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What dreams of broken nails: interpretation by dream books

What dreams of a broken nail: the interpretation of the image of the dream?

To dream of a broken nail is a bad sign, promising trouble and failure in business. Soon the man will face a series of problems and empty troubles. Also, the image may have positive values.

To compile the most truthful and accurate interpretation, it is recommended to take into account even the smallest details of the dream: from which finger the nail, how it looks, and what actions are performed with it. There are other interpretations of sleep, according to popular dream books.

If you had a dream of a damaged nail plate, but not a piece of the nail, this is a symbol of the fact that difficulties and obstacles will soon arise. A person sees the near future too optimistic, in reality there will be many small troubles and troubles.

Initially, we should remember where the nail broke:

  • On the hand — should be more intelligent to plan their affairs, soberly assess the situation.
  • On the foot — you need to carefully behave on trips, as well as at a party or at events.

On which leg the nail broke it does not matter. But the value of sleep can vary when it comes to hands:

  • The nail plate is broken on the left hand — soon the person will hear the warning, but will not take it seriously, so big problems will begin.
  • On the right hand — A man (or woman) will get a chance to free himself from the fact that he had been tormented for a long time, but would not use it.

It is necessary to take into account the fact on which finger the nail was broken:

BigTo deception, lies, tricks of fraudsters
PointingA person will not be able to make an important decision or make a mistake if he accepts it.
AverageSoon the dreamer or the dreamer will make a big mistake or repent of his deed earlier
NamelessProblems in relations with the second half or with the opposite sex in general
Little fingerIn the near future, the person will miss some opportunity.

A separate piece of nail found on the floor or other surfaces — to quarrels and conflicts with close people. Someone does not meet the expectations of the dreamer or the dreamer, break the promise, fail to cope with their duties, and the like.

It is also important to remember how a broken nail was, how it looked:

The appearance of the nailInterpretation
Broken accrued nailYou need to save yourself from unnecessary environment and things, to reconsider priorities and values ​​in life
NaturalA person will experience new feelings and emotions, shed many tears, will be very upset
Long, largeComing long series of tests and difficulties in reality
Short, shallowSomeone will not appreciate the efforts of the dreamer or the dreamer, will disappoint his behavior or words
AcuteThere will be conflicts and disagreements with a close friend, the second half or a family member
BloodiedSoon there will be some kind of situation that will make a person worry a lot, shed a lot of tears

Seeing a peeling nail polish is a sign that the truth will soon be revealed to a person. The girl or woman will open her eyes, look at the old situation in a new way, rethink it.

It is also possible that the secrets of the dreamer will be made public.

You can also determine a lot by the color of varnish:

  • Violet — to the discovery of secrets.
  • Blue — dreams will remain dreams.
  • The black — to grief and sadness.
  • White — to erroneous decisions.
  • Pink — deceive a stranger.
  • Green — to feeling unwell.
  • Red — to quarrel with the second half.
  • Yellow — to lie and deception.

If a picture was painted on a piece, an event will soon occur and turn everything upside down.

What dreams of broken nails: interpretation by dream books

The key value in the compilation of interpretation is that the dreamer or the dreamer did with a broken nail:

NibbleSoon, a person will be much nervous, worry, tear anger on close people
Cut and inadvertently break.To attempts to get rid of all the excess, which will lead to undesirable results.
Do a manicure yourselfThe cause of misfortunes and failures are their own rash actions, irrational actions.
Do a manicure to someone and break the nail plateA person who has had a dream will cause problems to someone from the environment
Break nails on hard surface trying to do somethingStress and irritability will prevent critical assessment of the real situation
To cut, nibble, break nails to blood specifically, until it hurtsA person torments himself with thoughts about something; it will not lead to anything good.
Watch nails break off by themselvesA series of failures, disappointments and disappointments are coming in life.
See a lot of foreign broken nailsWhat will happen in the near future will hurt a lot, provoke a lot of negative, spoil the mood
Trim all nails due to one brokenTo conflicts, quarrels, scandals, disagreements, difficulties in relationships with other people
Cut off the dirty dirty nailGossip and rumors, ruined reputation
Break a sick nail with a fungusImmoral ideas will arise.

The meaning of a dream can also vary depending on the gender of the person who sees it.

For a girl, such an image in night dreams foreshadows a spoiled relationship with a close environment. This will happen due to failures and bad luck. It is recommended to keep yourself in hand and not disrupt the anger on family members, friends, lover, so as not to have even more problems.

Women should reconsider their behavior with loved ones, get rid of bad thoughts and be alone with themselves.

If a man dreams of a broken nail, then soon he will become very nervous and irritable. If you do not hold back your negative emotions, then the problems will only grow.

The coming troubles must be experienced with dignity, do not complain to anyone and do not leave the planned path.

There are other values ​​of the dream, in which there were fragments of nail plates. Popular dream books interpret the image a little differently:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
FreudUnplanned pregnancy is possible with the dreamer, the dreamer’s partner or the closest family members
MillerTo failure in business, vain expectations, low remuneration for hard work
LofaThere will be quarrels, conflicts, disagreements, and it will be very difficult to reconcile with the offender.
HasseThere will be problems in relationships with loved ones
TsvetkovaFailure will haunt a man who has had a dream, literally everywhere.
FamilyHealth problems will start soon
OracleWe’ll have to make a difficult choice that will affect the future
Huang DiFamily problems, relationship difficulties, differences and trivial scandals are coming.
GrishinaSoon there will be problems with finances
Dmitry and Nadezhda ZimaThere may be difficulties in communicating with someone
LunarYou will be able to get rid of the instructions, pressure and influence of a bad person in the environment
WandererIn the near future it is not recommended to start new business — they will be unsuccessful and will not lead to the desired result.

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