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What dreams of bruises on the face and body on the basic values

Dreamed bruises on face and body — correct decoding

A bruise or hematoma forms at the site of a strong blow or physical damage to the vessels. Bruises can have both an external and internal cause, and this is an important point that must be considered when interpreting sleep.

Of course, inside your sleep all bruises have an internal cause, because they are located exclusively in front of your inner eye. An imaginary external cause of the bruise reveals mental trauma, the result of communicating with other people that you find traumatic for you.

Any bruises in a dream — the result of internal struggle and indicate the presence of serious problems. In fact, you are cruel and unmercifully fighting with yourself.

Being in a traumatic situation is also your choice.

In some people, the vessels are so tender that bruises appear as if from nowhere — as a result of invisible influences or internal causes. In this case, you should pay attention to health, mental and physical.

Bruises under the eyes appear from extreme fatigue, as a result of swelling of the tissues. We will understand why a bruise or bruises dream.

What dreams of bruises on the face and body on the basic values

What do bruises mean to yourself

  • Since bruises in a dream are a figment of your imagination, injuries are the result of an internal struggle. Your main enemy is you, no matter how sad it is to admit it. Self-destruction is a bad habit and a sign of deep stress. If dreams are repeated — be sure to contact psychologists for help.
  • Bruises on the face, as a result of physical impact — you think that everyone sees your disgrace. Not. not visible if you do not have the habit of chatting too much and indulging in frankness with unfamiliar and familiar people. Expand or change your social circle. Stay alone and try to understand yourself.
  • Broken forehead — you set to work for which you lacked the competence or experience. Take it easy. Experience is gained in this way. The next time you get much better.
  • Broken nose — yes, you need to act in «The Expendables.» You seem to be ready to break the back of yourself, all because of your own stubbornness. Dissuading you is an unsuccessful and ungrateful business. But maybe you slow down a bit? Give yourself a break. Try to switch thoughts for a while. If you want, and it will still be relevant, then go back to your plans.
  • Bruises on your legs mean that someone puts you on the steps. Your professional growth is under threat. Perhaps someone is aiming at your place.

What dreams of bruises on the face and body on the basic values

  • If you have seen bruises in a dream once — it means nothing. A short period of internal struggle and doubt is quite normal. Although unpleasant.
  • Usually bruises in a dream mean extreme fatigue, exhaustion. Perhaps you feel unwell physically and morally and hide it. It may seem to you that your actions are so terrible that you deserve harsh punishment. It is even strange that nobody guessed you to bruise. So often think people who had a difficult childhood with violent and highly moral parents.
  • It is likely that you are afraid of punishment, but in part you want it — pain is needed to drown out suffering and guilt. Drop it. There are many ways to get rid of suffering much more pleasant. Needlework, drawing, playing music, boxing. You can make small crafts and give to friends and acquaintances to see how they are happy. Most likely you are artistic. Sign up for a theater group and soon become a local star, learn to accept applause and thanks for a great game.

What dreams of bruises on the face and body on the basic values

What does it mean to see bruises on other people

The man with the bruise on his face, most likely, got what he deserved. At least you think so.

Damage to the arms and legs — someone is trying to appeal to your compassion. Do not take the word and do not rush to help.

Unhappy battered children and animals — a sign of aggression and guilt feelings, your fears. It is quite possible — manipulation.

This may be your own manipulation.

Bruises in a dream mean cruelty, borderline, reaction to a serious aggressive impact.

What do bruises mean by dream books

  • Freud’s dream interpretation says that the bruises on his face in a dream show that you do not believe in love and kindness. Perhaps you are disappointed in love.
  • Bruises on other people show your unkindness. You would like to instruct bruises.
  • A female dream book pays special attention to the bruises on her nose — this is a sign that you better reconsider your intentions about helping another person.
  • The dream book of Veles regards bruises as a sign of tranquility and reproach for his extravagance.
  • Wang considers bruises on his neck, as a feeling of guilt. If you see bruises on the body — ask for help from friends.
  • Dream Travelers are advised to cancel a trip or a trip if you dream of bruises on your limbs.

What dreams of bruises on the face and body on the basic values


See bruises on the body, his or someone else’s — this is a pronounced warning. You hurt yourself. You really should stop waging war with yourself.

Perhaps it seems to you that you are forcing yourself to become better and have found an effective method of squeezing the maximum out of your body. Find a way to make good deals with yourself.

Children brought up in violent families can grow up and leave. You cannot escape from yourself.

Therefore, you must stop injuring yourself and punishing yourself. No, you are not superman. You are the same person as the people around you.

If you were inspired by the biographies of famous people and admired their ability to work, and now you want to achieve the same from yourself — you have bought yourself a cheap deception. Most celebrities shamelessly usurped other people’s works and achievements.

If you do not stop mocking yourself, a real bipolar disorder may develop, you will get a disability and you will not be seriously capable of either work or creativity.

If you think that you should not live, and there is no one who needs you — get a dog. Or a cat. You will have responsibilities that you cannot ignore.

As for the bruises — sign up for boxing or fighting and throw out steam, aggression, rage, in training. Do not hesitate to ask for help from loved ones.

Do not push away friends who want to help.

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