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What dreams of broken glass: window, on the phone, shards of broken glass in a dream

Different dream books when interpreting what dreams of broken glass, show a rare like-mindedness. Most sources advise after such a dream to show caution, and suggests what exactly to pay more attention.

The dream of Gustav Miller considers broken glass a sign of mortal danger. Step on him — to meetings that will bring only grief, and unpleasant conversations. Clean up broken glass — to solve other people’s problems.

Raise the fragments and cut yourself — for the illness of a loved one. See your own reflection in the broken glass — loss of vitality.

Someone from the environment skillfully takes away strength.

What dreams of broken glass: window, on the phone, shards of broken glass in a dream

By Wanga’s dream book broken glass in a dream foreshadows a tragic event. This may be, including the commission of a serious misconduct.

Subsequently, the sleeper will greatly regret his deed.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century believes that a lot of broken glass warns about the collapse of pans. Chewing shrapnels means showing incompetence in the workplace, and becoming a source of problems for fellow workers. It is important to carry out official duties.

Hearing the sound of broken glass in a dream, but not seeing fragments of the affected object — advice to listen to your own intuition. The inner voice can give the desired hint.

By English dream book The sound of broken glass is a bad sign, foreshadowing the onset of the “black line” in life. Dreams of happiness will break about the harsh reality.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation associates broken glass with fragile relationships. The atmosphere in the pair is strongly influenced by external factors, and at any time the connection can be interrupted due to a trifling cause.

If the sleeper values ​​the partner, you will have to make a lot of effort to strengthen the relationship.

Dream Medea interprets the dreamed fragments of colorful glass as a festive mood, a joyful meeting. If they formed a beautiful pattern, the dream foreshadows good luck.

According to the wanderer’s dream book, if the sleeper intentionally breaks the glass barrier, in reality the fulfillment of a cherished desire is likely. Possible promotion on the career ladder.

Break glass in the window own house — a symbolic reflection of the defenselessness of the circumstances. The usual course of life can break the trouble, including those caused by malicious actions of third parties.

For vehicle owners to break glass the car — plot, treated as a warning. In the near future, problems are possible on the road, and it is advisable not to drive.

If the dreamer happened to break the glass with force, in reality there are many questions that are tormented by uncertainty. It is time to overcome the uncertainty, consider possible options, weigh all the arguments and solve the problem.

What dreams of broken glass: window, on the phone, shards of broken glass in a dream

Modern people often dream of broken glass on the phone as a reflection of real fears for the gadget. Also, a dream is interpreted as a lack of communication with the right person.

Frivolous relationships that the dreamer mistakenly considers friendship to mean broken glass o’clock. To communicate with an insincere person.

Broken glass in car — warning of plans that will slip in the initial stages. In the future, too, nothing sensible will come of this venture.

The actions of the younger generation will cause great disappointment, that’s what dreams of broken glass in the House people raising children. All the rest of the dream calls to pay attention to their own behavior and habits, to realize and, if possible, correct mistakes.

If there is a lot of broken glass, this is an important hint. Probably, in the cycle of daily affairs, rather information is hidden from attention.

Broken glass on the floor — call for caution. Attacking the shards means intentionally taking a risk, although common sense and experience hint at very adverse consequences.

In contrast to the signs in reality, in a dream broken glassware serves as a premonition of life adversity. Unexpected problems can even bring to tears.

Fragments of a broken glass bottle are long lasting troubles at work.

For family dreamers broken window and shattered glass in their own homes indicate a lack of understanding between households. An alternative interpretation suggests that it will not be easy to avoid life complications.

If broken glass appears in the dream spectacled, ahead of the deterioration of financial position. You also have to learn the unpleasant truth about the motives of the act of a loved one.

When dream of broken glass in the mouth, This is a hint that you need to carefully monitor the words. In the hearts of abandoned phrases can greatly complicate the situation.

Holding broken glass in a dream in your hands is a reflection of excessive gullibility, which can give an advantage to ill-wishers. The seen plot calls for reasonable secrecy and caution in dealing with people.

Collect fragments of broken glass with hands — a multifaceted plot. First of all, he personifies the threat hanging over the dreamer, urges to be more careful.

Another common interpretation is the desire to resume the previous relationship, contrary to the arguments of common sense. Cut yourself — to the disease directly from the sleeper or from someone from close people.

Ok if dreamed remove broken glass with a broom. This means that the right strategy was chosen in reality.

The plot encourages: no need to be afraid of the inevitable changes, they will only benefit.

In the dream, I had to walk on the fragments with my bare feet — in reality there is a great chance of getting into a dangerous situation. Do not tempt fate, and we must try to avoid visiting areas with a criminal situation, and not participate in extreme entertainment.

Having found out in detail what a broken glass dreams in various objects, one can predict from which side to wait for a trick, and fight back the troubles.

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