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What dreams of candles: interpretation of the dream

What dreams of candles: interpretation of various dream books

According to the dream books, candles personify the spiritual qualities possessed by the dreamer. This image in night vision can have both positive and negative meaning.

The scenes in which the candle goes out or the dreamer specifically extinguishes the candles are considered unfavorable.

In order to unravel the secret meaning of the dream in which this object appears, one should carefully consider the details: the color and size, the number of candles, where they were located, what the dreamer did and what emotions he experienced. We need to remember what a candlestick or a candelabrum looked like if there were many candles.

Common interpretations of dreams about candles in various dream books:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
MillerBy a happy coincidence. Dreamer will be at the right time in the right place.
FreudSleeping woman will get maximum pleasure from intimate relationships with a partner
WangiThis is a good sign, foreshadowing a quiet life and harmony with the outside world.
NostradamusIt is a symbol of deep faith, decency and bright thoughts.
HasseSleeping woman will soon receive an invitation to a grand party
TsvetkovaGood luck will accompany the case, which the dream dreamer seemed hopeless
AmericanIt is a symbol of rebirth, self-development and the knowledge of truth.
EnglishDreamer will spend time with benefits
FemalePerhaps a romantic trip, a proposal for marriage, happiness in family life
ItalianThe dreamer has a terrible fear in the face of death and is afraid that her life will suddenly end
LunarIt is a symbol of affection.
VelesovSleep is interpreted as a sign of success, well-being and love
NewestThe dreamer has the gift of healing, but she is not even aware of her hidden abilities.
FamilyMeeting with old acquaintances, childhood friends
ModernThe dreamer is devout and religious, lives according to the laws of God and often attends church
AzaraUnveiling the hidden secret

What dreams of candles: interpretation of the dream

The color of the burning candles that you have seen in a dream is important for the ultimate interpretation of the dream:

  1. one. Red — a woman will soon meet true love.
  2. 2 Pink — bright dreams will soon become a reality.
  3. 3 Yellow — to a pleasant pastime and unbridled fun.
  4. four. Black — a big tragedy will happen soon. This may be the loss of a loved one or the rupture of love relationships.
  5. five. Green — to a significant improvement in the financial situation of a sleeping woman.
  6. 6 Whites — symbol of purity and purity.

Dreamed big lighted candles — the dreamer will pay a lot of attention to her spiritual development. To see small wax — to minor changes and small everyday joys.

I dreamed of one candle that illuminates the room — the planned meeting will not take place for certain reasons. See two candles — for the good news. A lot of burning candles — to joyful times.

After such a dream, the fulfillment of a secret desire is possible.

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