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What dreams of balloons: interpretation of dream books

What dreams of balloons: the interpretation of dreams

Balloons in a dream are a symbol of emotions, new experiences, vivid and memorable events. The dream can be interpreted from the positive as well as from the negative side. Sometimes such a dream warns of any disappointment or disappointment.

It is important to pay attention to the details of the image seen: the color, number, size of the balls, the actions performed by the dreamer, the setting, the terrain, and the entire dream plot.

If in a dream there were a lot of balloons, great disappointments are expected in various areas of life. And if one dreamed of a balloon, then the dreamer will be disappointed in a particular case.

Small balls in a dream — longing and sadness due to unrealized expectations will pass quickly. Large — disappointment will be strong, a person will suffer a loss.

The most significant characteristic in the interpretation of the image seen in a dream is the color of the balloons:

  • Red — to risk, danger.
  • Green — to calm, stability, problem solving, getting rid of vain troubles.
  • Violet — to surprises, irritation, stress, emotions.
  • Pink — to interest in something.
  • Blue blue — to an unexpected outcome of affairs, new ideas.
  • Yellow — to anxiety, deception, search for answers to your questions.
  • Orange — to joy, fun, carefree life.
  • White — to empty hopes, vain plans.
  • The black — to misfortunes, sorrows, disappointments.

Many colorful balloons — to diversity, new developments and impressions. Soon the dreamer’s life will change drastically.

If the ball was round, then a person should expect a favorable outcome of affairs; nothing unusual will happen. But in rare cases, a ball of some irregular shape can dream. There are the following options:

  • Oval — ideas about the future may turn out to be illusory, erroneous, one should not risk and rely on luck.
  • Square — routine and empty efforts can prevent a person from realizing himself, it is necessary to overcome them.
  • Triangular — soon in life there will be some factor requiring increased attention.
  • Polygonal — in trying to achieve several goals at once, a person will become confused and will not achieve anything.
  • Diamond shaped — the dreamer does not know what he wants to receive as a result of his actions, therefore he commits contradictory actions.

A warning can be a dream of a bursting, torn, spoiled balloon. This image speaks of the collapse of hope.

Be careful in your decisions, words and deeds.

What dreams of balloons: interpretation of dream books

It is also important to consider what the dreamer was doing with the balloon:

Take off, fly on the ballTo improve the life situation, success in business
SellThe dreamer will support a loved one in need of friendly advice and admonition.
BuyTo self-deception, vain hopes, illusions
To giveIt will be possible to convince another person of something, charge him with positive energy, motivate
Play, run, holdTo a carefree life, joy, committing rash acts
BurstIndifference, psychological problems, fatigue or depression, anguish
Let go in the windYou will not be able to realize your desires, the opportunities will go straight from under your nose.
Drag on the groundMan’s plans and desires are very simple, understated, boring, he has no ambitions.
InflateTo spiritual growth, enlightenment, the emergence of new goals and plans

If a person dreamed of a balloon with a basket designed for flying above the ground, and the dreamer happened to see it or fly it, then this is a positive symbol. The value varies depending on who dreamed such a dream:

  • girl or woman: self-realization in work, hobbies, family and other life spheres;
  • to a man: the ability to overcome all difficulties and obstacles in order to prove someone their skills.

What dreams of balloons: interpretation of dream books

When interpreting a dream, it is necessary to consider the situation in which the balloons dream:

  • In open space, in the sky — to the realization of oneself in various fields of activity, breadth of thinking, change of views on life.
  • In a closed space, indoors — To limit oneself to the stereotypical framework imposed by someone from the inner circle.

The plot of the dream tells how the life of the dreamer or the dreamer depends on their views. If the ball could not fly away and rested against the ceiling — you should work on the perception of yourself and your activity.

And if flew high — a person moves in the right direction, is confident in his strength and goes on the right path.

What dreams of balloons: interpretation of dream books

Popular dream books interpret this dream differently:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
FreudThe ball is a symbol of libido. If he is sluggish or blown away, then the sleeper experiences difficulties in intimate life. If it is firm and resilient, it will be possible to realize all your erotic fantasies and desires, find a new sexual partner
MillerTo a failed trip or travel, as well as problems in their professional activities. Soon, the state of affairs will deteriorate significantly, which will create additional stress and emotional overstrain.
LofaThe dreamer will be able to find a best friend, relations with which will be very long
NostradamusBalloon — a sign of missed opportunities. The dreamer should work harder on himself to get the desired result.
HasseIn the near future the plans will not come true. The person is too optimistic, forgets about possible failures. To achieve the result will have to work a lot, nothing will come just like that, without any efforts
WangiIt is important to draw certain conclusions from the dream. Perhaps a man is not his way. If there is no desire to continue to do what the sleeper is doing at the moment, then it’s time to change the type of activity
ModernA person is waiting for the collapse of all hopes, big life disappointments, serious losses. You must be careful not to commit impulsive acts, as they may be erroneous.
EsotericThe dreamer wants to live better than now. But this requires a lot of work, and not to dream and dream. This is the reason for all life disappointments — a person wants a lot, but does little, believing that everything will come by itself
UniversalSleep promises carefree life, celebration, fun, a magnificent feast, party or event with close friends or relatives
MorozovaSoon the dreamer falls in love with a stranger of the opposite sex. Feelings can be painful, so you should be careful not to trust a new person in your environment.
WandererThe man who saw the dream looks at the world through rose-colored glasses. It is necessary to think about whether it is realistic to translate the plans into reality. Most likely, the plans do not come true
Dmitry and Nadezhda ZimaThe inflatable ball is a symbol of unfulfilled hopes and dreams. It is recommended to rethink your life situation and find pluses in the current situation. There is a high probability that a person misses old opportunities, but acquires new ones without paying attention to it.

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