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What dreams of blooming lilac on the main dream books

How to interpret blooming lilac in dreams for dream books

Lilac — a spring flower, a low shrub, blossoming with lush hats on the eve of summer. The lilac bouquet is traditionally associated with youth, beauty, spring wedding.

The fresh, spicy and intoxicating scent of lilac inspires perfumers to exciting and sensual floral arrangements.

Most flowers have 4 petals, but sometimes there are 5 petals. It is believed that the five-leaf flower of lilac brings happiness, if you eat it, by analogy with a four-leaf clover.

You need to make a wish and in no case speak it out loud.

Lush flowers with a heady aroma are successfully complemented by exquisite foliage, in which each elastic green leaf has the shape of a heart. Hardly anyone can argue, lilac is the most romantic plant, the most successful symbol of love.

Lilac in a dream full of mystery and meaningful promises. To find out what the lilac dream about, let’s turn to the interpretations of the leading dream books.

What dreams of blooming lilac on the main dream books

Basic Values

  • Lilac in a dream is a sign of tender sensuality and passion. For women, lilac usually means a sincere romance or revival of past feelings.
  • The color of lilac in a dream matters. The lighter the shade, the more tender the feeling and the weaker the sexual aspect. White lilac means only sincere admiration. Delicate pink lilac — already a hint of flirting. Burgundy and purple lilac brush can mean a passionate and passionate feeling. In any case, the romantic, personal aspect matters, it is the woman herself, her character and behavioral characteristics that attracts, and not solely the shape of the body, the facial features, or the delightful sensual voice. Lilac — flowers of hope and youth.
  • Unnatural color. Too bright, chemical — don’t take too much promise. Perhaps you are playing out the most unpleasant scenario. The same applies to artificial flowers made of plastic, cloth, paper.
  • Bright and strong aroma of lilac — erotic attraction.
  • You are given a magnificent bouquet — expect a declaration of love. Not necessarily sensual. It may be a sincere sympathy or friendly warm feeling.
  • One branch means your own willingness to flourish with a new feeling. So far unresponsive. Sometimes it can be interesting. But if you value your time and do not aspire to the thrill — it is better to wait, limiting yourself to a pair of flirtatious views.
  • If you dreamed that you are in a flowering spring garden and enjoy the scent of lilac — you can expect a bright storm of passion. Unfortunately, feelings will not be too persistent, you will have a reason to be disappointed.
  • To search in a dream a happy flower in a bouquet or on a bush is a hidden desire to change your life. Something seriously does not suit you, and you are considering a decision, although you have not yet begun to take action.
  • If you are looking for a happy flower with someone, and another person finds it, it means envy and jealousy. You are outraged that luck comes to other people, not you. In real life, you are more likely to rejoice over the other person, but the dream gives out true feelings and deep insult.

What dreams of blooming lilac on the main dream books

What does lilac mean in a dream according to authoritative sources

  • Dream Miller promises a bright and strong flash of feelings. Cut off a flowering bush, collect bouquets — to win back sympathy, to seek love.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation promises sincere and sensual confession, a surprise for you. The revelation will not necessarily be pleasant, but it will surprise you anyway. Possible romance on the side, which will be needed to rethink the current relationship. Such things must be kept secret and never told.
  • Dream Vanga draws attention to the fading lilac — a sign of cooling of passion, disappointment, fading of emotions. Buying bouquets on the market can mean hesitancy and uncertainty about the possibility of continuing relationships. Is it necessary to develop them or is it better to complete them while they delight with the novelty? You are in doubt. Decorating the house with lilac bouquets — preparing for new emotions, inviting spring.
  • Dream interpretation Hasse emphasizes trust and sincerity. Lilac bouquets mean a happy and wonderful life full of hope and revelation. It is necessary to be afraid of the malefactors able to imitate an openness, a young glance and trust.
  • A female dream book ignores flashes of romantic feelings and treats lilac as an opportunity to have fun with friends, camping, barbecues, fishing, hiking in the spring mountains. Indeed, practical people will not be in awe of their romantic hopes, if you can get no less pleasure from the beautiful landscapes and burgeoning young nature.

What dreams of blooming lilac on the main dream books


To see a lilac in a dream is a wonderful sign of renewing fresh feeling. Perhaps the passion will not be long or passionate, but for a few pleasant moments you can count on.

Lilac blooms magnificently, but not too long.

The result of the rapid flowering is also not to wait, unlike the apple or cherry color. Do not think about serious romance. In lightheadedness also has its advantages.

An additional advantage would be the fact that lilac is a perennial plant. Lilac bush and 50 years old blooms no less magnificently than the young, especially with good care.

This is a hint that all ages are submissive to gentle and romantic love. You can feel the thrill of a young heart in your chest and in 80 years.

Wear a skirt of a romantic silhouette, look for the lipstick of the most delicate pink shade — and forward, towards fresh and stormy spring feelings.

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