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What dreams of black caviar on the dream and folk signs

Why dreamed black caviar: how to decode

To understand why black caviar dreams, consider the basic values. This exquisite and rare delicacy dreams to prosperity.

First of all, to the intellectual flourishing. Black caviar contains amino acids necessary for the development of brain cells in the most optimal way.

Black caviar was invariably in the canteens of simple Soviet engineers who worked on strategic tasks in the diet of scientists. Caring parents tried every morning to shove a sandwich with caviar in the mouth of the child — so that he would grow smart and study well. It helped better modern multivitamins.

Although children hated the spawn — it is salty, fat and with a specific smell.

It was always believed that if you start to like caviar and olives, it means that childhood is over. Black caviar children do not dream.

If you are dreaming of a gourmet snack, then you are definitely an adult. It may be worth being tempted and immersed in pleasure for a while.

What dreams of black caviar on the dream and folk signs

What dreams of delicacy

  • The first meaning of black caviar in a dream is stability or the desire for stability. You certainly need a stable high income and you have reason to count on it.
  • Can an exquisite delicacy of rich people dream of extreme poverty? Full But only if there is a strong desire for luxury, the need for it, the desire to eat caviar. If you were rich, then you lost your financial well-being — you will be able to regain your position. The delicacy, the more so rare, really dreams of wealth.
  • Black caviar means it’s time to start acting. Fate favors you, but the keys of the decision are in your hands. You have to find a basis for wealth, an exact action plan is more complicated than “take a loan, put a stall”.
  • You have a dream on the eve of an important meeting — it is likely that the meeting will be successful, you will receive important contracts, excellent offers and you will be able to find the most profitable solutions for yourself. It is possible that your decisions will not be the most honest with your partners or your employer.
  • To buy black caviar, to pay for it — to fulfill obligations that you are not too pleasant or interesting, but you have to.
  • Ideally, any element of a beautiful life should be in vain. Your delight becomes a reward for a treat. If you dream that you are treated to delicacies — wait for expensive gifts without the slightest commitment on your part. For example, diamond rings on the occasion of a good mood giver.
  • One of the meanings of a dream is trickery. Maybe even some fraud. Adhere to the criminal code and try to keep within the framework of common sense. Do not be fooled directly and do not lie. Try to make people happy. Otherwise you will earn not on black caviar, but on cuffs.
  • To look at spawning is a tendency to dangerous bonds and pleasures. Perhaps you like to pry

What dreams of black caviar on the dream and folk signs

What does black caviar mean by dream book?

  • According to Freud’s dream book, black caviar means special refinement and sophistication in sex, a strong desire. Although the performance can disappoint precisely from an excess of feelings. It is better to prepare and plan everything carefully. By the way, black caviar is an excellent aphrodisiac, which has a thrilling effect on any gender. Freud uniquely associates black caviar with strong excitement, excitement.
  • Dream Veles promises tears to the one who dreamed of eating delicacies with spoons. Perhaps this is due to the salty taste of the product, and perhaps the rich also cry. Financial well-being is not always tantamount to mental well-being — Veles’ dream book wanted to tell us.
  • Many dream books warn that luxury and wealth can be lost as quickly as they appear.
  • Sleep is especially beneficial for women. Black caviar for women means health, care for yourself. There is a sophisticated product of good quality — to the long-awaited pregnancy and its easy flow. Useful vitamins and amino acids contained in caviar, a great influence on the condition of the skin and mucous membranes, muscle tone. Perhaps your body urgently requires nourishment for normal functioning.
  • A bath of black caviar, especially with champagne — to waste, luxury.
  • A delicacy in the bank dreams of good personal care. Caviar is part of many great cosmetics. Extravagant Hollywood stars even smear caviar on the face and the whole body, believing it to be the secret of eternal youth. Not the most effective way to rejuvenate, plastic surgeons help preserve youth much better, but for photos in instagram a mask from expensive delicacies is an excellent solution. You do not have to tell the truth about the operation, you can write off rejuvenation on the magical properties of black caviar. And this star writes in the instagram about the magical properties of expensive products. Verify the truth we can not. Maybe this is Chinese aquagel capsules or protein caviar «health» for 25 rubles per package. Why not? You have noticed that the stars write about the obligatory daily procedures.
  • Replacing caviar in a dream, when you expect black or red caviar, and you get vegetable, squash or eggplant — to unfulfilled hopes, disappointment.

What dreams of black caviar on the dream and folk signs


Black caviar in a dream is an ambiguous symbol that shows the desire for luxury, refined consumption, expensive things. Such a dream shows the possibility of envy, a penchant for deception, trickery.

Maybe it makes sense to deceive a dream and quietly buy a jar of delicacy by fulfilling the actual value. Eat caviar alone or with a loved one.

You will need white bread, a thin layer of butter, a slice of lemon and olive for each sandwich.

The cost of a can of sturgeon caviar about 1000 rubles — not too expensive to get rid of the negative values ​​of sleep. Please yourself.

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