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What dreams of bananas: yellow, woman, a lot of bananas in a dream

Nayava bananas gradually became a familiar part of the diet. Sometimes even the cost of this exotic delicacy is much cheaper than local fruit. However, compilers of dream books to the fruits of one of the largest herbaceous plants in reality are wary.

Therefore, when interpreting what dreams of bananas, many sources consider them a warning sign. However, some sources primarily pay attention to the shape of exotic fruits.

What dreams of bananas: yellow, woman, a lot of bananas in a dream

Dream Miller Seen bananas interprets as the upcoming communication with an unpleasant person. Rotten fruit warns of a case that will cause internal rejection.

Dream Vanga refers bananas to auspicious signs that personify a reliable person next to a person asleep. There is a fruit — a warning: curiosity can lead to trouble.

By Freud’s dream book The banana is a clear symbol of the penis and strong masculinity. For a woman to eat fruit means to be in harmonious relationships.

Dreams of Dmitriy and Nadezhda Zima also sees a phallic sign in bananas. For the fair sex, a dream with these fruits predicts a love affair. If bananas dream of a man, in reality he will have to compete in the personal sphere.

Absolutely for everyone to slip on the skin — to an unlucky love.

Bananas bode well for health a woman. Mood has a romantic date and flirt.

Fruits on the table report that a passionate, but short-lived affair will soon begin to spin.

Bananas a girl — to a fateful acquaintance. A brown-tinged fruit, but not spoiled, suggests a secret admirer who carefully hides tender feelings for her.

To understand that they are predicting bananas married woman, takes into account the quality of the fruit. Fresh, fortunately, and unappetizing — they warn of confusions in the personal sphere.

Dreamed bananas pregnant the lady is prompted by the sex of the child. According to dreammen, it is worth waiting for the birth of a boy.

About the approach of trouble warn yellow bananas. The reason will be the actions of friends.

Green bananas in a dream suggest that you need to reconsider their own priorities. Adjustment plans will help to achieve success faster.

Fruits with numerous spots or black bananas — to complicate the relationship with a dear person. It is important not to bring minor disagreements to a critical point, beyond which the couple is waiting for parting.

A wormy, rotten banana is treated as an offer to participate in a dubious project. Also, the dream calls to think about changing the profession, because the spoiled fruit personifies dissatisfaction with the occupation.

What dreams of bananas: yellow, woman, a lot of bananas in a dream

On sleeping try to shift someone else’s guilt — caution ripe bananas. Most of all in this will be the true culprit of the arisen conflict situation.

For women, the size of the dreaming fruit matters.

Large bananas — for good. Around there will be many pleasant and well-mannered fans.

Little ones bananas personify the lull in personal life. In the near future, you can not count on getting to know a decent man.

When dream of bananas on the tree, more precisely, on the stem of a grassy plant, it is worth preparing for material troubles. It is advisable to prepare for this period, and not to make expensive purchases.

Lots of bananas — to trouble. However, if they are in the store, all problems will pass.

Dreamed bunch of bananas means temporary difficulties. An adverse period will not be too long.

The plot of the dream, which happened to choose bananas spell out the urgent need to make an important choice. When deciding a question, it is advisable to turn to faithful friends and relatives.

Buy bananas are a warning. Due to careless actions, material well-being may deteriorate.

Eat Banana — the plot, calling for accuracy in dealing with others. Reckless actions and words can cause an irreparable blow to the reputation.

For ladies to tear bananas — the personification of her passions in love relationships. The dreamer seeks to dominate the partner, and forgets about femininity.

Collect bananas in the rainforest or on the plantation means waking voluntarily taking on the obligations of the household. To do this in the garden of a neighbor, then soon someone will pay an unexpected visit to the sleeping person.

To clean the fragrant fruit — to the long-awaited rendezvous.

Sell bananas — try to do many things at once. The dream warns: small and not too important things take too much time, and prevent to focus on the main thing.

When dreaming of bananas, it means that in reality you should act with caution. Dream Tips will tell you in which area to expect difficulties.

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