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What dreams of an old house: interpretation of the dream

What dreams of an old house: the interpretation of the image of the dream

The image of a house in a dream symbolizes a person’s memories of the past and reflects his attitude and world perception. The old house without windows and doors personifies the feeling of emptiness in the soul of the dreamer and points to the depressing feeling of the meaninglessness of life.

Standing on the threshold of a dilapidated building — in reality there is a hard work to be done that will bring a high income but morally exhaust the sleeper. Knocking on a closed door is a sign that attempts to win the attention of the opposite sex will be unsuccessful.

Dirty, collapsed house foreshadows the deterioration of the sleeper and indicates the difficulties in business. Sturdy stone building with no signs of destruction — a sign that in real life it will be possible to avoid problems.

But still you should not neglect your health and carelessly to work (or study).

According to the dream book of Felomen, a large wooden house personifies the dreamer’s attempts to find the meaning of life.

What dreams of an old house: interpretation of the dream

The location of the house also affects the interpretation of sleep:

  • On the mountain — auspicious sign. The dreamer retains full control over the situation, so that he feels confident. It is important to properly manage the available opportunities and not to lose profitable prospects.
  • Old, abandoned house in the forest woman dreams of quarrel or separation from her beloved. Dream dream promises material difficulties and unjustified hopes.
  • At the cemetery — warning that hasty actions can ruin your life. Avoid impulsive decisions.
  • Destroyed housing by the sea portends health problems or the death of a person who has long been ill.

To dream of a childhood home and to plunge into memories of the past is a sign that the sleeping body needs rest.

What dreams of an old house: interpretation of the dream

The interpretation of sleep depends on who owns the property:

Belonging to homeInterpretation of sleep
Stranger’s house
  • To see the old building from the side — in reality the sleeper will commit an act that will cause outrage of others.
  • Being in a foreign house as a guest is a sign that a relative or close friend of the sleeping person will entrust his secrets to him and will expect support from him.
  • Strange situation in a dream foreshadows familiarity with an interesting person in reality
Dreamer’s Property

To experience a feeling of peace when seeing your old house is a sign that the sleeper’s dreams of creating a family will soon come true and he will acquire long-awaited happiness

Grandmother’s house
  • Empty space indicates a person’s need for support. Also, the dream book warns that the plans are doomed to failure.
  • The house in the village symbolizes the lack of comfort and warmth in relations between the dreamer and his relatives.
  • Enter the room and see the richly laid table — to success in business
  • The old parental home, which literally falls apart in front of the sleeper, promises unplanned spending and trouble at work.
  • A collapsed, neglected housing that requires repair indicates that the dreamer is going the wrong way. You should think about your life and, if necessary, seek advice from a wise person.

What dreams of an old house: interpretation of the dream

Moving into an old housing inherited is a sign that the dreamer’s marriage will be happy. His wife will be his support and support, and her faith in him will serve as the main incentive for conquering new heights.

By the favorable changes dream of moving from an old house to a new apartment.

Settled in neglected housing — a symbol of the onset of a difficult life period.

To dismantle the rubble in the house and make repairs in it is a hint of a dream book that the dreamer must complete all his old undertakings before undertaking a new business. You should not take on a lot of work, because there is a risk of not being able to perform it on time.

Doing cleaning in a dream is a symbol of the fact that in reality the dreamer must pay attention to his social circle. Next to him there are people who hide their envy and malice behind the mask of hypocrisy.

Also, the dream book recommends that you put your thoughts in order and decide on plans for the future.

To wash the floors in the old house — to serious illnesses in the family of the sleeper. In some cases, the dream book foreshadows the death of loved ones.

Possible scenes of the dream:

  • Buying an abandoned house indicates that in reality the sleeper will be forced to seek help from outsiders.
  • Buy an old property in which it is cozy and comfortable to live — to success in all endeavors.
  • Buy an abandoned house, around which grows a blooming garden — to joyful and happy moments.
  • Sale of old housing symbolizes the dreamer’s readiness to get rid of his fears and doubts and start life from scratch.

Interpretation of dreams in popular dream books:

Dream interpretationInterpretation of sleep
MillerIn his dream book, Miller pays attention to the identity of the property owner. A strange old, dilapidated house is a harbinger of failures in business, negative news and health problems. If the dwelling belongs to the dreamer, then in the near future he will receive an award for his good deeds.
WangiAn old building indicates that a heavy fate is destined for the sleeper. But he should not give up and lose faith in a bright future: the Lord will not leave him and will show the right path in life.
FreudLiving in an old house is the personification of problems in a relationship with a sexual partner. Mutual understanding disappeared between lovers, so they do not experience the same pleasure of communicating with each other.
ModernThe abandoned building suggests that people will soon be regretted because of acts committed in the past.
LofaThe house represents change in life. The abandoned building dreams of instability at work, financial problems and conflicts with relatives. To a person who is married, a similar dream foreshadows a speedy divorce if he fails to establish relations with his or her second half.

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