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What dreams of broken dishes by dream books of Miller and Freud

Broken dishes by dream books: accurate interpretation of dreams

Everyone knows that they are beating dishes fortunately, but this is real. In dreams, kitchen utensils are associated with family relationships, the warmth of the home.

Therefore, broken dishes, as reported by the dream book, is associated with the appearance of problems in the dreamer relationship. True, this does not apply to all night incidents, it is important to clarify the nuances of the scenario played in a dream.

What dreams of broken dishes by dream books of Miller and Freud

General interpretation of visions with dishes

The appearance of plates and cups, as a common household item, in the pictures of night rest is not considered an alarming symbol. Therefore, they often do not attach much importance to the image, but when it happens in a dream to see broken dishes, such an event is already alarming.

Dreams with dishes

In the general case, visions with household utensils are interpreted as follows:

  • as a harbinger of surprises in reality, domestic troubles, and sometimes — a change of residence;
  • the abundance of dishes in the night vision indicates a lack of attention to your own home because of ploys on the side;
  • if not broken dishes were dreamed of in a dream, but new and clean, the image foreshadows order and order in the family, wealth;
  • buying new items promises changes for the better; seeing old vessels with shcherbinka and cracks is a harbinger of poverty.

Important: as indicated by the dream book, broken dishes are a warning about the impending serious conflict in the family, which will be accompanied by strong experiences. Moreover, both close and distant relatives will be involved in the conflict, the existence of which the dreamer did not even suspect.

Broken objects

Recalling the details for the correct interpretation of night dreams, attention should be paid to the type of household utensils. For example, a broken glass foreshadows disagreements between lovers, a saucer — quarrels with the household, a broken vase warns about oblivion from friends.

What dreams of broken dishes by dream books of Miller and Freud

It is important to understand what material the broken dishes were made in a dream in order to understand the meaning of the picture that was dreamed up.

  • Porcelain — one should value friendship, not offend best friends. If the dreamer has managed to break clean plates or cups, an unintentional insult awaits him. Damage to dirty dishes foreshadows unflattering feedback from a friend.
  • Glass items. It is considered a bad sign to see broken glassware from crystal, in real life such a picture prophesies a serious conflict with loved ones. Moreover, a misunderstanding with bad consequences will occur through the fault of the dreamer.
  • Wood, metal. What dreams of broken wood utensils? This is a warning about the need to listen to the opinion of more experienced colleagues in order to earn more money. Broken aluminum pan foreshadows embezzlement due to unexpected guests.

In general, warns the dream book, broken dishes — a sign of the onset of a difficult period of failure. Uncertainty of the dreamer in his abilities will result in a deterioration of material wealth, a lack of career growth.

Accidental damage to household items foreshadows the contemplator of the night illusions of failure due to his own carelessness.

What dreams of broken dishes by dream books of Miller and Freud

Variants of popular interpretations of the image

Against the background of negative transcripts, the symbol of broken dishes in a dream is considered a good omen for a speedy recovery for a sick dream observer. However, a crack on a fallen vessel predicts a deterioration in health for someone who is sick.

Despite the fact that night vision warns of various losses, the process of causing damage to kitchen items can be overlooked by the dreamer.

What dreams of broken dishes according to some dream books?

  • According to Sonic Miller, taking a plate with your hands in a dream is considered an omen of good luck. However, the fall of the plates promises the short duration of a successful period, especially when the plates break. Dirty dining items warn of a bleak future, clean dishes — a period of well-being will come.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation reports that seeing broken dishes causes serious problems in the sexual sphere and possible diseases of the genitals. Women should especially think about it, because the psychoanalyst connects a set of dining containers with the female beginning. Therefore, the contemplation of sparkling objects symbolizes the sexual health of the dreamer.
  • What dreams of broken dishes according to Sonic XXI? If the utensils were porcelain, then the dreamer cannot avoid fatal acts because of his own delusions. Dream interpretation XXI image of night-dream tableware refers to good signs, especially when it is old and not empty. Empty dishes, dream book connects with the need for something, and the contemplation of the service — with the support of influential people.

In a dream, to see broken dishes with small fragments prophesies a woman of tears and disappointment, and for men such a plot of a dream warns about problems in the service. A girl’s punctured objects in a dream hint that it’s worth waiting for a pregnancy, and the broken copies of the night picture foreshadow the gravity of pregnancy and childbirth.

Dreaming with dishes according to author’s dream books

  • According to Sonny Hasse, broken dishes in a dream will turn into a parting with a friend for the dreamer.
  • Dream interpretation Grishina proposes to take into account the causes of damage caused by the dishes. If in a dream the plate is broken by carelessness, you should not forget about caution in reality.
  • According to the dream of Chinese prince Zhou-Gong, see broken dishes for trouble. If the damage is done to the cast iron boiler — difficult times are coming. The losing streak will last a long time, even mourning is possible.

Interestingly, not every dream book interprets broken dishes the same way. This is especially true of the process of beating dishes, followed by the dreamer during the broadcast of nightly paintings.

For example, according to the Dreamwalker, it is a happy omen to beat cups or plates. However, according to the Esoteric Dream, broken utensils in a dream will result in collapse (family, wealth, work) in reality.

What dreams of broken dishes, depending on the psychological type of contemplating the night illusion of man? The orientation of the interpretation of the image by an optimist will definitely be positive — the dishes are beating happily, promising relief of life problems, material and moral grace.

For the pessimist, broken dishes in a dream will be a warning about the negative future household problems. However, despite the psychological personality type of the dreamer, a dream with dishes constantly falling to the floor can be considered a foreshadowing of the need to start life from a new page.

The time of change is coming, the direction of which will be told by the smallest details of night vision, actions with household utensils.

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