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What dreams of candy for dream books Miller, Freud

Dreams of Candy: Features of Interpretation by Dreams

What dreams of candy. For this you need to read the dream book. Candy personifies childhood, joy and life in prosperity.

They are presented as a gift at all festive events. It is impossible to imagine a birthday, anniversary or other memorable dates without candy.

This is not just a treat. Candy give and just to express a good attitude to the person and to give pleasure.

General interpretation of sleep

Night visions of candy foreshadow mostly positive news. They report well-being, good meetings and dating, joy. Unfavorable explanations are related to the taste of candy, if you feel it in a dream.

For an accurate interpretation of sleep, you need to get acquainted with them in the proposed sources.

Interpretation of various dream books

What dreams of candy for dream books Miller, Freud

Dream astromeridian

  • Chocolates — great mood, creative enthusiasm, joint activities with serious employees.
  • Received them as a gift — to unfulfilled desires.
  • Candy was unpleasant to taste — to stomach disease, sad mood.

Female dream book (explanations only for female)

  • Receive as a presentation of packaging sweets promises well-being, luck.
  • Give yourself — your offer will be rejected.
  • Enjoyed the crispy candy — to a romantic relationship, pleasure.
  • To taste, it looked like something sour — to poor health, discontent, resentment.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

  • Seeing them is wellbeing, wealth.
  • Dreamed Montanse — to surprise from loved ones.

The treatment of the witch Medea

  • Candy personifies serenity and fun.
  • To see them — to expectation, to eat — to material well-being.

Explanation of the psychologist G. Miller

  • Making them yourself is the growth of your well-being at the expense of your diligence and perseverance.
  • Sour candy — to a possible disease.
  • The guy to receive as a gift box of chocolates predicts fake stubborn demands.

Dream interpretation of the Wanderer (T. Smirnova)

They dream to pleasure, well-being.

French dream book

See them — beware of lies, pretense.

Big Dream

Lollipops — to insult your loved one. Chocolate broadcasts of unexpected income.

Culinary dream book

  • To eat them — intimate life will give you pleasure.
  • Got them as a gift — fun days are waiting for you soon.

Love Dream

Gave them to someone. Marriage will not be happy for you.

You will be completely disappointed in family life and in your husband.

Bible dream book azar

Seeing — promises you guests.

Interpretation of the Hasse Medium

To receive them — to visit a festive feast, to eat — to a romantic relationship.

What dreams of candy for dream books Miller, Freud

Interpretation of dreams from the Dream Feng Shui

What it means to feast on them and give in a dream.

  • There are them — fortune on your side. Feel free to start any business. Complete them successfully.
  • Women in marriage — as a guest will attend the wedding.
  • For free girls, this foreshadows marriage, a wealthy groom, a happy married life.
  • Sick people are the harbinger of a long illness.
  • Give them — to success at work, career growth, salary increase.

Interpretation of dreams from the astrological dream book

Such night visions to enjoyable events, well-being.

Explanation of the psychologist S. Freud

Candy and their purchase — a warning about carelessness in intimate relationships. You do not think about their consequences.

They may have disastrous results.

Dreams of Dmitriy and Nadezhda Zima

  • See them — to the small joys.
  • To eat is a warning about your fatigue. Take time to relax. He is so necessary for you now.
  • To find candy in your pocket — to pleasant events, fun.
  • A box of chocolates is dreaming to a feast.
  • A candy from candy — your expectations are not met, to the discontent.

Jewish dream book

Seeing them promises to meet guests.

East female dream book

  • Help yourself to candy — to a wonderful pastime in a short time.
  • Sour candy — predict illness, irritation, discontent.
  • Received them as a gift — to a prosperous life, prosperity.

Newest dream book G. Ivanova

Seeing them foreshadows deliverance from disease, long life.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

  • A girl to see them is a romantic meeting with a young man who will eventually offer you a hand and a heart.
  • Receive a gift box of expensive chocolates — you will be invited to a festive event.
  • You made such a gift yourself — your declaration of love will not find reciprocity.
  • Buying them is a waste of money.
  • To eat — a sign with a positive color. Foreshadows success at work, carefree life, fun.
  • There are mints — to discontent, annoyance.
  • Sweet — to income, sour — to the disease, nervousness.
  • Caramel — to mutual understanding, candy — a betrayal of imaginary friends.
  • Chocolate — you get off with people who have been looking for. All obstacles behind, your undertakings will go up the hill.


To see — to slander from a loved one, hurt and feelings.

What dreams of candy for dream books Miller, Freud

Interpretation of dreams from the dream Rommel

  1. See them — wait for the guests.
  2. To eat — to pleasant intimate meetings.
  3. Buy — disappointed in someone.
  4. Treat — loss of faith.
  5. Received as a gift — to the well-being and pleasure in sexual relations.

Interpretations from other sources

  1. Receive a gift in the form of a package of expensive sweets promises presence at the festive evening.
  2. Give the most such — in love, you confess first. Unfortunately, reciprocity will not wait.
  3. To eat them in a dream — to well-being in the house and happy love relationships.
  4. Caramel use — you are probably in love.
  5. Seeing them in a shop window speaks of your sentimental character.

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