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What dreams of berries: interpretation of the dream

What are the dreams of berries: interpretation of the types of fruits, their color and taste

As a rule, good and tasty berries dream of human-friendly events. Conversely, tasteless or rotten portend trouble.

If the sleeper does not remember the exact characteristics of the fruit, he should not expect significant changes in life.

The final interpretation of the dream depends on what kind of berries were present in the plot of the dream. Also of great importance are the actions of the dreamer and the place where he saw the fruits, their sizes.

A woman, who regaled sweet berries, will have to prove that she is faithful to her spouse, and refute the gossip spread by her detractors. Eating berries quickly and greedily, not noticing that their juice flows along the chin and soils their clothes, this is how the subconscious responds to a desperate desire to give birth to a child.

A dream to a pregnant woman in which the berries were present indicates the need to be examined by a doctor, as she could have missed symptoms indicating a complex disease or pathology.

Man dreams of berries, if he is prone to promiscuous sexual relations. Such a dream advises a bachelor to pay attention not only to a beautiful body, but also to the intellectual abilities of the future chosen one.

If a young guy treats berries to a girl who likes him in real life, and she refuses, then his feelings will be rejected.

What dreams of berries: interpretation of the dream

Berries unknown plants warn that you need to be careful when dealing with unfamiliar people. In a dream I had to eat them for lack of other food — in reality the dreamer would turn to the public asking for help; out of curiosity — a man has to make an unpleasant discovery.

If the berries were able to identify, to decrypt the dream, you should use the table:

What dreamedTreatment
StrawberryIt is a symbol of carnal pleasures. If you had to eat her in a dream, you can not worry about your personal life — the relationship with the second half will be harmonious and full of romance. Sometimes a large and ripe strawberry indicates material well-being. Find one such berry, pick it and eat it — to a spontaneous profit; pick up a full basket — to increase wages
RaspberriesAnyone who personally collected the raspberries or chose it on the market, will soon receive a nice gift. Help yourself to the berries — to the presentation of awards, praises, honors; to see them on the bushes, but not to tear them down — to rest
BlueberriesA person who ate it in a dream will feel unwell in reality. If at the same time the teeth and the oral cavity are stained, an event will occur in his life that he wants to forget as soon as possible. These berries promise older couples a second youth, however, crushed and rotten blueberries dream of parting
CherryFriendliness, sociability, unselfishness and a cheerful disposition will attract fans to the dreamer and help to achieve popularity if he is engaged in any type of creativity. Eating cherries in food — a sign that the cherished dream will come true soon
GrapesTo see the bulk clusters hanging in large numbers among the dense foliage — to raise the social status, expand the authority, the ability to administer other people’s destinies. There are purchased grapes — to the hassle that will help temper the power of the spirit. Blue berries promise an increase in salary, green ones warn you that you will have to do more work than usual, or take additional responsibility
Bird cherryIf a dream had to tear off the fruit of the bird cherry from the branches, in real life a person will have a blessed period. To treat someone to berries — for promotion. Husband and Husband predicts that the passion between them will flare up with a new force
BlackberryThese berries represent evil, grief, disease, loss. Seeing them growing in their yard or gathering in the forest is a sign of failure. Watching other people cutting off a blackberry is a signal that there is an enemy in close surroundings who pretends to be a friend; one more interpretation of such a dream — a person starts several cases at the same time and does not complete one, therefore tactics should be changed to achieve success in something
  • Red promises fulfillment of desires, acquaintance with an interesting person, a meeting with a handsome representative of the opposite sex. The dreamer, who ate such berries, will begin a happy period in life.
  • Black promises frustration. Buy it or take it as a treat — a symbol of the fact that someone will bring the sleeping person to tears. Collect currants yourself — to the disease.
  • White indicates a new stage in development, the use of new technologies, the acquisition of knowledge. Lovers who ate it from the same plate or bush, will soon want to formalize their relationship.
GooseberryWarns about the infidelity of the second half. Those whose work is at risk for life, gooseberries dream as a signal of impending danger. If you had to pick these berries, in real life something will happen that makes you worry, but the result will be joyful.
CherriesRipe sweet cherry speaks about business prosperity, promises success in work and rapid career growth. Ripping berries from a tree — to an unexpected profit; the amount will be small, but it will come in handy. The one who ate the fruits of the cherry in a dream will be able to defend his position or prove the truth. Sour berries predict disappointment
ViburnumAcquaintances with whom the dreamer has not communicated for many years will get in touch and invite you to a big family celebration (wedding, anniversary). Gather up a lot of viburnum — in the work there will be difficulties
StrawberriesSymbolizes mutual love. Pick berries together with stalks and put them in a vase as a bouquet — to joyful changes. There is a strawberry with a spoon — for a gift, take the berries with your hands one by one — for a pleasant conversation
Sea buckthornThe patient dreamed that he was using sea buckthorn berries for making medicine, which means that keeping the regimen and taking all the drugs prescribed by the doctor will have a beneficial effect on his health and he will quickly get better. To eat sea buckthorn — to the good news of relatives
MulberryThose who often dream of these berries, would like to have a big and strong family. Gathering mulberry with a spouse, children or parents is a sign that peace and harmony reign among relatives. To preserve it — in the future the dreamer is waiting for material well-being

Many different berries have dreamed — a difficult work is ahead of man. She will take all her free time, however, will bring considerable benefits.

What dreams of berries: interpretation of the dream

Values ​​of sleep depending on the state of the fruit:

  • Wormy dream if there is a person surrounded by a sleeper who unwittingly or intentionally harms him; but rotten — to parting with your loved one.
  • Beautiful and fresh berries no damage foreshadow successful completion of the case, obtaining the desired result, the acquisition of the necessary skills and knowledge.
  • Ripe promise to participate in the celebration, a joyful event, the absence of any problems.
  • Immature symbolize the inability to wait, lack of balance and impulsivity.

If you had to see unfamiliar berries in a dream, you can take as a basis for deciphering their color:

Color of berriesValue
RedCan be interpreted in different ways; in order to correctly interpret a dream, one must pay attention to the emotions that it has caused. If, after awakening, a person has anxious thoughts, he felt fear or panic, which means that an unpleasant conversation with a senior relative or boss will soon be coming. A joyful and exalted mood indicates that something good will happen and it will most likely be connected with love feelings.
BlackThey predict a deterioration in health, a decline in the quality of life, a loss of work, or a quarrel with a loved one. If the dreamer passed by a bush with berries and did not tear them, he has a chance to avoid future misfortune. To pick fruits and taste them is a symbol of inevitability, problems will have to be faced soon.
YellowEverything that happens in the life of the sleeper, will bring him pleasure, even the daily chores will not cease to seem a burden. Fear of public opinion will fade into the background; a person will understand that only he has the right to make decisions regarding his activities, appearance and preferences
BlueIndicate tests that the dreamer must overcome for the sake of his love. Spoiled berries indicate that the family of the sleeper may not accept his soul mate and in every possible way harm the relationship. If you dreamed of the fruits of an unnaturally large size, a person will find out about something shocking
GreenUnripe berries are advised not to start a new business for the next week or two. If the berries have ripened, but their color remains green, this is a sign that the dreamer has chosen the wrong path, doing something alien to him and causing negative feelings. You need to find yourself to find harmony with the outside world, and most of the problems will then be solved without human intervention.

It is necessary to take into account the size of the fruit:

  • Large they talk about the availability of opportunities for the implementation of their plans; indicate the correctness of the chosen strategy; if a person somehow became aware that they are poisonous, it is worth protecting yourself from participating in a financial fraud.
  • Small foreshadow meaningless vanity, troubles. If a person has collected a whole bucket of such berries, in reality he pays a lot of attention to minor things, ignoring what is really important.

The taste of the berries can tell a lot about the essence of the dream:

  • Sweet — success in matters of heart and money; good health and longevity; joyous feelings, jubilation, euphoria; accomplishment of old desires.
  • Sour — troubles associated with an erroneous opinion about something; a failed idea; deterioration of health; unfulfilled expectations.
  • Bitter — disappointment and insult, spiritual wounds; betrayal by relatives and friends; regret for your deed; the need to satisfy which is not possible.
  • Tart — obstacles to the goal; difficult dilemma; the need to go against your convictions; propensity to blame oneself on what a person has nothing to do with.

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