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What dreams of bread with mold for dream books and interpretations of basic values

What does bread with mold mean in a dream? Features of interpretation

Moldy bread in all traditions is considered as exile from a safe place, paradise, parental home, country, safe shelter. It is assumed that the exile is not capable of anything on his own and will be doomed to eat the moldy remains of lush pies that he managed to grab from the house and drink hot tears.

When the pies are finished, the exile is supposed to humbledly beg for forgiveness, wallowing in the legs and announcing the neighborhood with heart-rending screams, or to retain pride and die in silence from hunger, powerlessly cursing former relatives. If you dreamed of bread with mold, this is an exact sign that it is time to collect a strong road bundle, putting in it something more substantial than a few crumbs from the benefactors’ table.

Discretion, attentiveness, especially in relation to their interests will help you to pass a difficult time without significant losses. Consider in detail what dreams of bread with mold for dream books.

What dreams of bread with mold for dream books and interpretations of basic values

Basic Values

The main importance of bread in a dream is life, health, nutrition, the ability to feed the family, well-being. Mold, rot — in most cases, except for microbiology, means that everything is ruined and the value of the object with mold must be changed to the opposite.

  • A friend who holds out a moldy crust, picks up something bad, marks you in place, ruffles your wife or tells ugly stories about you to your parents. Especially pay attention to people with whom you have common interests or property. Mistrustfulness and the requirement of guarantees will push away from you many rogues who would like spiritual warmth, tenderness and money in exchange for a couple of smiles and promises.
  • If you find stale and moldy pastries in your own bread box at home — you think that you do not appreciate, do not pay enough time, attention, money. Most likely, your money is not enough for the full maintenance of the family, and you require treating you as a child — support at the expense of others.
  • For a woman engaged in housekeeping, moldy bread means a significant likelihood of her husband’s betrayal, a bad attitude towards her by her husband’s relatives, significant expenses of the family budget for anything other than what is really necessary.
  • Mold was in the bread, which brought friends. For example, you are going on a picnic, collecting food and suddenly it turns out that all of them are spoiled — it is better to stay away from these friends for a while. it is quite possible that a sober and not very favorable calculation flourished under the mask of friendship.
  • If you have to eat bread with a mold in your sleep — it is likely that you are ready to commit disgusting acts and convince yourself that there is no choice.
  • Throw away spoiled products — give up bad intentions. If you keep going, holding moldy bread, because you have nothing else, it means the intention to live revenge. It is better to abandon this idea in time so as not to ruin your life with petty malice.
  • Distribute spoiled bread — you give a chance to competitors. It is quite possible that among your employees there are spies from competing organizations.

What dreams of bread with mold for dream books and interpretations of basic values

Interpretations of authorities

  • According to Miller’s dream book, mold, spoiled good food is regret for missed opportunities. According to the interpreter, the dreamer should repent of his sins and try to regain the lost. If you do not do this, according to the dream book, the bread will not only grow moldy, but will also harden from your pride. You will have to make three times more effort just to find a meager subsistence.
  • According to the dream book Hasse, bread with mold means the machinations of enemies and ill-wishers. This means not gossip, which blooms from idleness, but a completely directed and well thought-out attack.
  • According to the female dream book, mold on bread means that the enemies will try to do harm and choose the best moment. But if you have time to react quickly, you can have time to prevent negative consequences. Do not commit rash actions, do not enter into persuasion, do not do stupid things and do not enter on trust pods «we will issue a car to mom so that it is more convenient to deal with payments directly from the salary» and other similar nonsense.

What dreams of bread with mold for dream books and interpretations of basic values


To dream about bread with mold is a clear sign calling for circumspection and caution. Something has gone bad and rotten in a relationship or in friendship, at work or in a family.

It is necessary to find and clean out the rot, until it has spread wider.

The overall meaning of the dream is negative, but you will be able to overcome the difficulties, because the dream warns you of a possible danger. do not lend, do not sign power of attorney, do not act as a guarantor even at the most trivial request, do not register in your dwelling even the most disadvantaged and unhappy, if you do not want to swap roles with them in the very near future.

To consolidate the positive value, do a general cleaning and remove dust, dirt and mold from the farthest corners. Call a brigade of professionals with their huge vacuum cleaners, and have them clean the carpets and furniture while you are doing fresh baked cinnamon and vanilla cakes.

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