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What dreams of ball lightning?

What dreams of ball lightning?

What dreams of ball lightning?

Unusual dream with ball lightning fills our head with thoughts and questions. Fate wants to say something and ignore the signs is not worth it.

What dreams of ball lightning?

Dream Details

We are faced with a ball lightning in a dream. She left indelible impressions in our memory.

Now remember the little things of a dream to accurately determine and understand the future.

  • Have you seen the lightning far? There will be joy in the family. The house will be filled with positive changes. The financial situation will improve.
  • Dream with ball lightning accompanied by rain and thunder? Something will happen that will scare you. Fright quickly grow into joy and bring happiness.
  • Bright Blinding Lightning promises prosperity.
  • Saw a sudden lightning. Things will get better quickly and suddenly. There will be a breakthrough in the intended goals and deeds, and good luck will not retreat for a moment.
  • Fireball rushing overhead, predicts increased revenue and happiness.
  • If the lightning could light all around, then wait for the truth that will change life. In addition, you can unlock secrets, get insight and spiritual insight.
  • If you are in love and you dreamed ball lightning, then know that marital happiness is not far off. Love will be strong and constant.
  • Thunderball struck you? The incident is terrible, but it symbolizes wealth and eminence. Success is near.
  • Head Strike Lightning predicts spiritual insight. If you are worried about a question, then you will soon find an answer to it.
    What dreams of ball lightning?
  • Lightning that occurred during a severe thunderstorm, hit the house. Family life will be beautiful. Changes in the family will be for the better.
  • Saw a fireball over the house or in the sky? Soon there will be events that will be different brightness and unusual. Life will change. Wait for pleasant and unusual surprises.
  • If ball lightning entered the ground, then you will change situations and life yourself.
  • Fireball caught in a tree dreaming of a new acquaintance. A new person will play one of the important roles in your life.
  • If the lightning was seen in the summer, you will be healthy.
  • Lightning in the fall dreams before changes in love.
  • In winter, ball lightning predicts apathy and depression. Change the situation will help changes that you must make before the stress absorbs you.
  • Spring lightning dream about traveling and meeting with relatives. If you are in love, you will find happiness in marriage.
  • For young girls ball lightning predicts marriage.

Interpretation of sleep

Dream Miller

The dream in which you saw the fireball scared you? You will solve all the problems and questions.

Freed from difficulties, you can turn your life in a positive direction. Also, be upset about the gossip.

If lightning struck directly into the body, then wait for sudden love. Lightning flying near or above the head, says that misfortunes will pass by.

If sleep was on Wednesday, it is worth being restrained. Dreams on thursday talk about the trials.

You can get through difficulties only with the help of outsiders.

If you saw lightning on Friday, then wait is worth the trouble. Saturday dreams promise problems from friends and relatives.

Fireball from the south talks about losing luck. North Flash promises an obstacle that needs to be removed to fulfill all the dreams. Success comes from lightning from the east.

Western Lightning opens up new opportunities.

Fireball, flown into the house, warns you against a rash act and gambling. You can lose a lot.

If this happens, you will long regret what you have done.

What dreams of ball lightning?

Negative emotions from what he saw predict anger or anger. Be discreet.

Positive emotions prophesy happiness.

The newest dream book

Wait for a loss in a deal or lottery.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

Fireball over yourself — to prosperity and well-being. If lightning flew into your room, then wait for a situation that makes you regret and worry.

If ball lightning caused a fire, you will receive news of a sick relative. Lightning flies past promises relief.

All problems and tribulations will not affect you.

Dream interpretation of Simeon Prozorov

Fireball in a dream predicts you a solid position in society.

Esoteric dream book

New thoughts and ideas will visit your head. They will help to make life unusual and interesting.

Dream Vanga

Fireball, like other types of lightning, brings destruction and grief.

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