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What dreams of betrayal of the main dream and the meaning of interpretation

What can mean betrayal of popular dream books

Let us see what it means to betray in a dream, why dream about betrayal of dream books. First of all, you need to establish that such a betrayal.

Betrayal is a violation, breaking your personal space from the inside, creating vulnerability. Betrayal can be accomplished only by an intimate person who has found benefit in spreading your secrets or found it necessary to report your behavior to higher authorities.

Not always betrayal is associated with a lie, but always entails a conflict of interests, separation and the danger of retribution.

What dreams of betrayal of the main dream and the meaning of interpretation

What does false betrayal and basic meanings mean

Beaten women take claims of beatings from a spouse, since seeking protection from inside the family is considered a betrayal. The interaction within the family is impersonal, it is not a conflict between two people with different views, but a certain internal process. Appeal outside endangers the existence of the family as a community.

But her husband had broken the oath of marriage earlier, when he began to harm family members.

Members of sects tolerate various humiliating techniques and do not dare complain or flee — this is a betrayal that can create vulnerability for the whole group. But society itself instead of prosperity suits hell, which breaks its own vows.

Response violation is considered a false betrayal. you are not obliged to abide by the rules and care about the health and reputation of those who are already deceiving you.

Betrayal is treason oath. Marital, state, oath of friendship, military, corporate, community oath, professional oath.

  • Adultery in a dream — undoubted betrayal. You may be afraid of treason, suggesting the realization of the worst nightmare. Most likely, the family really hangs in the balance.
  • Corporate betrayal, violation of internal secrets. While you are bypassing official instructions, you are measured by salaries in the smoking room — these are minor internal violations. But if you dream that you open the safe of the board, take out the constituent documents, patents, design schemes and bank documents and go to the competitors — this is a betrayal. Telling journalists the truth about the machinations in his office is a betrayal. First, leave and leave the community, and then proceed to shattering revelations. By the way, the blackmailing of one’s own leadership and the threat of disclosures are not a betrayal, but a clear hint at its possibility. If you dream of betraying your company in which you serve — do not rush to run to the security service. It will be enough if you strengthen control on your site.
  • Betrayal of a friend in a dream can take many forms. From sexual intercourse with your own partner to the spreading of disreputable rumors or overly frank truthful stories about childish leprosy. Disclosure of secrets is an absolute betrayal. Probably in a dream you will experience bitterness and frustration. If you understand that such a scenario is quite possible in reality — try to explain to a friend the importance of keeping secrets and revelations. If this fails — your fears were justified.

What dreams of betrayal of the main dream and the meaning of interpretation

Values ​​of betrayal in a dream by authoritative sources

  • According to the dream book of Lofa, if you dream that you are in the process of adultery and betrayal — your behavior in real life contradicts recognized norms. Perhaps you went racing. If you see that you are being deceived — it is very likely that you should restrain your gullibility.
  • A female dream book warns against visions of treacherous betrayal with her husband’s friends and colleagues. Betrayal in a dream means cooling relations, finding and choosing a new partner among the available targets. It is necessary to change the social circle, so as not to be tempted.
  • Dream Miller explains the betrayal of friends in a dream of rivalry, the desire to assert themselves at the expense of others. It is possible that the dream has a real basis. In any case, the old revelations will soon cease to work, do not allow blunders and stick to neutral topics of conversation. Talk about football or manicure, new movies. You should not tell the story of your life, even as a sign of the highest trust. You are not quite entitled to count on it.
  • The betrayal of loved ones, family members, is characteristic of adolescent protest age. If in a dream you are insulting and betraying your parents, you may fall into a crush to yourself, depression, despair, you need attention to yourself with available means. As an adult, you can solve this problem. Buy gifts and go to visit their parents, spend the evening together.

What dreams of betrayal of the main dream and the meaning of interpretation


Betrayal, real or in a dream, always leaves behind itself a train of complex emotions. Mistrust, joy, that this is only a dream, fear, doubt, disappointment, resentment — everything is mixed into a single cocktail.

Perhaps the cause of the dream is your own suspicion or excessive talkativeness.

Maybe your mind itself is looking for vulnerabilities so that you can protect yourself. But it is quite possible that the small observations have developed into a coherent picture, which you saw in a dream.

Seeing a dream with betrayal is an alarming sign and you should pay attention to it.

Reduce the degree of gullibility, check the facts, do not invent excuses for other people, protect your secrets. Consider the information you provide to other people. With the help of true stories you can do no less damage than when breaking a bank cell.

Talk about the weather, theatrical updates, books you read and curious journal notes. You will become a pleasant conversationalist without revealing the secrets of the individual.

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