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What dreams of buying and choosing a house: dream, interpretation of sleep

Why dream of choosing and buying a house for a woman and a man?

Buying a home in a dream, like a reality, can bring a lot of trouble to a person. In order to properly decipher a dream about the acquisition of real estate, it is necessary to recall the plot and details: how the house looked, what color and size it was, where it was, who bought it. For the interpretation of a dream, the actions of the dreamer, his emotions and other circumstances are also important.

In general, the sale of an apartment or house in a dream is considered a negative sign.

The interpretation of the dream of buying a house by various dream books is presented in the table:

Dream interpretationTreatment
PsychoanalyticSuch a dream reflects real memories, associations associated with the house you see.
MedeaSoon life will change, but the dreamer will not be happy about the coming changes.
HasseTo the problems and difficulties of a financial nature
SolomonThe dream of acquiring real estate foreshadows profit, general recognition and valuable purchases in real life
ChineseTo wealth
FreudHome purchase symbolizes interpersonal relationships.
MillerTo long-term travel and receiving important news
EnglishSuch a dream portends a speedy move to a new place of residence. This may be a rental apartment or the purchase of their own homes.
OrientalTo favorable changes in personal life
Dmitry and Nadezhda ZimaCause the dreamer will soon go well
Denise LynnThe view of the house reflects the state of the soul of the sleeper.
EgyptianSleep predicts illness and internal impotence
ImperialTo the new life stage
Small VelesovA sleeping person will soon set off on a long journey full of dangers and unexpected events.
UkrainianExtremely Negative Dream, Death Promising Dreamer

What dreams of buying and choosing a house: dream, interpretation of sleep

Depending on the type of house and its size, the value of sleep changes:

  • If a man in a dream had a chance to buy an apartment in a new building with a European-style renovation and modern furniture — to brilliant prospects in real life.
  • If a woman has acquired a luxurious mansion and is happy with a purchase, fate has prepared a priceless gift for the dreamer.
  • Buy an old and ruined house, which looks more like a barn — to a miserable and lonely life.
  • The purchase of a small wooden cozy house foreshadows a pleasant pastime and sincere conversations.
  • To buy a house that looks attractive from the outside, and inside it is furnished with old and dirty furniture, to false ideas. A sleeping person makes hasty conclusions and often makes mistakes in people.
  • Buying a mansion with a huge plot and scenic area predicts material prosperity and good health to the dreamer.

It is necessary to recall the color of the house dreamed up in order to understand what to prepare for in reality:

  • Yellow — to solid profits.
  • Green — to fun and peace.
  • The black color means sorrow, sadness and tears.
  • Red — to passion, a stormy love affair, and the over-emotionality of a sleeping person.
  • Blue — conceived will not be realized.
  • Pink — The cherished dream will come true in the near future.

If you dreamed of a tree house with no windows and doors, this is a negative sign warning of a tragic accident. I dreamed of a glass house — the dreamer lives with illusions and sees the world through the prism of his dreams.

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