

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Soma, as well as other large fish interpreter personifies with the phallus. The larger the predatory fish, the more active the dreamer’s sexual life.

Dead dweller rivers are associated with impotence, impotence or frigidity.

The lack of intimate relationships predicts a dream, where you dreamed of sitting on the beach for a long time with a fishing rod and debilitating back pain. A vision usually comes to those who have an irregular working day, fully devoting themselves to working days, forgetting about youth, their sexuality and attractiveness.

And now the best period for the implementation of their childbearing functions and the conception of the future heir.

A woman to catch a large catfish with her hands is to become pregnant in reality. The appearance of the fish, its size will indicate the activity of the baby and the health of mommy.

A man fishing, but not to catch anything is a sign of your insecurity and fear of your first sexual experience. Such a vision may herald to a mature person loneliness due to the lack of interest of the opposite sex. Perhaps your behavior suggests the girls the idea that you have nothing to offer.

You do not show due attention to young persons, do not express sympathy and desire for intimacy.

Watching a huge predator, as he deftly catches a small fish — a symbol of masculinity, maturity, dissatisfaction. Dreamer is not difficult to seduce the one that causes erotic fantasies.

What dreams of catfish in the dream of Miller, Freud, Aesop

Gustov Miller

I dreamed of a big fish silhouette in fresh water — in a short time to feel benevolent changes. Dead catfish — a sign of loss, trouble and problems. To see the fish on the shore open its mouth, choking — to experience financial hunger.

There will be big expenses that will finally ruin you.

Revenues will greatly exceed your real earnings. The situation will be aggravated by creditors, reminding in time of the repayment of debt. In order not to end up in the debt trap, you should take care of the reserve fund in advance.

The more you can postpone, the easier it is to endure a financial crisis.

A big catfish hit the tail in the water in a woman’s dream — it is a sign of harmony and family happiness. It was possible to catch without a fishing rod and tackle — a sign that in real life you take too much upon yourself.

Not coping with current responsibilities, you will find yourself in a very difficult situation. The burden of responsibility will not allow you to relax, taking away your last strength.

To avoid exhaustion, depression will help close relatives.

Watching someone trying to catch a catfish means learning from the mistakes of others without repeating negative experiences. Young individuals such a scenario reflects a futile search for oligarchs for future marriage.

Do not wait for a successful combination of circumstances for a happy acquaintance. This tale is not for purposeful, courageous girls who strive for independence, stability and prosperity.

Find another way for self-realization.

To flop in fishing means that your desires do not come true. It is worth thinking about more realistic plans, prioritize and act.

The catfish lying motionless on the bottom of the lake reflects the real state of affairs. There are no changes in your life, because you simply do not want them.

You do not have enough dynamics, activity, drive.

In order for a person to have the desire to live interestingly, receiving new impressions from each day, you need to define your goal, purpose, identify abilities and talents for something. New travel and acquaintances will help you recharge your mind with positive energy and optimism.

Catching big fish is a good sign. Positive changes in work are coming, but only if you don’t talk too much about your successes, plans, ideas and incomes.

There may be a lot of envious people who will try to take away your fame and material wealth.

There is a jellied fish that they themselves caught — a symbol of what you had to bring the work started to its logical conclusion. After a series of obstacles and obstacles you will find a decent reward.

It’s time to relax and have fun.

They let the small fish into the river in a dream — in reality abandon empty forays, senseless desires and unrealizable plans.

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