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What dreams of apples: interpretation of the dream

What dreams of apples: the interpretation of the popular dream book

Apples in a dream, as explained by psychotherapists and clairvoyants, should be interpreted as a symbol of fertility, wisdom, cognition of feelings, sweetness of the forbidden fruit, happiness, wealth. Positive values ​​may vary depending on the actions of the dreamer, the appearance of the fetus, its taste, location, and the sensations of the person during sleep. Damaged fruits have a negative meaning.

Drinking apple juice in a dream is a premonition of a quick illness.

Apple is an image of wisdom, reward, comprehension, love, sexuality, health. There is him in a dream — to find the desired in reality.

According to many interpretations, an apple tree with ripe fruits in a dream foreshadows the fulfillment of desires and a happy time in life.

Spoiled apples promise negative reality in relationships, everyday situations, and other events. Many apples dream of a carefree life, as well as disagreements.

According to the biblical story, the presented fruit laid the foundation for sin, therefore a different interpretation of the symbol is deception and everything connected with it. Receive an apple in a dream as a gift — a symbol of deceit.

A cat gnaws an apple — someone abuses the power of a dreamer. An apple catches the eye in a dream — the wish will come true.

Talking about apples — the issue of having a baby will be considered soon.

What dreams of apples: interpretation of the dream

What is important is the fruits of what color and size dreamed of a person, as well as what they tasted.

What dreams of apples: interpretation of the dream

Most often dream of red, green, yellow apples. But they may have an unusual color, such as white or gold.

What dreams of apples: interpretation of the dream

Admire red apples — to experience the pleasant emotions, the forbidden passion, which the dreamer is ready to surrender with all his soul. A sign of future bright relationships that will be remembered for a long time, but not necessarily long.

Tearing the fruit from the tree, trying it to taste — the personification of a fait accompli, an act in reality.

Acquire in the store — the successful completion of the project started. If they turn out to be rotten, sleep is auspicious, despite this flaw; have them — to reward; see wormy — count on the support of friends.

Cut in half red fruit personifies the wedding.

A man to collect red fruit is to succeed in competition. Not being able to reach for apples is a sign of impending difficulties.

If the dreamer cuts them before use — the deal is complicated. Beautiful, ripe red apples foreshadow success.

Yellow apples in a dream characterize the state of relations with relatives:

  • if they are wormy, there are unresolved problems;
  • small and wormy — a sign of minor changes in personal life.

Yellow fruits indicate the presence of hidden feelings that will become apparent. Touch them — fall in love soon.

Large fruits of yellow color — to receive encouragement from the authorities, higher persons. The unnaturally saturated hue of the fruit is a test of human conscience in reality: one should not agree to dubious types of earnings.

Green apples are dreaming of — waiting for a successful career. To buy them — to bring the begun to completion.

If they turned out to be unexpectedly sweet — good luck will overtake earlier than expected. In terms of relationships is to show confidence in a new friend.

Opinions esoteric regarding this symbol do not match. According to another version, green fruits in a dream mean concern about one’s own appearance, as well as the futility of effort in business.

To tear them down — to commit selfish, rash acts.

For a woman, there is a green fruit — a loss of morality or inheritance. Men sleep promises sexual problems and diseases.

Squeeze the juice from the fruit — to return the former lover.

White apples predict success. Fears are not confirmed, the path will be open, although minor difficulties are not excluded.

Fruits lined up or placed in a basket are not unreasonably proud of their home. If rotten spots are present on the fruit, the dreamer is not doing his job.

The fruits rolling from the mountain or from the table dream of provocations of enemies in reality.

Many golden-skinned fruits are a symbol of power and worship. The dreamer will gain the respect of others, will receive a decent assessment of their actions.

The golden shade of the fruit in the palm of a sleeper speaks of the imminent success, recognition, gift of fate.

Honey-colored apple with translucent seeds is a sign of deceit.

Possible interpretations of the plot:

Kind of fruitValue of sleep
LargeWaiting for a fun company
Little onesChance to do what you love; delicious — fortunately
DiverseInstability in love
SweetFor the upcoming serious choice. If in a dream it was possible to pick a fruit from a tree — the choice will be made easily; take from the ground — it is preferable to get the advice of a wise man
SourSorrow; friend insincerity; sometimes a happy outcome
ImmatureDamage, haste
WormySuccumb to temptations
With defectAlarm sign
BirdedIntention of enemies to harm the dreamer
Dried, boiledGreed
MaturedGood marriage
UrinatedThere are soaked fruits — to quarrel with a relative
RottenDanger; fellow workers fail; Advice — do not take the initiative, especially if a stranger presented fruit in a dream
SpoiledVain effort

The location of the fruit and the interpretation of sleep:

  • on the table — profit; a long journey;
  • in the package — stunning news;
  • on the tree — good news; will be able to find many friends;
  • on a high apple tree: failing to wreck them — a dream warns of excessive arrogance;
  • scattered near a tree — to realize oneself as a central figure in the company of friends;
  • in a strange garden — to put an eye on someone else’s;
  • on earth — harm from flatterers;
  • in water, purity of intent;
  • in the box — filling with vital energy and inability to use it properly;
  • in the hands — the test of strength;
  • in the snow — the inability to relax, enjoy life.

Fruit tree and the meaning of the dream:

  • broken, crooked — unfair reproaches, slander;
  • blossoming — sincere love, good deeds;
  • with mature fruits — resentment about the sleeper’s ambitions, disapproval of the initiative;
  • seedling — a favorable course of events;
  • dry — loss in any area;
  • felled — to destroy your happiness by rash actions;
  • with a spreading crown — get what you deserve.

The following interpretations of sleep are possible depending on the sex and social position of the sleeper:

  • Girl and woman a blooming, fruiting apple tree predicts a healthy pregnancy, cloudless happiness, a favorable period of life. Yellow apples personify the birth of the heir.
  • Mothers red apple in a dream promises the financial well-being of children.
  • Man sleep with pleasant-looking fruits, red or yellow, foreshadows a successful state of business and current affairs. There is a fruit in a dream — to meet an object of strong passion.
  • In love yellow apples are predicting a marriage. A girl to feast on a yellow apple in a dream — to the longing for reality from parting with her beloved.

The interpretation of the dreamer’s actions:

Sleeping actionsValue of sleep
Eat appleTo a long prosperous life, pleasant love experiences, recognition
BiteBe seduced and risked
Drink apple juiceTo disease
Eat apple jamJoy, gaining lost hope
Cut to piecesThe dreamer’s love does not bring anyone suffering
Tear from the treeTo joy
Iron, apply to cheeksDream of love joys
To giveShare experiences with others.
ShareSeparation for lovers
Receive as a giftExpect pleasant achievements; learn about the secret admirer. Another meaning of a dream in which an apple was presented is deception and deceit.
Cut into slicesSeparation from friends; delusions
Cook apple pie, use for fillingPleasant news from relatives, an unusual love affair
CollectPersonification of grace
Shake the tree and see the falling fruitsLuckily
WashCheating warning
There is no tasteCaution about false friends
Ask the priceForeshadowing passion
StealShort-sightedness; trouble; sad result
TreatTrying to restore a bad reputation.
Feed othersGiving hope to someone, but not having confidence
Give awayParting with your beloved
To sort throughLearn lessons

Popular dream books interpret dreams with apples as follows:

Dream interpretationDream interpretation
  • To see large ripe apples in a tree is to have good health and strong will.
  • Shaking the fruits to the ground — achieving incredible victories in the career field, the implementation of the most ambitious ambitions.
  • The rotten fruits lying on the ground are the machinations of the envious.

Do not take a beautiful-looking apple from the character’s hands in a dream

  • The reward for a fetus ripped off in a dream is acquaintance with an elderly fan, sincere and ready to help.
  • Harvest apples — philosophize about life with wise people.
  • Cut the fruit into slices — get distorted information, make a mistake.
  • Worms fruit personifies false news

According to Freud, this fruit is a symbol of passion and desire:

  • A woman to see an apple in her palm is a sign that she will not be able to win a partner who may not need her.
  • Worm fruit — display of jealousy, own or spouse.
  • Rotten — dissatisfaction with sexual relationships.
  • Seeing a rich harvest in the trees is a subconscious interest in sexual relationships.
  • Eating a ripe apple is a symbol of useless hopes for a relationship with a person who has unconventional sexual orientation.
  • An unmarried girl apples dream to matchmaking.
  • A woman, if she had to steal apples — to pregnancy. Two fruits, which fell alongside, promise the appearance of twins.
  • A man dreams to dream the fulfillment of dreams, the implementation of plans.
  • To lift the worm from the ground — to the loss of property, illness.
  • Biting off a slice of spoiled — the threat of misfortunes and problems in real life.
  • There is a ripe fruit — to a happy matrimony.

The taste of an apple is a symbol of a sleeper’s state of mind:

  • sour — infantilism;
  • rotten — apathy, unwillingness to find your way;
  • pleasant — fortress of spirit and cheerfulness of the dreamer.

A dream with beautiful-looking apples foreshadows passion, health, profits. Green fruit fell to the ground before reaching maturity — premature aging. Worm — latent progressive disease

  • Large fruits — to interesting discoveries and public honor.
  • Red apple for a man — an acquaintance with a beautiful lady will take place soon.
  • Ripe fruit — waiting for love and family happiness
TsvetkovaTo see apples is a sign of temptation, ailments, troubles associated with the house; there are — to the disappointment, anger, unfortunately. Rolling fruit on the plate — to the discovery of secrets. Apple without apples — foreshadowing deathHasse
  • Seeing in a tree means finding friends;
  • tear off — to joy;
  • harvesting — to pleasant hobbies;
  • there is — to love experiences, if they are sour — insincere partner;
  • rotten — the probability of disease
MeneghettiSymbol of life itself, a sign of life success and pleasureOrientalThe dreamer will soon receive significant news or large income.

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