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What dreams of broken glass?

What dreams of broken glass?

Any broken item causes discomfort. Broken mirror or glass according to beliefs foreshadows misfortune. What dreams of broken glass?

Dreams always warn of some important events so that a person can prevent trouble or trouble. Therefore, to decipher a dream with broken glass, let us turn to the dream books.

What dreams of broken glass?

Glass image in a dream

Broken glass in a dream symbolizes deliverance from delusions and dangerous illusions. It’s time to take off rose-colored glasses and see the reality in the face.

Some dream books are advised to check the eyesight of the oculist.

Glass fragments on the floor warn caution in life: before making an important decision, you must weigh the pros and cons.

Walk on the splinters barefoot — you are going to be dragged into an adventure, the consequences of which will be the most deplorable.

See around you many pieces — you do not notice the obvious in life, you miss important information past awareness. A bad sign is to see a cracked glass — a dream foreshadows tragedy.

It is also considered unfavorable dream, in which the sleeper holds a shard of glass in the mouth — it foreshadows a dangerous disease and a period of failure in life. See your reflection in shards — a sign of loss of physical and mental strength.

Beat glass in a dream — you are overcome by doubts, painful thoughts. It is necessary to calm down and understand yourself: what do you want to receive from life, what are you really striving for?

Sharp splinters in the mouth indicate an «acute language»: watch your words, do not hurt your neighbors. To eat glass — you should be more resolute and courageous to master the situation.

Break some glass object — to receive unpleasant news about relatives. If you collected fragments while doing so, expect a loss.

A dream with broken glass promises pregnant women problems with childbirth. If dream dreamed parents of an adult child, have to go through the trouble because of the unseemly actions of the son / daughter.

If a the glass broke the woman in a dream, a dream foreshadows misinterpretation behind her back. You will have to endure a lot of sad moments.

What dreams of broken glass?

Glasses in the room

Glass windows protect the room from the penetration of dirt and dust from the street, muffle the noise and save from the cold wind. If in a dream you saw a broken glass, it means that the subconscious mind warns that worth taking care of protecting your interests.

Another interpretation of such a dream may be overcoming obstacles on your way. The dreamer smashes obstacles, freeing the way to the goal.

This interpretation is suitable for those who are aggressively seeking the realization of their goal. Glass transparency symbolizes secret obstacles that can be tackled by competitors or detractors.

See broken windows in his house — it will not be possible to return love and mutual understanding in the family. Misunderstanding will soon lead to divorce from her husband.

Get out of the glass room — in reality, many difficulties are to be overcome, which will result in victory.

Get out through the broken glass out — to fulfill the cherished desire. If the dreamer was injured by broken glass, the problems have not yet been solved.

You need to make every effort to overcome obstacles.

  • If the dream is about a child, it foreshadows a difficult period of transitional age: have patience.
  • A dream foreshadows a meeting with an unpleasant person from the past.
  • Soon expect bad news from relatives.
  • sleep can mean your feelings for a dear person.
  • Some dream books interpret this dream to tears.
  • Businessmen dream suggests temporarily postpone the conclusion of transactions and the signing of contracts.
  • See a broken glass bottle — to trouble at work.

What dreams of broken glassware? This story also does not promise positive events: the dreamer is awaited by annoying misunderstandings and minor troubles.

What dreams of broken glass?

Sonic about broken glass

East Dream warns caution if you dreamed of broken glass under your feet. Walking barefoot on shattered shards — you should not start your plan, it will lead to bad consequences.

To step on the glass and feel how it breaks under your feet — you made the wrong decisions, and the situation will not work.

Slavic dream book thinks that seeing a house with broken windows means correcting the mistakes of other people. This may mean that you have to redo someone’s work. For spouses, the dream foreshadows a divorce.

In general, a dream with shattered glass fragments scattered around symbolizes lost illusions, bitter disappointment, insecurity and lack of confidence in its abilities.

Dream Medea warns: you have reached a delicate balance in your relationship with your loved one, any careless word can lead to trouble.

Dream interpretation Hasse says that an attempt to collect pieces of shattered glass in a dream symbolizes the futility of restoring relationships. You will not be able to recover the lost, so do not expend energy on unnecessary.

Rather, look to the future and engage in the arrangement of a new life.

Esoteric dream book treats any glass products as obstacles on the way that must be overcome. However, do not break everything in your path, be more careful: sometimes it is better to go around the barrier than to go ahead.

Dream dream wanderer prophesies the fulfillment of a cherished dream, if the dreamer breaks a glass wall or window. Also, a dream may portend that the hopes placed on a person are fully justified.

Broken glass — broken dreams. All efforts will go to ashes, the money invested will be burned through. Do not be upset after seeing a dream.

Psychologists advise to be more careful to follow your words and actions. Everything can be changed, except death. Therefore, look to the future with optimism and remember — thoughts are material.

If you set yourself up for a positive outcome, then trouble will be avoided.

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