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What dreams of attempting rape on dream books

Rape Attempt — Dream Decoding by Dream Book

Sometimes the human subconscious gives out very creepy images in dreams. After all, rape is one of the most terrible things a person can survive.

And what a dream of rape is dreaming about — a dream book will tell.

What dreams of attempting rape on dream books

Dream Interpretation: attempted rape — a common interpretation of the dream

  • Rape attempt is a rather serious image in dreams. It shows that subconsciously you need support and feel like a victim. Also dream books warn of possible dangers, where you can be completely defenseless;
  • If the dream action takes place in your home, then you should avoid quarrels and disagreements with the family. The conflict will quickly exhaust itself, and your soul will have a heavy burden;
  • The events of the dream occur on the street. This image usually comes to young parents who first faced with raising children. This image is a symbol of subconscious doubt. You are afraid that you will not be able to fulfill your duties as a parent;
  • In a dark alley — you are a very free man. This story of a dream symbolizes your position in life when you live for one day without thinking about the consequences. One day this may play a bad joke;
  • If your other half turned out to be a rapist, then in reality you are in for a long quarrel with a partner. It is worth being more compliant to your beloved and not giving a reason to doubt yourself and your abilities;
  • The rapist is a stranger. This dream symbolizes that you are respected as a person by everyone you know. For a long time you have created a name and authority for yourself, but one small misstep can destroy all this;
  • If the violence did take place, then old friends or distant relatives will visit you soon. This meeting will bring a lot of positive emotions;
  • A rape attempt in a dream that is committed by a relative warns about frivolous problems. They can be solved quickly enough. But if to tighten with it, then small obstacles can grow into something more, with which it will be very difficult to cope. Dream books recommend not to postpone important matters, but to solve them as quickly as possible;
  • If a rape attempt in a dream was attempted by your friend, then this person feels not weak love for you. If you are already married, then all his life he will be in search of a woman who looks like you;
  • The man dreamed that he was trying to attempt rape. You are too intrusive. Big love is nice, but you also shouldn’t forget that excessive obsession can quickly get bored. When this plot in a dream occurs in the presence of a child, then in real life you are a very strong-willed person. No obstacles can knock you off your chosen course, and you will definitely succeed in your field of activity.
  • If you had to see an attempt to rape from the side, then in reality you will find a long trip or moving to a permanent place of residence in another city;
  • If you are trying to rape a familiar person, then the dream marks the adverse events associated with career and family. Perhaps the family will happen great grief, or overtake a serious illness. During this period, dream books are not recommended to ignore the help of their friends;
  • Learn about rape from the media (newspaper, radio, TV, etc.) — you will become the subject of gossip and rumors among colleagues and friends. It is not recommended to subscribe to suspicious cases with unfamiliar people, it can play a bad joke for you.

What dreams of attempting rape on dream books

Attempt to rape — interpretation of famous dream books

For this topic, it would be foolish to ignore predictions for the future from the dream books of reputable psychologists and clairvoyants. They should also be read to give the image as correct as possible.

Different snolokovateli consider this dream in their own way, giving a unique prediction.

Dream Miller

Miller does not give this image any favorable projections. He believes that such a dream marks the onset of the black band.

Serious problems will begin, both in the career plan and on the personal front. It will be extremely difficult to avoid troubles, you just have to go through it and go through it with minimal losses for yourself.

It is worth avoiding the person who in a dream committed this action, because it is he who can deliver most of these troubles.

Dream loft

David Loff pays attention to your role in this dream:

  • If you played the role of a rapist, then in reality you feel guilty for some kind of offense that does not allow you to live and fully reveal yourself to your current friends. Also, this image shows the duplicity of the dreamer;
  • Acting as a victim — to constant pressure from society. You are a soft-minded person, quite often it plays a cruel joke with you. Dream Lofa recommends temper your character.

Freud’s Nurse Speaker

  • In dreams, act as a victim. Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud believes that this dream should be taken almost literally. You are afraid of becoming a rape victim. Perhaps you are experiencing some sexual pressure and coercion from your partner;
  • Being a rapist is a symbol showing that you are a very domineering person. You are very annoyed when doing something differently as you do. This can scare many people away from you.

What dreams of attempting rape on dream books

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