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What dreams of bread for various dream books and general meanings of sleep

I dreamed of bread — which may mean decoding by dream books

If you see bread in your sleep, this is a sure sign that you are seriously hungry, and it is time to tie up with diets. A hungry person, even accustomed to exquisite delicacies, in everyday life not touching the bread, the nickname of the black or the white, very starved, still dreams about bread. This is our mentality, the power of suggestion about the basis of nutrition and the overall digestibility of the product.

Bread is indeed the basis of the ration of most countries. Consider what the dream of bread on leading dream books.

What dreams of bread for various dream books and general meanings of sleep

The actual values ​​of bread in a dream

To dream about food, especially bread, is a sign of hunger and anxiety. You either dream of eating, or are afraid of being left without food. Part of the motive of sleep can be sentimentality and sensitivity, anxiety.

Maybe you looked or remembered a terrible story about besieged Leningrad and were filled with sympathy and empathy.

Maybe they were scared by the alarming notes in the news and are worried about the normal supply of the family in difficult situations. To see bread in a dream is a sign of anxiety, perhaps even a slight neurosis, if the dream recurs. Calm your subconscious, look in the pantry, make a list of supplies that need to be replenished.

Buy the dough and bake the patties.

In cases when Americans buy a useless bunker, we see a big ruddy round loaf with a crisp crust in a dream and we hurry to bake cakes. Forget the diet for a day and give credit to carbohydrates. Patties are an excellent remedy for depression, anxiety and anxiety.

This simple therapeutic tool perfectly relieves anxiety about eating, even with real blockade people, people who have experienced hunger.

Neuroses easier to remove the actual execution of the dream. Make yourself a break. Buy a dozen kilograms of pearl barley or other inexpensive cereals with a long shelf life to soothe inner nervousness.

When it becomes easier, you can feed the grain to the birds. Compotes, preserves, seals — links of the same chain of fear of hunger.

It is not necessary to disclose to others the true causes of thrift and thrift.

What dreams of bread for various dream books and general meanings of sleep

Basic Values

  • A lush loaf, a beautiful big country bread in children’s dreams — a dream of a holiday, an innocent anticipation of fun and joy. For an adult, a dream in which he sees bread as a significant element of a dream means anxiety and anxiety about his well-being. Perhaps the position at work seems to be unsustainable, you are worried about debts and loans. Do not take drastic steps. Carefully calculate all the options.
  • Stale bread, moldy — you desperately regret yourself and think that your bread is unreasonably hard given to you. Perhaps you are jealous of your neighbors or carefree advertising characters who radiate happiness and contentment. Try to revise your position, look for lucrative offers, do not be afraid to lose your heavy share.
  • To measure and share bread — poverty or greed.
  • To bake bread in a dream means to emphasize its importance, the leading role. In this case, bread means wealth, life experience, strength, authority.
  • White lush bread — the dream of prosperity and well-being.
  • If bread dreams in a secondary context of sleep, for example, you enter a room in which people sit and eat bread — you consider these people as freeloaders. Perhaps you feel contempt.
  • A child with appealing eyes and a touching crust of bread in his hands is a beggar, unequal relations.

What dreams of bread for various dream books and general meanings of sleep

Interpretation of authoritative sources

  • English dream book gives bread a dream of religious significance. This is a sign of communion, communion with sacred secrets, a possible embarrassment associated with increased religiosity of others.
  • Russian dream book considers bread a symbol of life. When someone asks for bread in a dream — in fact, he asks for a part of his life. If you are happy to share bread — this is a friend with whom it is pleasant to share some points. Sharing bread at the table is a sign of family, wealth, common life and well-being, unity.
  • According to the French dream book, hot bread, which cannot be held in hands, is injustice, false accusations, someone is trying to play a trick on you and steal your good fortune.
  • The difference between Russian and English dream book is interesting. In Russian dream book, to cut bread between strangers is not for good and even for ruin, for deception. The British cut a loaf — fortunately and to prosperity. Bake bread according to the Russian dream book — for peace and happiness, well-being. For the British, baking means hard, exhausting and ungrateful work.
  • Dream Miller threatens those who dreamed of poor bread crust with reward for greed. Miller women promise solid grief — he grieves when a woman eats bread, bakes and cuts. The only thing that a woman can do fearlessly is to distribute buns. Yet Miller is an Englishman, and grain farming is not very developed on the island. Harsh Scots and all grow oats and cook their famous ANZAC — something between oatmeal cookies and hematogen.
  • Vanga claims that bread in a dream — to prosperity, especially if you take care of good filling of storerooms.

What dreams of bread for various dream books and general meanings of sleep


To dream bread is an uneasy sign with a serious vital meaning. It is possible that changes in your life will affect the basic principles and principles.

Gather, be careful, do not let anyone take away or ask for your piece of bread. Now is the time for intransigence in basic issues.

So that you are not considered too harmful and cruel person — bring a basket of cakes or sweets, and generously share them with the most charming smile. Try to get rid of excessive sympathy and listening to other people’s complaints. Complaints usually end with a request that it will be harder for you to refuse.

It is better to stop the requests in advance.

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