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What dreams of birds in a dream?

What dreams of birds in a dream?

What dreams of birds in a dream?

It also happens that the birds come to us in dreams. Many dream books associate dreams of birds with changes and opportunities to escape from problems and worries.

Some promise guests on the threshold of the house and news. But why dream about birds in a dream?

Sleep details

An important feature of each dream is the presence of details and nuances. They often determine the exact interpretation of the vision and give a hint to the dreamer what to do next.

  • Seen how the bird flew high in the sky? There will be a positive change.
  • If you saw a bird that tried to fly away but could not, then soon you will experience difficulties in business.
  • Bird flying down, promises financial instability or job loss.
  • If the bird was injured or dead, then wait for a disease or a huge disappointment.
  • Bird in a cage predict the collapse of plans. In addition, you do not realize dreams.
  • Caught a bird? Expect a huge win or advance your career.
  • If they caught the bird and immediately released it, thats a loss. She can touch any side of life.
  • Saw a white bird? There will be luck and joy. All positive touches the family.
  • If there were a lot of white birds, then the profit will be big, and the success will be huge.
  • Caught White Bird — to win.
  • Expect frustration and tears when faced with a wounded or dead white bird.
  • Black birds dream before unpleasant situations. Fate is trying to make you a danger warning.
    What dreams of birds in a dream?
  • Black birds? Cope with the enemies.
  • If you were trying to cope with black birds, but they attacked you and were able to defeat, then the enemies are halfway to making evil plans against you. They can beat you.
  • Did you see black crows? There will be trouble.
  • Black Jackdaws promise gossip, stupidity.
  • Woodpecker says that you have to be more tolerant and more insistent.
  • Larks bear good news.
  • Cuckoo predict loneliness and bad family life.
  • Swallows bring news from home.
  • Parrots dream before deception.
  • Nightingale brings news from beloved and dear people.
  • Duck to marry happiness dream.
  • Fabulous and beautiful birds symbolize unusual news or situations.
  • Heard the chirping of birds? The house will soon be laughter and fun.
  • Magpies predict and news, and gossip and marriage.
  • Vultures, falcons and eagles dream before a fight with anything or anyone.
  • Have you seen pigeons, a swan, a stork or a crane? Life will be filled with romance. Not excluded the meeting with the second half.
  • Domestic birds Talk about troubles.
  • Sparrows dream of anxiety and doubt.
  • Big birds symbolize great opportunities, hopes and aspirations. If such a bird in the sky, then everything will come true and financial stability will come. Very good outcome when the bird flew over the house or head. If flies to the ground, you should not wait for the implementation of the plans.
  • Fed the birds? There will be troublesome affairs.
  • If killed birds, you will lose friends.
  • Birds with red feathers promise passion and love.
  • Pink birds dream of joyful surprises.
  • Colorful birds symbolize your capabilities and your goal. You want too much.
  • Birds with blue feathers, dream respect.
  • Exotic feathered able to favorably change your life. The family will be strong and happy.
  • Is the bird in the nest? Comfort and tranquility will be in the family.

Dream interpretation

Dream Vanga

Birds symbolize freedom, dream and fantasy. Crows Talk about the sad news.

If you saw a flock of crows, then there will be a conflict that will overwhelm many people. Bird nests predict family peace and happiness.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

Hunted birds? You want to change yourself, but aggression and dissatisfaction rage inside you.

Get rid of indignation and anger, immediately change your life.

The dream in which the birds were killed means you have complexes. Did you see someone or you turn into a bird?

Your fear of death is increasing.

Dreaming nostradamus

Big birds symbolize tremendous destruction. Little birds on the wings bring peace and tranquility.

Scared birds dream of military conflicts. Have you seen rare and exotic birds?

Life will be filled with bright colors, variety and travel.

Flying eagle overhead means your approaching power. Caged eagles, promise failure.

Bird fights They predict a situation in which you will witness.

Dream loft

Owls withto wisdom and awareness of their purpose. If the bird talked to you, then it symbolizes difficulties in communication and problems with the team because of your excessive shyness.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

If in a dream a bird flew into the window and knocked on it, then there will be guests or news in the house. Injured birds talk about failures.

Colorful bird feathers promise a happy marriage. Predator birds prophesy honor and respect. Seen a lot of birds huddled together?

There will be a trial.

Dream interpretation Hasse

Flying birds high — to the news. Saw a bird in a cage?

Someone cheats against you.

Dead birds dreams of sadness, disappointment and tears. Feed the birds — to the good news. Caught feathery?

It will be bad luck.

What dreams of birds in a dream?

Dreamy longo

If the birds sang, that will be happiness. Involuntary birds symbolize your need for fun, freedom and emancipation.

Female dream book

Beautiful and bright plumage Birds to women promises a good marriage and a happy marriage. If the birds flew over you, then wait for the resolution of problems and prosperity.

Birds chirped? Solve the problem you can not on their own.

Wounded and lined birds symbolize sadness and tears.

Dream Miller

Beautiful and elegant plumage birds to auspicious events. Woman sleeping with a bird promises a good groom or great love.

Injured bird personifies you. You will shed tears because of your child.

Flying birds dream to prosperity. If you catch a bird, it will be a black stripe.

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