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What dreams of buying shoes for dream books Miller, Freud

Dreamed of buying shoes — interpretation of the dream

In a dream, we often perform some familiar, everyday actions, but in a dream they have a special, symbolic meaning. For example, why dream of buying shoes?

Dream interpretation claims that the acquisition of new sandals or shoes occurs in a dream is not just that: your subconscious with the help of this image signals you about a certain state of your consciousness.

In general, buying shoes is a good sign. Such a dream speaks of expanding your opportunities, of moving towards a goal.

Indeed, shoes are a symbol of movement! In addition, here we can talk about pleasant impressions, because any shopping has a rather positive meaning.

It can be considered both as pleasure, and as strengthening of material security. But, as for any character from a dream, options are possible here.

What dreams of buying shoes for dream books Miller, Freud

Who is the buyer?

If the active actor is you, and you are going to buy shoes in a dream, then in the future you can expect a trip, a journey or pleasant changes in your personal life.

If you see from the side how some of your acquaintances are engaged in purchasing a pair of shoes, then it informs you that there will most likely be changes in the life of this person: he will change jobs or move to another place.

What dreams of buying shoes for dream books Miller, Freud

For whom new thing?

You can choose shoes not for yourself. Dream specialists explain that if a wife dreams about how her husband chooses shoes, in life she takes on too much, including men’s duties, and often gives advice to her husband, which is completely superfluous.

If a similar dream is about acquiring shoes for an adult son, then the dream warns: it’s time to give your son independence, no need to do all his business for him.

A dream in which the wife stores up for her spouse with a whole collection of shoes can say that your quiet family life is under threat — there is someone on the husband’s side. A rare dream in which an unmarried girl picks up for his beloved festive men’s shoes, reports about the imminent wedding.

If you choose shoes for a person unknown to you in reality, the dream warns you about unreasonable spending and possible financial and other problems. It is possible that your life, your reputation or financial condition will be completely dependent on other people.

Other points of view

There are other interpretations of the dream about purchasing shoes: for example, in the Jewish dream book it is stated that such a dream symbolizes a fussy, confused life. You are not focused on the main thing, do not aspire to the goal, but simply spend your life on running around.

Many experts believe that shoes (whether beautiful or worn out) dream primarily of traveling. In some sources it is stated that such a dream warns of the need for choice. There is also an opinion that new shoes — to the new road, to new opportunities.

There is a chance that you will change jobs, find new ways to realize yourself. A dream says: it’s time to act!

You are fully prepared for change.

Miller’s interpretation

A well-known specialist in dreams believed that the importance of sleep about purchasing shoes is highly dependent on the appearance of the shoes and the emotions that you experience in a dream. For example, if you are happy to measure and buy a very beautiful pair, then this is a wonderful sign — you are waiting for joy, success, recognition.

If the shoes look strange, you don’t like it, but for some reason you still make a purchase, then this may speak about certain events in your life that will not please you — perhaps you are expected to have problems in the professional or personal sphere.

If you get old, worn-out shoes, then in life you can wait for serious trouble.

The color of the shoe also matters if you remember it. For example, light beautiful shoes talk about high self-esteem and noticeable attention from people of the opposite sex.

What dreams of buying shoes for dream books Miller, Freud

Opinion Sigmund Freud

As always, Freud’s attention is focused mainly on sex life. From his point of view, shoes talk about the sexual energy of a person.

If you are happy with new clothes, it means that you are completely satisfied with your family life, your relationship with your husband (wife) at the height. If something is wrong with a shoe, it presses you or does not like something, then it is a question that sex does not bring the joy you dream of.

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