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What dreams of an empty open coffin?

What dreams of an empty open coffin?

After such a dream, everyone starts to panic. However, you should keep in mind the reversing dreams, when a bad value is replaced by a good one and vice versa.

What dreams of an empty open coffin? Death is a symbol of change, the beginning of a new stage.

Therefore, do not rush to worry about what he saw.

What dreams of an empty open coffin?

General interpretation

The symbolism of the image of the coffin is unambiguous — a channel to the other world. From a mystical point A dream view can warn of magical actions directed toward the dreamer.

Either it is the binding of the deceased, or the ceremony of a love spell at the cemetery. On the graves can produce a variety of ceremonies aimed at all spheres of human life.

Domestic the vision of an empty tomb may have a different interpretation: everything depends on the life situation of the dreamer and on the details of the dream itself. A common interpretation of this plot is a farewell to the obsolete, outdated.

The dreamer moves to a new stage of life and must throw away the past, bury him. And how he fills the coffin, what the contents — it is up to him to decide.

If a vision of the coffin caused a negative experience in a dream, it means that the dreamer does not want to say goodbye to the past and move to another level. Understand your feelings: what’s stopping you? This may be the fear of change, unwillingness to part with the usual way of life or just laziness.

Also, the image of an empty coffin can symbolize a person’s internal devastation, depression and neurosis.

If in vision the dreamer did not experience negative experiences, there is no reason to worry. Present indifference when contemplating the picture?

In the near future, expect a loss that does not bring much damage.

Businessmen This picture promises a successful completion of the transaction, as well as a warning not to lend even at favorable interest rates. If you buy an empty coffin, in reality expects failure in undertakings.

Should I be scared if in a dream the dreamer went to bed? This story foreshadows only good:

  • successful marriage;
  • internal rebirth.

If the dream is empty the coffin served as a refuge, it promises luck and victory over difficult circumstances. Everything will end safely in a short time.

What did the coffin look like?

The interpretation may depend on the color of the domino as well as the material of manufacture. Remember what you saw:

  • simple wooden — to disappointment and insult;
  • zinc coffin — to the sad news;
  • beautiful modern coffin — to the health and well-being in the house;
  • rotten wooden domino — to losses and troubles;
  • cheap simple coffin — to low self-esteem;
  • a big heavy domino — to an agreement in the house;
  • gilded coffin — to success.

See small children’s coffin — to minor changes in the life of the dreamer. Many empty houses — to the great happiness, wedding and profit.

If in a dream see the name of the coffin, it does not promise death to the dreamer! This picture is related to the soul of the sleeper, to his attitude to life and to himself.

You should reconsider your life positions, undergo spiritual purification, perhaps, abandon the usual foundations of life.

What dreams of an empty open coffin?

Interpretation of dream books

Dream Miller foreshadows sorrows, losses and misfortunes. Sleep can prophesy the sudden demise of a young relative. A vision of a coffin in a church warns of a failed marriage.

Businessmen expect a failure in transactions and ruin.

According to Miller, a vision of an empty coffin in a hearse may portend a breakdown of a wedding celebration, a sudden illness. However, if the hearse is located across the road, it prophesies favorable events:

  • resolution of disputes;
  • overcoming the pressure of enemies;
  • sudden unplanned profit.

Dream Vanga states: the dream reveals the emotional trauma and feelings of a person. However, they are not always negative, because the old page of life must be turned over. The vision of the coffin can lead to dramatic changes in destiny:

  • change of place of residence;
  • lifestyle change;
  • rejection of old opinions and habits.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation emphasizes the psychological aspect of the dream. Stabbing an empty coffin with nails is a struggle against one’s own vices, filling an empty house with earth to a secret enemy.

The fall of an empty tomb means help from above — the angel took the trouble away from the dreamer.

The dream of psychologist Lofa sees in this story a symbol of humiliation and spiritual poverty of man. However, the vision of a gilded coffin promises a quick journey, receiving new impressions and life success.

Making a coffin with your own hands — an increase in career, spiritual rebirth. The hearse foreshadows unfounded claims.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova treats vision as a symbol of life’s victories. treats vision as a symbol of life’s victories, well-being in family life, a wedding for young people. Also, a dream may foreshadow business expansion.

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