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What dreams of aquarium fish: interpretation of the dream?

What dreams of aquarium fish: interpretation by dream books

A dream in which aquarium fishes appear is considered favorable if the sleeping person felt joy watching the underwater inhabitants. It is important to pay attention not only to the emotional coloring of sleep, but also to your actions, the coloring of the fish, their behavior, size, state of the water, the surroundings and other tiny details.

Dream interpretation provides a variety of interpretations of this image, most of which do not promise anything bad.

The interpretation of the dream of aquarium fish popular dream book:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
FreudA sleeping person, while making love with his partner, thinks about urgent problems and cannot relax in any way.
EsotericImportant changes will soon take place in the life of the dreamer, for which he is morally prepared
MillerTo changes in heart affairs and in the work field. These could be new romantic acquaintances and a break in past relationships, a change of occupation or a promotion.
WangiThings will be fine soon
NostradamusThe aquarium dwellers personify the suspiciousness and inconstancy of human nature, and the dream in which the fish had female faces is a precursor of a terrible event
LofaThe sleeping person will soon receive important news. For a married lady this may be the news that she will soon become a mother, for a pregnant woman it is a sign that the birth will be successful and she has nothing to worry about.
TsvetkovaIf a dream dreamed from Thursday to Friday and the woman woke up in a good mood, then unexpected joy will happen soon
AesopThe dreamer needs help and support from her relatives and is not able to find the right solution for herself in this situation.
GrishinaTo insignificant profit. This may be donated money or receiving an extraordinary award at work.
FamilyA favorable atmosphere of goodness and mutual understanding will prevail in the family of a sleeping person.
LongoThe routine will swallow a sleeping person, he will want something new and interesting.
FemaleDream of colorful fish promises happiness in love
ItalianIt is a symbol of success, happiness and freedom.
ModernTo food poisoning and loss of strength
SmirnovaTo the long-awaited rest and complete relaxation
FedorovskoyTo financial prosperity and abundance
UkrainianSuch a dream symbolizes pleasant chores and joyful emotions.
Juno’sIf the fish swim in a clear liquid — to the successful outcome of events. Turbid water in an aquarium warns of a fatal set of circumstances that will adversely affect the dreamer’s health
NewestTo undue risk and irrecoverable losses
ChildTo exciting adventures
SpringYou need to rely only on yourself, because even loved ones can fail at the crucial moment
Catherine the GreatTo new hobbies and unusual hobbies
ShuvalovaLive fish promise successful business, romantic dates and pleasant trips
FelomenaTo dear gifts from relatives
Denise LynnThe dreamer needs praise and compliments from relatives and close friends. He yearns for wealth, but does not want to make maximum efforts for this, waiting for the gifts of fate and the patronage of higher powers.

What dreams of aquarium fish: interpretation of the dream?

Depending on the actions of a sleeping person, the interpretation of a dream about aquarium fish changes:

Clean the aquariumTo spiritual cleansing and a surge of vital energy
Buy aquarium and underwater inhabitantsTo the conclusion of lucrative deals and useful acquaintances. If a person dreams that someone else acquires a beautiful aquarium, to the neglect of their money
Feed the fishTo rapid career growth and general acceptance. For a young man — this is the forerunner of overwhelming success among the fair sex and triumphant victories.
Talking to fishHope will be in vain
Catch hands

For a young girl, this is a particularly good sign, foreshadowing a quick wedding. Married women have a difficult job.

You need to work hard to get what you want. A man is waiting for him financial growth

Catch a netTo unpleasant conversations and meetingsAdmire motley guppies and other small fishTo pleasant emotions and unforgettable pastime with your loved oneSmash the aquariumIf you dream that the container with water broke, but all the fish remained alive — to a happy coincidence. Another meaning of such a plot is to the grand family scandal.Change waterTo the changes of cardinal character, which will positively affect all spheres of life of a sleeping personGive small fishTo small waste and troubles of lifeReceive as a gift a vessel with a big fishTo receive gifts in realitySwim in a huge aquarium with large exotic fishTo exquisite pleasures and bright rich lifeSee how the cat eats aquarium fishTo the perfidy of friends and the betrayal of a loved oneKillIf a person dreamed that he was strangling fish, to problems of a material nature.Replant colorful fish from a small aquarium to a largeThere will be events that break the usual wayTo decorate the aquarium with various pebbles and plantsA sleeping person often interferes in the affairs of others. He needs to behave more modestly and learn to be more tactful and delicate with othersPrevent the stranger from taking the fry out of the glass containerBehave prudently and judiciouslyThere are live fryTo failures, huge losses and obstacles in business. For a businessman, such a dream foreshadows a complete collapse and ruin.

What dreams of aquarium fish: interpretation of the dream?

In the dream book provides several interpretations of dreams of a goldfish, most of which have a positive value:

  • A sleeping person will be lucky in everything.
  • To crazy money. This may be an unexpected inheritance or a very profitable event.
  • To unbridled fun, long-awaited shopping and good news.
  • To see a goldfish in a large aquarium — to a happy marriage. For a man, such a dream means that his wife will be a faithful and understanding woman.
  • To the fulfillment of a cherished dream. A secret desire will soon come true, as if by magic.
  • Goldfish symbolize empty expectations and useless efforts. No need to plan anything for the near future.

If you dreamed of a goldfish that lay at the bottom of an empty aquarium, but the dreamer managed to save her, a unique opportunity appeared. A sleeping person will be able to use a fateful chance and will change his life for the better.

See a lot of little goldfish — to incredible luck. After such a dream, you can buy a lottery ticket or conduct important negotiations, because the result will please not only the dreamer, but all those around him.

If you dreamed about a huge golden fish, fortune will turn its face tomorrow.

What dreams of aquarium fish: interpretation of the dream?

The color of the fish is important for the interpretation of the dream:

  • Red — to secure and luxurious life.
  • Blue — his plans will soon be realized, but the sleeping person will not receive from this moral satisfaction and will feel annoyed and annoyed.
  • Yellow — to the inner peace and tranquility.
  • Black — to fame and popularity.

The aquarium teeming with fry indicates the confusion of the dreamer, and several large fish promise fruitful work, during which a person will be able to fully concentrate on the matter and not be distracted by external stimuli.

If you dream of aquarium fish that jump out of a glass vessel, you need to analyze your life. Perhaps a person is not engaged in the work that he would like in fact, and does not enjoy life.

Such a dream is most often the dream of people who for many years dream of leaving work or moving to another city, but because of their nature do not dare to make such changes and feel deeply unhappy.

Small fish swim slowly in clean and clear water — life goes on as usual. If motley inhabitants behave restlessly, move quickly, the dreamer is very worried and is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

DFor a pregnant woman, such a dream indicates insufficient rest. You need to let go of all negative thoughts and enjoy the moment.

If a girl who is about to part with her lover, has a sick fish, is a sign that the relationship will not be saved and young people just need to let go and wish each other happiness.

If the fish speak in a human voice, to stunning events that will make a sleeping person believe in miracles.

Dreams of fighting aquarium fish have a negative interpretation:

  • The dreamer will have to become an unwitting participant in a serious conflict.
  • To clarify the relationship with loved ones with the use of physical force.
  • The fish eat each other — the enemy will deal a crushing blow.

Aquarium fish, which lay eggs in a dream, foreshadow brilliant prospects and a bright future. If the underwater inhabitants hid and do not want to swim out — a close friend hides something very important from a sleeping person.

The dreamer will have to seek recognition for a long time, but still it will be possible to expose a friend.

A dream in which a dead fish dreamed of a person can have several meanings:

  • To a series of unpleasant events, the culprit of which will be the dreamer himself.
  • Dreamer plans do not come true.
  • To prolonged illness and hopeless longing.
  • Dead fish predict false rumors and gossip around a sleeping man, which will ruin his reputation and negatively affect relationships with loved ones.
  • Eating dead fish — to the deterioration of health.
  • To see a big dead fish is a bad sign, foreshadowing the failure in all undertakings.

If you dream that the aquarium is broken and the fish die before your eyes — fate has prepared for the dreamer severe trials that will affect not only him, but all family members. For an elderly person, such a dream is a harbinger of tragic and painful death.

See dead fish in clear water — short-term trouble will turn into great joy.

The interpretation of the dream, which happened to see an empty aquarium:

  • A sleeping person will fall into a hopeless situation.
  • To the period of lack of money due to unforeseen huge expenses.
  • To the deception of a loved one and deep love disappointments.
  • To see a huge empty reservoir — not to notice the obvious, to live in an illusory world.
  • The dreamer tends to exaggerate the scale of his own tragedy.
  • If a girl has such a dream, she will fall in love with a beautiful man, but the feelings will be non-reciprocal. The young man will be absolutely indifferent to the dreamer.
  • To pre-depressive state.

Drain muddy water and see how the aquarium is empty, and the fish blur — to wealth, which can be achieved by legal means.

If not only fish but also reptiles swim in the aquarium, the sleeping person is surrounded by detractors and false friends.

If aquarium fish swim in clear water, this is a good sign. The water is dirty or muddy — an unpleasant event may occur.

Underwater inhabitants swim in a vessel filled with bright scarlet liquid — to trouble in the business and love sphere. Such a dream warns of possible disagreements with colleagues, households and a loved one.

The dreamer needs to give in to his close people and try to find a compromise, trying to smooth out the growing conflict.

To dream of a beautiful aquarium at home and a lot of exotic colorful fish swimming in it — there will come a bright streak in the life of a sleeping person, and failures and problems will be left behind.

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