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What dreams of an apple tree in Freud’s dream, Miller

How to understand what dreams of an apple tree — blooming, with large fruits or dried

If you see an apple tree in a dream, then it’s time to solve some mysteries of your subconscious. This is a very beautiful tree, endowed with deep symbolism — the heavenly tree of knowledge of good and evil, on which grew the alluring forbidden fruit, which destroyed Adam and Eve.

Therefore, a dream about an apple tree is very difficult.

We will tell you in detail what the apple tree dreams of, in a variety of variations: flowering, fruiting, withered. Let us dwell on what the dream books say about the various actions that the dreamer can perform with an apple tree: for example, in a dream he can pick apples, plant a tree, chop it up, break its branch.

It’s time to figure it out!

Fruiting apple tree

Opinions of experts about the apple tree differ: some consider that this tree is a good sign. Others believe that seeing an apple tree is not good.

There is even an interpretation, according to which she can predict the speedy burial, transition to another world — most likely, this prediction is about someone close to you.

What dreams of an apple tree in Freud's dream, Miller

There are also interpretations connected with the idea that in the world of dreams it is the opposite, therefore, a rich apple crop may portend poverty, as well as other unpleasant things related to finances: loss, the threat of fraud or forgery.

But still, most interpreters agree that such a wonderful image foreshadows good luck, material well-being, and profit. It is a tree that generously brings us fruit, and if you dream of collecting them with joy, it simply means that in reality your efforts are beginning to yield results.

Also, an apple and an apple tree are symbols of health, fullness of vitality. A fruit tree can say that you feel quite healthy, energetic, ready for new beginnings.

Perhaps you should think about how to implement some of your projects — you will definitely have everything going perfectly! If such a dream is seen by an elderly person, then he speaks of his numerous offspring, successful family life, respect and love in the family.

If the fruits are immature, green, then this indicates your immaturity, the unwillingness to make important decisions and commit acts. Think in what area of ​​life you remain a child.

Perhaps your intuition will tell you, because children’s actions can hardly lead you to success.

Blooming tree — a symbol of well-being

The image of a blossoming apple tree causes admiration and joy. This image speaks of the fulfillment of desires, of a period of joy and mutual understanding.

In order to strengthen and strengthen the action of a favorable dream, make a wish immediately after awakening!

What dreams of an apple tree in Freud's dream, Miller

Another common interpretation is the addition to the family, the birth of a healthy child or a cheerful wedding, because the white flowers of the apple tree are often associated with the image of the bride. The wedding can be like the dreamer himself, and his relatives.

Another meaning of the symbol is renewal, rebirth, new life. This is a good omen for those who are starting a new business or just taking a new job.

Sleep says the business will be successful, the new job will bring increased revenue and self-confidence.

According to some interpreters, a flowering tree is a female image, he often speaks of his wife or beloved (in men’s dreams) or shows a quivering inner essence to a woman.

Dead tree

There is no doubt that the dried tree does not bode well. Since this is a female symbol, such a dream can speak about the disease of the female reproductive system (for a girl) or about the illness of a wife (for a man).

Also, this image may portend financial difficulties or contain a message about the death of a familiar person, which may come in the near future.

Rotten fruits have a negative meaning. This suggests that some of your actions will have sad consequences for you.

There is a chance that in this case we can talk about the disease — the way the body warns you about the danger. Wormy fruits warn of envy and malice on the part of your detractors.

What dreams of an apple tree in Freud's dream, Miller

Freud’s opinion

From the point of view of Freud, many visions have a sexual basis. Juicy, ripe apples talk about sexual interest.

Their meaning is dissatisfaction in the sexual sphere, in this case, men with magnificent forms are dreaming of a man, and the dream of a woman can speak of her lesbian inclinations.

If you are harvesting from an apple tree, it means that you will soon have an intimate meeting that will please you. If you see that the ground under the tree is littered with fallen apples, then this is a warning that you are surrounded by people who do not wish you well.

Be careful!

What does Miller’s dream book say

Miller believed that the dream of a fruiting tree belongs to positive symbols, he says that you are ripe for decisive actions. This is the period when you can do business, start your own business, get a new specialty, be trained in a new profession.

Dare! You have enough strength for new achievements.

It is time to radically change your life, and for this there are all prerequisites.

If the apples are red, ripe, then this is a better sign: the dream says that everything you have planned will come true. You will get good news from your acquaintances, get an unexpected profit in business or get a good inheritance.

Your life will definitely change in a positive way! A dead tree warns you that someone is plotting against you.

Take a closer look at your surroundings!

If you cut a fruit tree or a flowering tree, it means that in reality you will part with a person who is dear to you.

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