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What dreams of an attack in a dream for the best dream books

What does attack or surprise attack in a dream by dream books mean

Attack — a sudden attack, violence often manifested in dreams than in real life. These are echoes of fierce eras, when with the help of violence it was possible to reach serious heights and position in society.

Currently, violence and attacks are severely limited, as a means of influence.

By choosing an attack as a strategy for success, you can get hold of only the contents of the purse of a poor victim, fear and panic, and then a fairly long prison sentence. A moral, intellectual attack, an attack with the help of laws, correctly collected papers, with proper firmness of mind, will give more results.

Attack in a dream is a sign of child regression, infantilism.

It does not matter whether you are the victim or the attacker. In any case, you see in a dream regressive and outdated relationships.

This means that you need to think seriously about your life and bring it into modern norms.

Want to attack — attack correctly. Want to become a victim — give up moral claims.

Afraid of becoming a victim — seek the protection of the law, friends, influential people, psychologists.

What dreams of an attack in a dream for the best dream books

Basic Values

  • The attack of a dog, any animal — you fear and vaguely desire gross sexual violence, coercion. It is a sign of your own repressed sexuality that requires realization. Try to learn to get along with yourself and manage your desires. Get some easy novels, like a spa. Pay attention to protection and contraception. Go to the massage erotic salon and book a few sessions. This is the perfect option. After all, you do not have to do anything at all, just relax and enjoy what is happening.
  • The attack of a man, a group of men — you are desperately struggling with your inner bans. You want to get pleasure, but do not give consent to it. Understand your desires. This attack will result in a bruise under the eye, torn tights, damaged clothing and a stolen handbag. Maybe it makes sense to go in for judo, aikido or another kind of struggle. In sparring you will learn to manage your inner aggression. It is possible, find a partner for individual training.
  • Seeing someone attacking is a keen sense of justice. You would like to have enough strength to stand up for all offended and deprived. Do not believe. You are deceived and led by the nose. People who cry out for help could actually do a great job on their own, but they don’t really want to strain themselves. Having received a portion of sympathy and material assistance from you, they will gladly go back to the same situation. Find a phone for free psychological help and give sufferers. Professionals will understand much better.

What dreams of an attack in a dream for the best dream books

Values ​​by Authoritative Sources

  • Dream interpretation of Medea treats the attack of small animals as self-doubt. Learn to ask for help and support in difficult situations. People will be happy to help you, do not even hesitate.
  • Kick, slap, slap in the face mean sharp dissatisfaction with yourself. It doesn’t matter who you got the kick in your dream — everything happens only in your head. And you are ready to slap yourself for something. Perhaps you are too hard on yourself or in this way try to compensate for the lack of parental control. The man is defenseless against internal aggression and self-destruction. You should reconsider your attitude towards yourself.
  • Dream Miller promises serious problems in real life. If you are attacked — you should share with problems with others. It is advisable to spend some time structuring, thinking about and identifying the essence of the problems, addressing people with specific requests. Vague suspicions and fears are more likely to cause irritation.
  • Your own assault in a dream shows general indecision. You dream to throw yourself at your problems and solve them with one powerful blow. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Consider the situation, outline the solutions, mark the necessary interaction and its scope. Not bad to think about, and what you are willing to pay for solving problems, and how far you are ready to go. When making a decision, do not cancel it.

What dreams of an attack in a dream for the best dream books

Sexual assault and sleep abuse

To dream of an attack can be a sign of hidden aggression, fear of being broken, or a real fear of aggression from other people. This is a bright sign of infantilism. In childhood, such fear was expressed by the phrases “Mom will kill me.”

Although it was clear that Mom wouldn’t kill for sure, in the most difficult case it would be confined to the knocker for a damaged expensive item.

Childish fears in adulthood give unexpected reactions, particularly in sexual behavior. So sexual assault, animal assault demonstrates a denial of responsibility for their sexual behavior.

A dream reveals your desires and hidden fears.

Very often, these values ​​are combined. To desire violence, attacks are quite dangerous. Desire can come true and not at all as pleasant as in a dream.

You have to come to terms with internal aggression, learn to control it, get used to be responsible for your actions, including in sex.

What dreams of an attack in a dream for the best dream books


The basic meaning of violence in a dream is that you are ready at any cost to bring about meaningful changes for you. Be careful and do not bend.

Self-abuse is not the best way to become a superman. Take time to relax, leisurely walks, find a place where you can throw out negative emotions.

You may be experiencing strong pressure. Maybe you yourself do not want to solve your problems. It is necessary to take a pause and think about everything.

Attack and attack are ineffective. In any case, even a spontaneous attack should be considered.

What dreams of an attack in a dream for the best dream books

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