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What dreams of artificial flowers?

What dreams of artificial flowers?

What dreams of artificial flowers? Most dream books indicate that inanimate plants are always a symbol of incorrect judgments and false hopes. But do not think that the value of night vision is necessarily negative.

Of great importance are the details of sleep, the circumstances under which the plot developed. Therefore, for an accurate interpretation, waking up, immediately describe in detail the dream on paper.

This will help to keep in memory all the nuances and return to interpretation at any time.

What dreams of artificial flowers?

Popular folk interpretation of dreams about flowers

We picked up the most successful and plausible interpretations of the popular dream books. Here are the common interpretations:

  • Dream Miller. The author of this dream book claims: artificial flowers are a sign of quick loss and strong disappointment. Trouble touches personal relationships: with parents, children, friends, loved one. Sweeten the pill a dramatic improvement in wealth
  • Artificial flowers dreamed of a girl? Then she should delve into the past of his chosen one. Something was wrong with his affairs — perhaps he was connected with crime, behaved unworthily, broke the law. Maybe everything is not so bad, and on the account of the chosen one “only” minor adventures. In any case, it is worth finding out and concluding: is this person suitable for the further construction of a love union? The authors of dream books are advised to part, or you will inevitably face deception and deceit in the future
  • Artificial flowers dreamed of a mature woman? Adverse sign. In the near future you will suffer a strong love disappointment, which is compensated by a cash bonus. The chosen one will be a villain, change, betray or leave you. But in return, you will receive a valuable gift, an unexpected profit or a big win. The balance of black and white in life will continue, but a new love will not linger
  • A little different meaning in sleep, if artificial flowers appeared in the night vision of a man. Soon he will be involved in troubles related to work or business, but other people will be guilty. Due to the bad faith of colleagues or subordinates, the company will suffer major losses. The risk can be eliminated if you «turn on» total control over all

These are the common and most popular interpretations. But there are others.

What dreams of artificial flowers?

Give artificial flowers in a dream

To receive as a gift an inanimate flower arrangement is unpleasant. What does it mean if you make such a present, but not in reality, but in a dream?

This is a sign of good health. Diseases will not touch you, you will always be full of strength, energy and vitality.

If a girl dreams that a guy gave her lifeless flowers, so she is tired of the attention in life. She is beautiful, popular and popular with many men, she has a lot of boyfriends.

But the popularity of fed up, I want to stay inconspicuous and take a break from the atmosphere of universal admiration.

If you dream give an artificial flower in a single copy and with an unopened bud, long loneliness. If you receive a whole bunch as a gift, you will be seriously ill.

But you will manage with honor to cope with longing and trouble, to find happiness.

If you are in a dream give an artificial bouquet to a person who has long been dead, this is an auspicious sign. Your health will always be strong, serious illness will bypass.

What dreams of artificial flowers?

Do it yourself flowers

If in a dream you observe the manufacture of artificial flower compositions or you yourself take part in this process, the values ​​may be as follows:

  • See that flowers sculpt someone else. If this is a person familiar from real life, take a closer look. He is not entirely sincere about you. Gives out false feelings and deeds for real. If the person is a stranger, pay attention to business partners. They are plotting something bad, dishonest, behind your back
  • Flowers makes in a dream your close friend? This is a very bad omen. Most likely, dear to your heart, a man intended betrayal, soon you will lose him
  • A colleague produces flowers? Be extremely careful with him — he wants to take your position, and you «move.» Avoid blunders with work
  • If in a dream you burn an artificial bouquet, it means you are not satisfied with your life. You dream to change something, to reach a new level of development, to become more successful. But in reality material losses are coming or separation from a close person

Most often artificial flowers dream of adverse events. But this is not a reason to be upset, to accept the fate and wait for trouble.

Perhaps the bad will not happen if you start to control your actions as much as possible and be careful with others. A dream is only a sign that you should pay special attention to.

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