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What dreams of black currant on the dream books of Miller, Freud and Vanga

To see black currants in a dream — what surprises fate dreamed up

Why dream of black currant? Surely many people saw this image in their nightly dreams.

For a more accurate interpretation, dream books are recommended to recall as many details of a dream as possible, and only then look for the meanings of sleep in interpreters.

What dreams of black currant on the dream books of Miller, Freud and Vanga

Dream Interpretation: black currant — the main interpretation of the image

  • Beautiful and ripe berries in dreams — to a happy life. You will receive a tempting offer that will help you fly up the career ladder. Dream books do not recommend to refuse it because your future will depend on it. Single people who have seen this image in the Kingdom of Morpheus will meet their soul mate in the near future, and married couples will be able to strengthen their relationship and restore the long-lost passion;
  • Collect black currants. In order to achieve your goals and make plans come true, you will have to try hard and work hard. Sometimes even sacrifice sleep and rest, but it’s worth it. If you collected currants from your garden, then in reality one of your friends can bring trouble and misfortune to the family. But to collect berries from a wild-growing bush — to a family holiday, which will bring a lot of positive emotions and strengthen relationships with relatives;
  • To separate bad currants from good ones or red ones from black ones — to a difficult choice of life path. Before you in the near future to choose the road on which you will continue your movement. It will be a difficult and very important choice. But the dream books say: “No matter which way you continue your life, everything will end well for you”;
  • Rinse the dirt off the berries in a dream. Dream books predict the loss of money through the negligence of the dreamer. You should not invest your savings in questionable projects. You also need to better protect your savings and in no case do not play in gambling. Interpreters recommend not to subscribe to questionable events with unfamiliar people;
  • Boil jam or make waiting for currants. Dream books mark for lonely people a fateful meeting with the second half. This relationship will have great prospects for the future. Couples can find happiness away from home. There they will be alone and strengthen love relationships;
  • A lot of jars of jam or jam. This symbol marks the dreamer financial prosperity in the family. If you open one bank and try it, then in reality you will experience many new emotions with your partner, thereby you can strengthen the love affair;
  • Eat big berries — you are waiting for a long-awaited vacation. It is worthwhile to approach responsibly to the choice of a place for a holiday in order to get maximum pleasure from the rest;
  • To eat a currant, not turning over it. In real life, you should take care of your health and loved ones so that it does not reflect negatively in the future. There is a high risk of catching up with digestive system diseases or severely poisoning;
  • There is a rotten berry — a lot of hard work will fall on your head. Dream books advise you not to try to jump over your head. You can get very tired, then you have to spend money on your own treatment, and in a poor quality to do your job;
  • A dream in which you tried currants, but it turned out to be sour. This image foreshadows the dreamer deception and betrayal of friends. Perhaps they will unite with your enemies, because of this, the fight against enemies will be incredibly difficult. Can the dreamer come out of this war as a winner? It will depend only on him. Dream books recommend strongly not to risk and carefully think through every minute of your life;
  • To set fire to a dry bush — you will soon be able to solve all the accumulated affairs and duties, and all problems will be a thing of the past.

What dreams of black currant on the dream books of Miller, Freud and Vanga

The interpretation of the image of black currant on the famous dream books

Interpretation of Miller’s Dream Book

  • The only negative symbol of this image is to plant currant bushes. The dreamer expects a long fight against enemies. It is unlikely that you will be able to emerge victorious from this struggle. The main task is to reduce losses and preserve reputation;
  • Ripe and big currants — to the money. Soon the dreamer will receive a very advantageous job offer, but any, even the slightest mistake, can destroy everything. It is worth being extremely attentive when carrying out instructions from the management;
  • Collect currants from shrubs. This dream predicts the sleeper that it is possible to achieve his goals by putting a lot of effort into it.

Wangi Nepalsokatel

  • To eat in a dream berries of currant. In real life, fate prepares pleasant surprises for the dreamer;
  • Currant bushes — to a fun and enjoyable gathering with friends. It may be possible to establish contacts with old friends and acquaintances. Also, this image marks the dreamer new useful acquaintances;
  • There is jam or jam from this berry. It will be hard for you on the path of life, but you should not forget that you are surrounded by faithful and reliable friends who are always ready to help;
  • Harvest in your garden. The dreamer will find the long-awaited peace. A long internal war will also end, and the sleeper will finally know his own «I».

What dreams of black currant — deciphering a dream according to Freud’s dream book

  • Collect the berry and immediately eat it — to new sexual relationships. If you are a free person, then this is a positive image for you. But the dream-book recommends the family man not to “lose his head” and always think about the consequences;
  • A woman to touch a currant in her dreams is a symbol of her subconscious homosexual or bisexual inclinations;
  • A love relationship with your partner is deadlocked if you cannot find a single berry in your night-dreams on currant bushes.

What dreams of black currant on the dream books of Miller, Freud and Vanga

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